Title: Loving Memory


Fandom: STTNG
Pairing: none really, but T/R are together, so its imzadi.
Series: Might possibly have a sequel to it.
Warning: Character death fic.
Rated: PG
Notes: This is me dealing with my grief. Writing always helps me through the
best and the hardest times. I’ve woven elements that have happened over the
past 2 days into the storyline, but some things are different so that trek stays
trek. I hope this makes sense.
Disclaimer: I don’t own em.


The room was cold. She hated to be cold; they knew that. Often they would
come to visit and find her in bed, in the stifling heat, with her sweater on and
her quilt up to her neck.

~It’s much to cold in here, they always keep it too cold~ she would explain
when they asked her how she was doing.

But then again she had always claimed it was too chilly. Even when she
vacationed with them on Pacifica, back when she could go with them, she would ask
them to turn the heat up.

“It would be colder outside on the beach than in that house, and she would
still ask us to raise the temperature,” Will mumbled and smiled at the fond

Deanna nodded, understanding.

The call had come that afternoon. The kids were at home, classes having
ended. Will was waiting for Deanna to finish some paperwork in her office when Homn
contacted them personally. They were speechless, yet knew it was coming.


“… stomach irritation”

“… had returned…”

“… for the best.”

It was the most Homn had ever said, and yet it wasn’t enough. He wanted to
say more, but couldn’t.

“Thank you,” Will mumbled, “we’ll be there shortly.”

Deanna sighed and sank deeper into her chair.

“It’s over.”

Will nodded, “Do you want me to call your brother?”

Deanna looked at him, puzzlement in her eyes.

Will sat next to her and pulled the comm. terminal towards him. “He should
just be getting home from his shift,” he said as he patched into the system.

Deana stood up, “ I, uh, I can’t. You tell him. I’m… I’m going home to talk
to the children.”

She left before Will could utter a sound.

They had laid her in the bed, the guardrail down. She looked as if she was
sleeping, but she was cold and hard to the touch.

The children were still at home, this being too gruesome to subject them to.
Tomorrow they would be able to see her.

The shuffling of feet on carpet diverted their attention. Deanna and Will
turned as the doctor walked solemnly into the room.

“Is there anything I can do?”

Deanna sat on the bed and smoothed a strand of hair on her mother’s head. “
She’s so small. You did a good job of getting the swelling down in her stomach.”

Will walked over and took her hand, helping her up. He guided Deanna out of
the room and into the hallway, “What…”

The doctor nodded in understanding, “Lwaxana went painlessly. She had been
complaining of some stomach irritation and I came over to do a few tests to see
what the problem was. Homn told me she hadn’t been eating for the past few
days and that she seemed a bit sluggish. I left her bedside for only 45 minutes
while I processed the test results. She was tired and falling asleep, so I
thought it best to go in the other room and let her take a nap. When I came back
in she was no longer breathing.”

“In her sleep,” Deanna reassured herself, a tear of joy falling down her

“What were her test results, doctor?” Will asked.

“Not good I’m afraid. The cancer had returned, and she was only just
beginning to feel it. It was eating away at her stomach and her colon. If she had
lived she would have had to endure a lot of pain. And the cure, well, it would be
too much for her to handle.”

Deanna nodded, “Thank you doctor, I think we can take it from here.”

The doctor bowed and silently left the premises. This was a time for family,
not clinical analysis.

They went back into the room silently. Deanna sat back on the bed to watch
her mother sleep peacefully.

“Will, turn up the temperature, it’s too cold in here for her.”

Will walked to the hallway, but turned back towards her at the door. “The
kids are waiting for us at home.”

Deanna smiled, “I promised Nikki that I would tell her about her grandmother’
s first impression of her father, when he came to pick me up that beautiful
morning for a picnic.”

Will chuckled, “She didn’t trust me until the wedding. Then I was upgraded
from pain in the side, to wonderful son in law.”

He cleared his throat and then left to turn on the heat.

Deana sighed and stood up. Leaning over she kissed her mother’s cheek.

“No more pain.”

The End