Title: Free
Author: Copper
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copyright infringement meant. Please don't sue.
Spoilers: 'Insurrection'
Rating: PG
Timeline: 'Insurrection'
Synopsis:  A kiss, some thoughts, and love.
Distribution: Beloved/Imzadi, Imzadi Everlasting… others, please ask.
Author's Notes: I know it became 'yuck' in the movie - the 'augh' was
just in a script, but it fit better so I'm using it instead.  Also,
this is the first POV I've tried (and here I always thought I'd do
better with Deanna) and it's present tense - I'm not sure if I like
the result but… Let me know.
Dedication: QD - for issuing the challenge. I hope this meets with
your approval.


Despite our earlier flirting I wasn't prepared… not for the first
quick kiss, and certainly not for the second - the mingling of breath,
the dueling of tongues, the sudden overload of emotions it wrought in

I can't say I'm sorry that I… mislead Will about the reason for that
'augh'.  The affronted, incredulous expression on his face was
priceless.  And it was gratifying to know that he was as shaken as I
was… I didn't think it would take him long to remember though…

This 'Briar Patch' - was it the reason for these feelings?  It would
be easy to attribute them to this place, if it were anyone other than
Will. But the attraction, the feeling has always been there.

The awkwardness of Farpoint knowing it was still there, mutual comfort
at Tasha's death, working on crew evaluations late into the night… I
remember Miles and Keiko's wedding, standing with Will as Data and
Keiko danced; and not feeling the regret of what might have been -
that was the first night I consciously thought 'someday'…  poker with
our friends, waiting for him to awaken after the memory violations by
Jev… His promise to always be there after Ves Alkar nearly killed me…
sitting curled up in each other's arms…

And now… I feel as though all that time hasn't passed, as though none
of the events I've lived through, shared with him, have happened.  As
though neither of us has ever fallen in love with anyone else, as
though he'd never abandoned me on Risa… almost as though I'd never
fallen in love at all. 

After hours (was it more? Less?) I realized that what I was feeling
was what I'd always felt, but like the girl I haven't been for years;
but free - free of worry, of fear, of doubt…

And I laughed when the door chimed knowing it would be him.

"I've kissed you with my beard before."

"Yes, you have."

"So, what --"

"You kissed me and everything I've ever felt for you came… pouring
into me, bubbling, drowning, and it just spilled over. So, augh." 

"So it wasn't… Why, Deanna Troi!" Large, capable (oh so capable)
fingers reached out and began tickling me, but as usual he saw the
humour in the situation and joined in my laughter chuckling heartily.

Grinning, not even able to attempt an apologetic look, I wrapped my
arms around his neck.  "So do you still want to fix that mistake?"

His blue eyes met mine, brightening even from the laughter that made
them shine, bright like the sky that day long ago and like then our
lips came together in a feeling I know I'll only get with him - and I
know I'll never have to be without it again.

I think he senses me becoming serious, because I'm suddenly lifted off
my feet and being carried out of my quarters.

"Will? What *are* you doing?"

"Carrying you off to my quarters to ravish you, of course. Surprise!"

Hours later, after the bubble bath, the razor (I can't believe I let
him put that thing near my --!) and the interruption by the admiral,
I'm still surprised… but even more than that I love and am in love and
he loves and is in love… And as I transport down to the planet's
surface I feel its effects on my body, mind and soul.