Title: Snow Bunnies

Author: Christal

Fandom: Star Trek The Next Generation

Pairing: Riker/Troi

Summary: Response to ‘Phase’ Challenge

Rated: uhm, hm, well a PG-15 would work, or an R for sexual content. Nothing too graphic that wouldn’t already be on a television series.

Disclaimer: Ain’t mine, not even all the money in the world could buy them for me.

Warning: Not beta-ed, all I had was Word’s spelling and grammar check, which really ain’t much of anything.

Note: For general knowledge I explain about the title. I couldn’t figure out a name for it, but I hate putting ‘Untitled.’ It’s just so boring and unoriginal for me, everyone uses it and I strive to make sure I don’t. So instead of calling my Untitled stories “Untitled” I shall henceforth call them “Snow Bunnies.” Means the same thing, but I prefer it this way. And oddly enough this is my second Snow Bunny story, I wrote a trek fic a week or so ago involving Q, and still could not think of a title.



Deanna arched her back and moaned in pleasure. She had wanted him so badly for the past few weeks, and he was not disappointing her.

“Oh, yes, Will… right there,” she called out as Will changed tactics in his thrusting.

They were both covered in sweat, her hands slipping as she ran them down his back, lightly scraping with her fingernails. Will grunted in pleasure from the contact, and quickened his pace.

Deanna wrapped her legs around his waist and started to thrust back wildly. Soon they were perfectly in sync with each other, rocking the bed (furiously?), not caring about the noise it made as it hit the wall in time with their rhythm.

Soon Deanna tensed, squeezing her legs tighter around him, and moaned as her release came. Will kept thrusting, slowing up the pace, and caused her to shudder and gasp once more. Soon he too tensed, and closed his eyes as his own release came.

Breathless, he rolled off her, lying on his side in order to see her beautiful, glistening nude body.

He ran his hand over her taut stomach, slick from their late night excursion. Neither of them said a word as they basked in the afterglow.

As the sweat dried on her skin, Deanna shivered, and snuggled up in Will’s arms for warmth. With a smile on his face he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her hair as she settled down. She sighed in contentment.

“That was…” she began.

“… unbelievable,” he finished, a sparkle in his eye.

They fell asleep in each other’s arms, not a care in the world.


Deanna woke up an hour later She waited to see if Will had also awakened, and when she heard his deep rhythmic breathing, she gently untangled herself from her lover, and went into the bathroom to freshen up. As she came out she sat down in a chair directly across from the bed, and watched Will sleep. After a few minutes she slipped into deep thought.

She couldn’t lie to him any longer, it wouldn’t be right. She saw the signs; she knew she was in the first stages of her Phase. She never married, a few close calls, but in the end she always came back to him. She was too comfortable with their routine; it was almost like having a permanent one-night stand. She liked it, and yet she hated it, always wanting more. The two of them, here, still on the Enterprise after the others were long gone. Together they had weathered the changes: Worf’s and O’Briens’s transfers, Picard’s promotion, Beverly’s retirement from space duty for a permanent posting on the outskirts of the Federation, and the death of her mother. Will had been promoted to Captain, which, unfortunately, had put a damper on their relationship. Will wanted to present a certain image, one that didn’t include weekly one-night stands, but as he became more comfortable with his crew and position, the more daring he became, and their occasional nightly ‘festivities’ began once again.

But she couldn’t keep up the façade anymore, she had to tell him the truth, and ask for a temporary leave of absence.

She had thought about keeping it a secret until it was too late, bonding to him and forcing the decision. She knew if she went this route Will wouldn’t deny her, he was too much of a gentleman for that. He’d help her get through this vulnerable and embarrassing time. But she would lose her best friend, and her own self-respect. He would never be able to trust her again.

She preferred to tell him, when he woke up if her courage lasted, and offer him a choice. It may end in rejection, but she would have her dignity, and Will’s trust and friendship intact.

She stirred as she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up and into Will’s smiling face.

“I hope it’s me your thinking about.”

Deanna smiled and nodded. Will leaned down and gave her a quick kiss. He took her hands in his and lifted her up.

With an evil grin he put his lips to her ear, and in his bedroom voice whispered, “I think you should come back to bed.” Deanna shivered. She would like nothing more than to once more be beneath the sheets, pressed against his hard, hot body. But that line of thought would just lead to trouble, and right now she needed to keep a cool head.

“Will, I have to tell you something.”

Will kissed her again, “Ok, we’ll talk, later. Right now…” he pulled her towards the bed. She wanted this, so bad. They weren’t officially ‘together,’ but when he came to spend the night he made her feel like she was the only woman in the universe, and they had long ago stopped seeing other people.

Deanna stopped him. “No, Will. Not later, now. This is very important.”

Will sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed, waiting for her to continue. She collected her thoughts before trying to explain.

“Will, I’m not sure tonight should have happened.”

A tense look came over Will’s face, but Deanna stopped him before he could say anything. “Just let me finish. I know we’ve always had these… these trysts. But tonight, it was… it was different. Will, I haven’t been completely honest with you. You know how you said that lately you’ve been wanting me more, even dreaming about me, about us. Well, that might have something to do with me.”

She paused to catch her breath, “Will, I’ve begun the Phase.”

She let it sink on before continuing, “I… I didn’t know how to tell you. I found out a week ago, but I just couldn’t find the words. And after tonight I…”

Will got up and found his clothes, putting them on haphazardly. “I have to go.”

“Will, Will I’m so sorry. I should have told you from the beginning.”

“Yes, you should have.” He put on his shoes and ran to the door.

“Will, is that all you have to say?”

He turned to look at her, confusion in his eyes, “I guess I just don’t know what to say.”

He left, heading for his own quarters. Deanna sank down onto her couch and silently cried.


A few hours later Deanna was awaken by the sound of the chime of her door. She looked around; she must have fallen asleep on the sofa. She reached out, sensing him at the door. The time had come.

She patted down her hair before calling out, “Come.”

Will strode in. She looked into his eyes, searching for his answer, but he had already made his decision, and taken control over his emotions. Deanna mentally prepared herself for the rejection. She stood up.

“Will, I understand if you don’t…”

He put his fingers to her lips and silenced her. He leaned down for a kiss, and left her breathless. “I’m so sorry for not telling you sooner,” she whispered, her voice quivering.

She laughed, trying to lighten the mood, “ You better hurry and hide from me, because I think I’m about to hit another peak.”

He smiled, and slid her robe off.

“ I think we should go back to bed.”

The End.