Title: By Any Other Name
Author: Christal

"Deanna, you are in for a real treat tonight, something really special."

    "Will Riker what are you up too? You have that look in your eye."

    "Just TRUST me Dee, now hold out your hands and close your eyes."

    "Wait a minute! Just what are you trying to pull here mister!"

    "TRUST ME!"

    "MMhhmm, like I was supposed to trust you last time?"

    "This is different… will you at least hold out your hands."

    "Fine, just what am I supposed to hold?"

    "It's a marvelous thing Deanna, feels slippery and smooth."

    "You know Will, I'm not so sure about thi… OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?!!"

    "What?!  You don't have to be so mean. It has feelings you know. Really,
she didn't mean it."

    "Ugh, I am NOT touching that Will!"

    "Come on Deanna, it's not as bad as it seems."

    "But, but, it's ALIVE! It's MOVING!"

    "Come on, you know your intrigued, you know you want to."

    "Ewww it's wet and slippery. And you want me to put this in my mouth??!!!"

    "It has a NAME Deanna."

    "Oh yeah, what?"

    "It's an Earth delicacy actually. A little something called     Jello."