Title: She Bangs
Author: Christal

It was horrendous. How could they have not let him in on this tiny bit of
information! What was this, Mark’s special initiation for newcomers?

His facial expression was all Wendy needed. Her eyes were the perfect
picture of innocence, but her smile gave it away, very cat-like.

Oh he knew her type all right. All innocent, the helpless victim… all an act
before she turned animalistic. Of course he also knew her type in bed, and
if he played things just right…

//Well tonight will tell all// he thought, confident.

But the subject at hand… he did NOT want to undress in front of these
people. And it wasn’t that he was self-conscious… well ok, maybe he was… a
little. But he was sure he had nothing to be afraid of… unless it was cold…
that would just be humiliating, especially in front of Wendy.

//Well Xerx said it was understandable. I’ll just walk in nonchalantly and
no one will notice//

He sat down next to Wendy and looked around. The quietness still unnerved
him a bit, but he was getting used to it. It was kind of peaceful in a way…
as long as you didn’t think of why it was quiet. Then it got spooky, he
didn’t take too kindly to strangers muddling around in his head. He
considered it an invasion of privacy, but thankfully he was only planet-side
for a couple of months.

//Look at them; they are so calm and cool about it all. It’s like a casual
afternoon get together. Meanwhile I’m getting stared at. I know they are, I
can’t take this…//

“Excuse me, I’ll be right back.” He told Wendy as he made his way back to
the front.

He felt like a fish out of water. If everyone else didn’t have a problem
with this, then why should he? After all it wasn’t like he’d get made fun
off. This was a civilized culture, and he knew the ceremony was highly
regarded around the universe.

//When in Rome…// he though as he peeled off his dress uniform jacket.
He made his way back to his seat next to Wendy, still feeling out of sorts.
But he had this overall feeling of a collective welcome and understandment.
He did feel a bit relieved, but it was still a new and ambiguous experience.
He smiled as he sat down and got a smile from Wendy.

“… you had nothing to be ashamed off” was all he heard. He looked at Wendy
and smiled back.

“Thanks” was all he could manage as he tried to figure out the best way to
seat himself in his new attire.

He turned their attention towards Xerx who was escorting a woman in… the
mother he assumed. They walked by when she blasted through Will’s newly
achieved confidence. Hairy? He didn’t know quite what to say to that… it had
never displeased anyone before.

“Traction” he told her, trying not to explode. He knew only Wendy would get
it, but what else could he say to such a question?

//Hairy? I’m not that hairy… I have just enough hairiness. Does Wendy think
I’m too hairy?// he suddenly wanted to be somewhere else. Wendy was saying
something… problem explaining symbolism.

//Did Kathy think I was too hairy? //

Soon his attention was drawn to the ceremony… it was starting.

The groom walked in with his mother trying to stop him, and then his father.

//gee will kids never listen…// he tsked in his mind. But it was very
interesting; it put a new spin on the perspective of marriage.

And then she came in… the bride.

//Holy shit! // Was all he could manage.

She was beautiful, gorgeous, took his breath away. She was his life, he
wanted her.

//Holy shit!// he thought again, //I’m going crazy over another man’s girl.
Calm down Riker, down boy.//

And then his life changed… she stepped aside and said words to change

“I summon you to the place of marriage.”

Oh sweet, sweet words. Musical words, words that meant he could lust to his
hearts content.

//She’s not the bride… she’s NOT the bride!// and then he felt bad, //not
like the bride is bad looking or anything but… she’s not the bride!!//.

His gaze did not leave the dark haired woman, even when she sat down.

He drank her in. He started at her hair; it was a cascade of dark curls,
curls that brought the thoughts of ruffled sheets and body heat with it. He
wanted to touch them, run his fingers through them, to smell her hair. He
imagined it smelt light but flowery.

Her neck, it was graceful, supporting her head with the chin stuck out
proudly. She had to be a part of the aristocracy; it was all in her
mannerisms, her body language. What he would give to kiss her chin, to
nuzzle her neck. He wanted to make her his, mark her as his own.

And her back, simply exquisite. His hands ached to touch her, run his finger
up her spine and make her shiver. He wanted to see her arch that slender
back as he brought her into completion, and to cry his name out.

He would have gone farther had he not noticed that the young woman had
turned around to look at him. She was smiling.

//uh oh, now you’re in for it. Come up with something good, yeah good but
suave. No reason not to make a move while apologizing.//

She turned completely around and started to chuckle softly.

//uuuh, uumm, overload. Stop sweating, cool down. Do NOT excite yourself
here. Oh man look at her breasts, they are perfect… hand sized…// he tore
his gaze from her even though it killed him. It was the only way to calm
himself down, and he now had Wendy questioning him.

“It’s just hot in here… really hot.” He hoped that satisfied her questions.
He tried to turn his attention over to the wedding again, but it never fully
stayed there. Half of him was still quite in-tune with the raven-haired
beauty that knocked him out.
The party was in full swing, and thankfully they were able to dress again.
Will had taken to stuffing his face. He figured as long as he was
concentrated on eating, he couldn’t think about her. Naturally he was wrong.

He kept looking for her, and even at times getting butterflies in his
stomach, afraid that she may not show.

//Get a grip, your will-the-thrill Riker. One Betazoid female can’t reduce
you to a bumbling teenager on his first date. //

When she finally came in with the newlyweds and hosts his eyes never left
her. He was sure if he could just catch her glance.

//I’ll entrance her with my gaze, draw her over. Then I’ll charm her...
light conversation, don’t go overboard though. Oh she’s moving this way,
remember don’t mention the incident, play it cool. Wait, where in the hell
is she going? Doesn’t she realize I’m interested? //

He kept trying, but for all his effort all he got was frustration.

//She must be young and innocent, probably shy… well for her culture
anyways. Maybe she just doesn’t have a lot of experience in the game. //

Then Wendy walked over, and he felt bad. He had neglected her, and he was
her date. But that woman… that woman…

//Listen to me; I don’t even know her name. Oooh Wendy… uh-oh, Wendy. How do
I let her down? How do I get her on the subject of that woman? //

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” he asked her.

//Oh good one, lets just all but throw her into your bed. Opposite effect,
wrong and very bad! //

He turned back towards his raven-haired Venus and a light bulb went off.

Wendy beat him to it. “You know the earth tradition of the bride throwing
the bouquet?”

//yes, oh yes. But I need to know something else… please if I have any luck
let her know. //

“Oh how nice. Deanna caught it.” She said.

//YYESS!!// He cheered, //Deanna, oh how heavenly. It sounds wonderful, I
could say it all day… and all night if she lets. //

Then he remembered Wendy. He had to be polite.

“Deanna?” he asked, playing it cool.

“Deanna Troi. She was the maid of honor.”

//Deanna, Deanna Troi. Well miss Troi welcome to your future. //

She was clutching this white cloth the bride had been wearing in her hair.

“What is with the white cloth?” he asked, intrigued. “Does it mean she is
the next to get married?”

“It means the great love of her life is at this gathering.” She responded.

“How romantic” he replied, now on autopilot.

//Deanna Troi, it’s time to meet your great love. //
Talk to me
Tell me your name
You blow me off like it's all the same
You lit a fuse and now I'm ticking away
Like a bomb
Yeah, Baby

Talk to me
Tell me your sign
You're switching sides like a Gemini
You're playing games and now you're hittin' my
Like a drum
Yeah, Baby