Title: A Halloween Trick

Author: Christal

Fandom: Star Trek the Next Generation

Pairing: Riker/Troi

Rating: NC-17

Sequel/Series: Nope, this is a complete and one-timer

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Warnings: Smut, Smut, Smutty Smut! Oh and a bit of
funness! BTW, my beta is stuck with silly college
classes to study for, so this has been looked over by
myself twice and Word once. Sorry for any mistakes,
but hopefully there won’t be much, if any at all.

Notes: Set whenever it suits you. No spoilers. Was
originally written for Halloween. Unfortunately after
I started it last Friday the TV decided to play many,
many horror movie marathons and I was distracted all
weekend long, and ran into the week as I continued the
marathons with my own collection. ::snicker:: My
little sister doesn’t trust me to make movie
selections anymore. So happy belated Halloween!!!

Notes the second: // // - denotes internal dialogue, *
* - denotes iltalicized words since many can't see
hypertext. Any all capped words would mean bolded.

Summary: One magical Halloween night on the

Disclaimer: Not mine otherwise Will and Worf would
drink beer and play Atari. (sorry, obscure song
reference with a friend)

P.S. ok looked over it one final time, everything


She slinked into the room, turning quite a few heads
as she headed towards the bar. She stayed silent as
she came up from behind him, standing with one hand on
her hip and the other toying with her tail.

“Hey there sailor,” she purred.

William Riker turned around at the seductive sound and
laughed heartily.

He looked her over. “What is this?” he asked,
playfully poking her black make-up covered nose.

“My costume. I’m a kitty cat, see?”

Deanna dropped the tail to show Will her gloves that
looked like leopard print stockings with extended
pointy nails. She clawed her hand and hissed, swatting
at his beard playfully.

“Cute,” Geordi said as he walked up to them, “though I
think if my pet cat had looked like that I would have
had nightmares as a child.”

Deanna swatted at him laughing.

“Well at least I don’t have a dead stuffed animal on
my shoulder.”

Will’s eyes went wide with amusement.

“Hey, he has feelings too you know.”

He turned to his shoulder, “She didn’t mean it. She’s
just jealous because I’m seeing other animals.”

Geordi grinned as Data walked up and looked confused
over the last statement Will had made. Luckily, Doctor
Crusher cut him off at the past, waiting to pounce on
the unsuspecting Betazoid instead.

The usually fiery redhead was subdued that night. She
had decided to go all out, a zombie vampire. Her
costume was ratted and musty, and her skin looked like
she had been decaying in a heated crypt for about two
weeks. Her face was as pale as she could get it with
make-up, her eye shadow black and ringed around her
eyes so that they popped and looked sunken in all at
the same time. Her entire costume and make-up job was
devoid of any color except for her lips, which were
the deepest, brightest shade of red they had ever
seen. The only thing she hadn’t touched was her hair.
She had her orangey-red tresses slicked back and into
a droopy ponytail. When she smiled they saw that she
had even used one of sickbay’s aesthetical sculpting
tools to give herself very convincing fangs.

She looked Deanna over and shook her head.

“Deanna, it’s Halloween. You’re supposed to dress up
in a scary costume.”

“Well I didn’t care for how I looked in them. I liked
this one. When I saw it I knew it was purrrfect.”

They looked at her and laughed again, unable to
contain themselves. While Deanna did look exquisite in
spandex, she didn’t look very kitty-like. Her
all-in-one leotard was the same leopard print that her
gloves were, and the feet of the leotard had white
over the toes to unconvincingly simulate paws. She had
given herself whiskers, but they were faint compared
to her normal makeup. Even her tail looked un-cat like
as it hung every which way behind her, and a little
kinked as well.

“What happened to your tail?” Beverly asked.

“Huh? Oh, I fixed it. I kept tripping over it so I
undid a few stitches, took out some of the stuffing,
and then had it sewn back up. Now I don’t have to keep
holding it, though it IS still a little hard to
control in crowds.”

“It looks like it got in a fight with another cat and
lost, several times,” Will commented.

Deanna, looking to turn the tables, smiled coyly at

“So Will, your costume is very scary now, isn’t it?”

Beverly then turned on him.

“She’s right Will, you were supposed to help set an
example. How are we supposed to show Deanna and Data
what Halloween is about if you don’t follow the rules
either? I mean, what is this?”

She asked her last question as she pulled his eye
patch up from his face. Will smacked her hand away.

“I’m a pirate, and pirates are scary. They pillaged
and plundered, and some other very nasty things as
well. Besides, I think I look very dashing in this

Deanna giggled, “Yes, very dashing. A candy cane from
the waist up, and… your brown pajama bottoms? Cut

“That’s… a little odd. Why did you cut up the bottoms
of your pants?” Geordi asked.

“It isn’t obvious?” Will asked, actually astounded
that they didn’t understand his costume. “I’m a
marooned pirate. Been left on an island for months,
with Long Polly Silver here as my only friend.”

“Perhaps it would have been more noticeable had you
added some wet sand to your costume, Commander. If you
had been marooned for that long, and had managed to
keep alive, the likelihood of you still wearing your
shoes is…”

Will threw his hands up in defeat to stop Data.

“Alright. I made that last bit up last minute. What
really happened is Deanna and Polly here got in a
fight over who was my favorite pet and I got the raw
end of the deal.”

Deanna cocked her hips and crossed her arms, looking
daggers directly at him as the others in the group
laughed. Beverly stopped long enough to observe
Deanna’s body language.

“Better look out Will, that cat is not very happy with
you. Just remember, payback’s a bitch.”

Before Will could reply one of the crewman who had
helped plan the party stood on a chair against the
right wall. He thanked everyone for coming and gave a
small toast before announcing the start of the film
festival in the next lounge. He informed everyone that
the party would continue in the room they were in, but
the doors connecting the lounges would be kept shut so
as not to disturb the experience.

Beverly turned back to the group; her eyes alight with

“This is the part I’ve been waiting for all week. I’ve
heard they picked a number of selections covering
several different time periods starting with one of
the first horror films ever made. You know, some of
the great theatre actors loved the horror scene.”

Deanna looked a little hesitant.

“I don’t know. What is the point exactly in watching
something that is trying to scare you? I never
understood this old custom, not even when my father
tried to explain it to me. Why would someone want to
*be* scared?”

Beverly, Will and Geordi looked at each other, not
sure how they could explain this to the Betazoid.

“Well, being scared, it’s… it’s a big rush of
adrenaline. Scaring yourself for entertainment
purposes is a little different from a real life
situation in which you can’t control. With these
movies you can feel the rush of emotions, you can
*feel* scared or shocked or… whatever, without having
to give up the control,” Geordi explained.

“With using scare tactics like in these films, you can
safely experience a situation or emotions that you are
naturally curious about, but don’t want to be real.
The films are a safety net. You can allow yourself to
get into the experience as much as you want, or pull
out of them if it becomes too intense. And nobody gets
hurt because it’s fictional. Most people just want to
experience the thrill without the consequences,” Will

“Interesting,” Deanna said, “you have to wonder what
that says about a person psychologically. To
purposefully put oneself into such experiences, to
*want* to be immersed in such horrific situations and

“Well, I’m sure this is all *fascinating*
psychologically, but realistically the ‘theatre’ is
filling up and I would like to get a good seat. If you
will excuse me,” Beverly said as she made her way
towards the other lounge, not waiting for the others.

Will offered Deanna his arm, “When in Rome?”

Deanna smiled and reluctantly agreed. Wasn’t life
about new experiences anyways?

Before she moved, however, she turned around and
snatched the fake bird off his shoulder, throwing it
onto the nearest available table.

“I refuse to let you escort me anywhere with this

Will laughed. “See, I knew you were jealous.”

They turned to leave. As they walked towards the
lounge they noticed that Geordi and Data were not

“Geordi, are you and Data coming?” Will asked.

Geordi shook his head. “That’s all right Commander.
Data’s been watching these things ever since they
announced the idea of it. I’ve spent many of my off
duty hours watching them with him and explaining
things. I’ve met my quota of scary movies for several

The engineer grinned from ear to ear as he gave his
explanation and steeled himself for the stream of
questions bound to come forth from his best friend’s
mouth now that the topic had been re-opened.

As Will and Deanna made their way into the adjoining
lounge they realized their folly in waiting so long.
There weren’t any seats left together and they would
have to sit separated from each other. Will, always
the gentleman, saw Deanna to her seat before going to
look for one himself. He wound up on the other side of
the room, but it worked in his favor as they could see
each other perfectly from their seats. He smiled and
waved a little to let her know where he was and that
he had found a place to sit and enjoy whatever the
hosts had come up with.

They both settled into their respective seats and
waited as the doors were closed and the lights were
shut off for the first film.
They were halfway into their second film when Will
caught Deanna’s attention. He had watched her
periodically and through the first film she had looked
curious and interested, but with the new one, that was
insanely gory, she appeared bored and disgusted.

Will had spent the past few hours only half watching
the entertainment in front of him. Instead he had been
thinking about Deanna and her costume. For as much as
he had made fun of her, he loved her outfit, and how
she looked in it as well. He had acted like he didn’t
notice how sexy and delicious she looked in it, but
her muscles and curves moved in all the right places
when she walked in the restrictive material. And he
noticed, he noticed a lot, just as every other
straight male, not to mention a few women, in the
lounge that night had noticed.

He’d used his jokes to put up a barrier, maybe to even
get back a little at her, for being so damn hot and
irresistible. But he wasn’t around her right now, so
he let his fantasies roam free as he sat in the
darkened room. He kept envisioning how the material
stretched extremely thin across her nipples whenever
she breathed, causing her supple breasts to expand.

Now as he watched her, distracted from what was
undoubtedly an uninteresting movie for her, he
wickedly thought of how he might possibly get back at
her even more. He looked around, trying to see where
he could lure her. They couldn’t go out the main
doors; people would notice them. The exits would have
traffic from people leaving for the night or taking a
break from the ‘interesting’ film choice the hosts had
made. The adjoining doors led to a crowded lounge
still partying it up. So where could they go?

He looked around some more, trying not to seem too
obvious to those around him, and then spotted a door
behind the bar. The door led to a storeroom that held
serving trays and anything ‘special’ the bartender
wanted. Guinan had showed him the storeroom in Ten
Forward once, and the ‘special’ cargo that Captain
Picard stored there from his family’s vineyard. It was

He turned and looked directly at Deanna and waited for
her to notice. It didn’t take long before she happened
to glance his way in another bout of boredom and see
that he was looking right at her. He smiled at her and
raised his eyebrows a bit, asking her how things were
going. With her arms folded and a scowl on her pretty
face she rolled her eyes, she was not at all happy or
comfortable with the turn the evening had taken.

Will chuckled silently and motioned with his eyes
towards the back of the room. She looked at him,
confused. She had no idea what he was up to or what he
wanted her to do. He motioned again with a slight tilt
of his head to follow him towards the bar and silently
got up from his seat to make his way to the rendezvous

Deanna, not understanding until she saw him get up and
leave, likewise left her own seat. As she slowly made
her way back she saw him disappear behind the door
behind the bar.

//What is he up to? // she asked herself.

She stopped when she got towards the back wall and
waited to make sure no one was looking at her.
Satisfied that everyone was too engrossed in the movie
to pay attention to them, she moved forward and
slipped behind the door as well.

As she door slid quietly shut behind her, Deanna was
shocked to find the room mostly dark. Why hadn’t Will
brought up the lights?

Before she could ask the computer to bring the lights
up she felt him behind her. She jumped as he put his
hands over her eyes and whispered into her ear.

“Hello, kitty.”

His deep, rumbly whisper sent shivers down her spine.

Will spun her around and cornered her against the
wall, next to the door panel. When she didn’t
automatically retaliate he grabbed her arms and pinned
them above her head and leaned down to smother her
lips, and any rejections, with his own.

When he let her go she was breathless.

“Will,” she purred huskily and drew him down for

“Does the kitty want to play?” he asked her in between
the fiery kisses.

“Mmmm,” was her only response as he nipped at her
neck. He grabbed her waist and pulled her flush
against him, still keeping her trapped against the

After a few minutes of searing kisses and insistent
groping, Deanna stopped.

“Will, we can’t, not here. Someone’s going to find

Will smiled. “So.”


He leaned up close and nibbled on her ear.

“You’re the one who started this,” he whispered.

“Me?” she almost screeched as she tried to pry his
hands off her.

“You’re the one wearing the skin tight costume,
Counselor. What did you expect to happen? Or did you
think I wouldn’t notice how the fabric clung to your

With that he moved his hands towards her hips and held
her against the wall. He ground his now blatant
erection into her, eliciting a moan.

“Or how your breasts strained against the fabric with
every move and every breath.”

He kissed down her cleavage and over to her nipple,
licking and sucking it through the fabric. Deanna’s
breathing was becoming ragged and her reasons for not
continuing this line of action was quickly and quietly
exiting her thought processes.

Will licked and kissed his way back up to her lips. He
took her bottom lip and lightly sucked on it.

“Did you think you could get me to beg with it?” he

Before she could answer he captured her mouth again in
another passionate kiss, forcing her mouth open with
his tongue and caressing hers.

While his mouth worked miracles with her mouth, Will’s
hands were roaming free on her body. He caressed her
back, taking a finger and running it lightly and
quickly up her spine. He came around and rubbed the
sides of her breasts gently with his thumbs, arousing
her delicately.

With small circles his thumbs made their way to her
nipples and she sighed into their kiss. Soon his mouth
moved back down, placing quick kisses along her jaw
line before claiming her neck again. By this time more
than just his thumbs had found her small buds, jutting
out proudly for him to grasp. He tweaked her right
nipple, making her gasp in exquisite pleasure. The
sensations of his soft hands, the rough fabric, and
the melding of pleasure/pain were quickly sending
Deanna over the edge.

“Will, please,” she whispered fervently.

He dropped his hands to her waist again and slowly
made his way down. When he came to her hips he
switched courses and cupped her cheeks instead.


He squeezed.

Removing his mouth from her beautiful, and undoubtedly
heaving, breasts he looked directly into her eyes. She
could see the wicked gleam in them; feel the cocky
grin the darkness was concealing on his face.


“Will,” she whimpered.

He went back to the nipple he had previously been
lavishing attention on with his tongue.

“Please… what?” he breathed, causing it to painfully
and deliciously jut out even more.

She squirmed and tried to grind up against him. She
didn’t want to give in. But he held her fast and
wouldn’t consent.

When she didn’t immediately answer he heft her breast
to come face to face with her again. His lips were
mere centimeters away from hers. When he spoke, they
lightly skimmed her own.

“Is there something you needed?” he mocked her.

He ran his hands down the outside of her thighs and up
the insides, stopping just short of Deanna’s heated
entrance. It broke her.

“Please, please… I need…”

She couldn’t finish her thought, not even with jumbled
words. All she could manage to do was beg with her
whimpers, with her gasps, and with her fervid
movements. The sensations were driving her crazy. His
hands caressing the inside of her thigh, another
running across her stomach and back, stretching the
coarse fabric across her already taut and sensitive
nipples. She felt she would explode if he didn’t touch

She tugged at him. Will had started to kiss his way
back down her body and she was pushing him farther and
farther down to where she wanted him. He tried to
tease her a little more, stopping to strain against
her costume and dip his tongue into her belly button.
But she refused to let him prolong her climax any
longer. With a force he hadn’t known she possessed she
pushed him down further.

He complied and stopped when he came to the spot that
desperately needed his attention. He spread her legs
slightly and placed a chaste kiss on her lips. She
shuddered. As he waited for Deanna to retain her
composure he lightly caressed the sensitive skin along
her inner thighs. Now more than ever he wished he had
gotten her out of her costume. He loved her inner
thighs. The smooth, delicate skin, sensitive to any
touch, any movement.

He looked up at her and smiled as he saw the ever
composed and tranquil ‘Counselor’ flush from her
arousal and his ministrations. He loved to get her
worked up, to get under her skin, to get her to crave

As he kept watch on her face he brought his hands up
to her hips to stretch the fabric thin and kiss her
again. He grinned at her reaction and then slowly
licked his way up her slit. She bucked at the
attention, whimpering for release.

Will complied and sucked on her lips, trying to
wriggle his tongue as far inside of her as her costume
would allow. Deanna squirmed and grabbed his head.
Will continued his ministrations on her, soon leaving
her hips and thighs to search out more prominent
features. He moved his hand and with his thumb circled
her clit through the fabric. She hissed and bucked
against him. He did it again, and this time received a
long, lust-filled moan.

He continued to lick and suck her, changing his
tactics around her protruding nub from circling to
caressing with the rough fabric. Before long Deanna
was biting into her arm, trying to smother her cries
of pleasure as her body shook in waves of her intense

Will kept up his caresses and kisses, though not as
heatedly, until she came down from her high.

When she stilled he rose back up and she snaked her
arms around his neck and pulled him in for a
smoldering kiss.

“That what you needed?” he asked.

“Hmmm,” was all she could manage.

After a few moments her head cleared and she smiled as
she saw his ‘need’ very clearly through his pajama
problems. She grinned mischievously.

“Something you need?” she asked innocently.

He grinned, “As a matter of fact…”

Outside the sounds of chairs scraping signaled that
the second movie was over and a break was being taken
before the next one started. Deanna pressed up against
her Commander and slithered across the bulge in his
pants, achieving a moan equal to the ones he had her
screaming out not but mere seconds ago. She smiled
sensually and ran her hands up and inside his shirt as
she stood on tiptoe to slip her tongue between his
inviting lips.

Will moved to press up against her again but she slid
out from his embrace. She grinned evilly as she hit
the access panel to open the door.

“Payback, Will,” she laughed mercilessly as she exited
the storeroom, leaving an aching Will Riker stunned
and shocked… and stuck until he could calm down.

The End