Title: White Wedding
Author: Christal

"They wear what?!!!!" Lwaxana screamed from her seat in Ten Forward; she
knew he HAD to be joking.

"A white wedding dress. It's an old Earth tradition Lwaxana; it's a part of
our heritage. White was worn to show innocence and virginity. Well of course
the color would have to be an off-white or cream since..."

"Commander! How dare you suggest..."

Will held his hands up in surrender, "My apologies, *Ambassador*. Where were
my manners?" he asked with a twinkle in his eyes as he glanced in Deanna's

She was not amused. She was sick and tired of the petty bickering, the pot
shots, the escalating voices. If it were up to her there wouldn't BE a
wedding, but of course with her mother that was not her shot to call.

"Alright you two, can we please call a truce for the evening? You have been
goading each other for a whole hour, and it seems to be becoming a
tradition. Can't we just be civilized about this?" Right now she would
prefer a nice chocolate sundae over either of them... hell at this point
she'd prefer that and a bubble bath over a chocolate covered Will Riker!

//Now that is just sad,// Deanna sighed to herself.

"I'm sorry little one, but you have to admit this 'white dress' nonsense
sounds like a cosmic joke," she sniffed. "I mean really, it's just silly...
it's INDECENT." She hissed out that last bit as if it was the most
disgusting thing she had ever heard.

Will stiffened in offense. If he had been a cat, all his hair would have
been on end. "Lwaxana, you may not agree with it, but your not-so-humble
opinions do not give you the right to denounce a cultural tradition just
because it is different from your own." He sounded cool and calculated.
Deanna went on red alert status.

"Commander," Lwaxana said coolly, "are you insinuating that I have no
tolerance for other cultures? Do you think me that narrow-minded?"

The lights were flashing red, the klaxons were deafening, and all weapons
were armed and fully functioning. //This has to end, NOW//.

"If you two do not back down this minute, I will leave this table in such an
uproar that it will embarrass you both ridiculously. AND I will personally
see to it that I do not make an appearance at the wedding OR the reception!"
If it's a war they want, then a war she would give them.

In unison, Will Riker and Lwaxana Troi turned towards Deanna, astonished.

"Deanna, please. There is no need to..." Will started.

"Little One! How could you even say..." Lwaxana squeaked out at the same

In full "I'm- not- taking- any- more- of- your-shit-today" mode, Deanna put
an end to all discussion.

"Mother, it's bad enough that you are throwing our lives into complete
turmoil. And with this decision of yours.. it's... it's... mother its just
creepy! I don't even know if this is legal. But if you intend to marry Kyle
Riker and want our support then you have to concede on some issues."

Will nodded, "Lwaxana, do you know how unnatural you marrying my father
sounds to me?!!"

Deanna turned on him, "And you!! The least you could do is stand behind my
mother's decision. When we were engaged I compromised on the wedding and
eloped with you to avoid this kind of a mess, so the least you could do is
make this whole situation easier on me."

Just then Kyle Riker entered Ten Forward. Lwaxana looked at Will like a cat
who's just caught a mouse.

"Oh Kyle, dear, your son and I were having a little disagreement..."

Deanna smiled. Will sunk down low into his chair; it was going to be a
looong night.