Title: Make Mine a Double

Author: Christal

Fandom: Star Trek The Next Generation

Pairing: Riker/Troi

Rated: R/NC-17 for explicit sexual content *g*

Warning: Read away from the keyboard and close to a bag of ice.

Summary: a little something extra added to my ‘Phase’ challenge response, for all those who wanted the smut.

Disclaimer: The boys in charge never let them play like this, or more people would have tuned in for the show!!!

Notes: No animals, no, chains, and no whips, this is not BDSMST3K! Uhm, animal noises? Wild or domestic?

Notes 2: I PERSONALLY think a variation of this scene should be inserted into the DVD for Nemesis, and only adults allowed to buy it, because hell, they can do this on their honeymoon and us Imzadians get a little something extra for the ride home.


*yelling from the poop-deck* SMUT-HO!!!!!!



Will whistled down the corridor as he headed for his quarters. He had a special night planned for Deanna, one that would keep her satiated long enough for him to get some sleep. Not that he minded, this wasn’t exactly work keeping him up.

Will marveled over the past month. Deanna’s sexual drive had gone way beyond his expectations; he was getting luckier in one week than he usually did in 6 months! And what drained him the most was having to diversify their activities. When one was so active it got boring doing the same old thing time after time, and after a while Deanna became almost immune to the techniques, they weren’t enough to satisfy her. Will had never had to be so creative in his whole life, and now he had to start coming up with some new tricks. But tonight would not be a problem. Tonight he was going to broaden the Counselor’s horizons.


Will was lying against the wall, hands behind his back, and grinning from war to ear. The only thing missing was the proverbial cigarette, what they had was ice cream. Deanna had a thing for sundaes after sex, and with all the strenuous exercise Will had started to join her in the delectable temptations.

Deanna came back into the room, a bounce in her step. She was holding two bowls full of ice cream, a container of chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and Will’s ultimate favorite, a can of Whip Cream. She smiled when she saw Will.

Will smiled back, appreciating the view of her spectacular nude body as she bounced. “Deanna, did you remember the spoons?”

She laughed, “I guess not, I’ll be right back.”

As she turned she didn’t notice the evil grin on her captain’s face, or his movement towards the sweets. He poured both sets of ice cream into one bowl, chucking the empty bowl across the room. He then placed the contents on the side of the bed facing the wall, and prepared to pounce.

When Deanna came back she had the spoons, and then stopped, confusion setting in.

“Will, where are the…”

She didn’t get to finish her sentence as Will jumped out of bed and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her, long, and hard. He planted kisses along her jaw line and up to her ear. “I have a surprise for you tonight,” he whispered, sending shivers down her spine.

Deanna giggled, “You mean you aren’t tired yet?”

“What? Will - The Thrill - Riker tired? Surely you jest.”

“Alright captain, so what’s the surprise?”

Will grinned, a sparkle in his blue eyes, “Deanna, how much do you trust me?”

Deanna paused; she wasn’t sure what he was up to. “Completely Will, you now that.”

“Are you sure? Can you give me complete control? Without questioning my actions?”

It made her a bit uneasy, but also excited. What did Will have up his sleeve? Her curiosity got the best of her. “Yes, I’ll give you complete control. Will, just what have you concocted in that mind of yours?”

“You’ll see. Go lay down on the bed.”

Deanna complied, although slowly, watching Will’s every movement as she placed the spoons on the end table. Will went over to a bag he had brought with him earlier that evening, and came out with 2 handkerchiefs. He made his way over to the bed, laid her on her back, and gently tied her wrists the top edge of the bed. Deanna went to protest, but Will silenced her with a kiss.

“There just to keep your hands out of the way.”

He was right. She tested them, and she could easily slip out if she had to. She lay back, now more curious than ever. Next he slipped a blindfold over her eyes, and gave her another kiss to ease her sudden panic. He was there and wouldn’t leave her. She calmed down. She knew that if she asked, Will would remove the blindfold and handkerchiefs without delay. She remembered that this was for her pleasure.

Suddenly she felt him sit on the bed next to her. Her skin was covered in goose bumps in anticipation of what was to come.

Will had picked up the dessert items and brought them with him as he sat down on the bed. He grinned wickedly as he contemplated which to try out first. He opted for his favorite. Taking the can of whip cream he made a line between her breasts, stopping as he heard Deanna gasp from the sudden contact. He smiled and then continued, outlining her breasts, and then filling them in, covering every inch, including her nipples. When he was done he grabbed the container of sprinkles and lightly sprinkled some over the whipped cream, concentrating mostly around her nipples.

“Will?” she said, wondering what he put just thrown on top of the whipped cream.

“Sshhh, or I won’t play,” he joked as he set the items aside and lied down next to her body, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her towards him. He stuck out his tongue and licked. Starting at the bottom of her left breast he licked a path straight up to her nipple.

“Mmmm,” Deanna said as she moved closer to him.

Will tightened his grip on her, and licked again, this time as he hit her areola. When he was finished he had a dollop of cream waiting for him on her nipples, covered in sprinkles. Little by little he licked around it, like the sides of an ice cream cone, grinding the sprinkles into her nipples. She squealed at the sensation. When he had finished he took the nipple in his mouth and gently sucked, soothing the area he had just roughened.

He removed his mouth and sat up, causing Deanna to frown. He moved over her and lay on top, ready to lavish the same attention to her right breast. He started with the top of the line he had first made, and followed the outline of her breast. Then he licked and ground the sprinkles into her nipple as before, and soothed it with his tongue. He rose up onto his elbows and was greeted by an up close greeting of her breasts, her nipples standing at attention from her arousal. He placed his head between her breasts and breathed deeply, loving the smell and feel of her skin. He kissed her, and continued to trail a path back down and left as he rolled off her, ready for the next act.

Deanna patiently waited; content with the tingling sensations his tongue had left.

She jumped as she felt something warm hit her stomach. Will had grabbed the heated chocolate syrup, sat back down next to her, and dribbled it onto her taut stomach. She sighed as he took his fingers and rubbed her whole tummy with it. He drew a smiley face, tickling her until she giggled.

He stopped and placed the container on the bed, and then leaned down to trace the smiley face with his tongue. She giggled some more; she was very ticklish there.

Will grinned, “You know, I should take a picture of this.”

“What?!” she called out in shock, trying to sit up.

“Just kidding,” he laughed.

He licked and kissed and lapped up the rest of the chocolate, swirling his tongue around her belly button, and after dipping it in for the little bit that had filled it.

Deanna relaxed, enjoying the feel of his tongue as he cleaned her belly off. Deanna figured the ice cream was next, but Will surprised her. He took the chocolate again and poured it along her inner thighs, causing her to gasp. He was making a mess, the syrup falling all over her and the bed. He put the container back down on the floor, and moved down between her legs. Slowly he licked up the syrup, in small paths, coming closer to her core as he cleaned her. As he licked he nibbled, eliciting groans from her. He licked and nibbled all the way up, and stopped before he got to her entrance, where she wanted him. Then he turned and repeated it o her other thigh, still not going where she wanted.

Deanna was becoming hysterical, “Will, please!”

“Ssshhh, all in due time,” he whispered, his breath hitting her hot center, creating another moan. He slowly got up, and, ignoring the protests from his lover, went to get the ice cream.

Before he continued he took the blindfold off her eyes. She blinked as the light hit them and Will waited until she was focused. She smiled I his direction, a dreamy glaze coming to her eyes. He smiled back, “Not done yet.”

She nodded and noticed the ice cream in his hand. She shivered in anticipation, grinning as she thought of a few things she wanted him to do with the cold, creamy confection.

He grabbed a spoon off the table and sat down beside her again. He swirled the ice cream around, noting that it had started to melt, which was perfect. He scooped up a little and fed it to her, spilling some on her chin as she went to eat it. He smiled and licked it off her chin. He scooped up more and went to feed her again; only he ‘accidentally’ spilt some on her chest. She jumped as the cold dessert hit her sensitive nipples, hissing in delight as his warm tongue licked it up. The cold and warms sensations were driving her crazy. She wanted him, now.

But Will had other things in mind and spoon-fed her more ice cream, which she gladly ate. Then he turned and took a bite himself. “Yum,” he said, and went to take another spoonful. Some of it spilled onto her stomach, and again Will licked it up. He grinned as he saw her close eyes, battling the pleasurable sensations she was receiving. She wanted to scream in ecstasy each time the cold, sweet milk hit her hot and overly sensitive skin and Will’s hot, soft tongue followed in pursuit.

“Will, please, I can’t take this anymore,” she pleaded as she wriggled, wanting him inside her.

“You can’t? Well then I guess I better hurry up and eat this then.” He scooped up the ice cream and stuffed it into his mouth, watching Deanna’s unbelievable reaction at his choice to eat the ice cream rather than her. “Mmm, this is really good,” he said as he took another big scooped. As he brought it towards his mouth he dumped it over, dumping the cold ice cream onto her shaved mound.

She gasped as it hit and hit the wall, trying to contain another scream. Will watched as her movement caused the ice cream to melt and travel downward. Using two fingers he help make a path for the ice cream to travel and hit her clitoris.

“Ooohh,” she screamed, no longer able to contain herself, and arched her back as the ice cream continued to melt and drip into her. She was thrashing wildly, her hands coming undone from her restraints as she bucked and thrust against Will’s hand.

Will, not done yet, took the little bit of ice cream left on her and coated his fingers. Slowly he pushed one up and inside of her, loving her squeals of passion. He didn’t even have to do anything, as she started moving on her own, sliding up and down on his finger. He inserted another and heard her moan again. He began to slip them in and out of her hole, finding a rhythm with her own thrusts. As they moved against each other the remnants of the melted ice cream dripped down and mixed in, creating a cold sensation with every other thrust.

Will removed his fingers.

“No…” Deanna began, but was silenced by the insertion of his tongue inside of her.

“Yeesss,” she yelled as she arched up again, finally getting what she wanted. She wrapped her legs around his head as he ate her, rising to nibble on her clit every so often. He took her to the edge and stopped, waiting for her to calm down. She squirmed, trying to find his mouth, but Will kept his attention to other parts, nibbling on her inner thigh again, lapping up the melted ice cream from around her lips and mound.

When she had stopped her frantic movement Will returned to her moist, quivering, center, and began his ministrations all over again, waiting until she was on the edge, and then stopping as he let her slowly come back down.

“Will, please, stop…”

“Stop? Ok,” he moved to get up.

“No!!! I want… I want…”

She was beyond the ability to form sentences.

“You want what?” he whispered as he kissed a path back up her stomach, between her breasts, and onto her neck. He nibbled as he waited for her to continue.

“Will” she whined, wanting him to just thrust inside her.

“You… Want… What?” he whispered again, each word giving her the shivers as he came closer to her ear. He nibbled on her ear, and then kissed his way back down to her lips. He kissed her and she kissed back, hard, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, trying to convey what she wanted him to do to her.

He lay on top of her, head to toe, and kissed her as he ground his hips, pressing his hardness against her entrance. It drove her wild. She thrust against him in vain, trying to get him to penetrate. He held back and reached up for her hands. As he caressed the inside of her arms and the palms of her hands, she suddenly realized she was no longer tied to the bed.

“You… Want…”

He didn’t get to finish as she moved and threw him onto his back, taking charge. She straddled his hips and lowered herself onto his hardened cock, moaning in pleasure. She gripped his waist between her thighs tight, not allowing him to somehow get free and tease her anymore. Will relaxed and let her go, allowing her to pleasure herself. He watched entranced as she bounced up and down on him, rocking the bed hard. He smiled as quickened her pace, and ran his fingers over her torso, fondling and caressing her breasts, falling down between her thighs to flick her button. She rocked with wild abandon, trying to get her release.

When Will saw she was nearing the edge again he flipped her over and began to pump inside of her, fast and hard. She wrapped her legs around him, asking him to go faster. Soon she stopped and cried out his name as she came, running her nails up his back as she convulsed around him. When she was done he continued his thrusting into her now super sensitive sex, and she shuddered as she was wracked again with another release. This time Will thrust one final time into her and buried his face between her breasts as he finally came.

Panting, they couldn’t move for the first few minutes. Slowly Will got up and rolled off of Deanna and to the side. He stretched out next to her and wrapped her in his arms, kissing the tip of her nose.

She smiled. “Yum!” she whispered, leaning in for a kiss.

He obliged and lay on his back, his now satiated Imzadi nestled in his arms, purring like a kitten. He chuckled, “You know, you should trust me more often.”

“Mmhmm,” she purred, leaning in for another kiss. It was long, and sweet, and devoid of lust. It was a kiss of love and contentment. As she deepened the kiss she ran her hand down his chest, playing with his hair.

Will was so busy enjoying their afterglow and her hand raking through his chest hair that he hadn’t paid attention to where her other hand had gone. He gasped and looked at her in surprise, smirking as he saw the wicked grin on her face. She had let her other hand travel down to between his thighs, and was working on his softened penis, which was quickeningly resurrecting to its former glory.

“Deanna,” he laughed, not believing her energy. She got up and went of the chocolate syrup and the sprinkles, and with her knee began to spread his thighs.

“Well I want a Sundae too!”