Title: The Love Dress
Author: Copper – coppersinger@yahoo.com
Disclaimer: Owned by Paramount. No copyright
infringement intended. Please don't sue.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None…
Distribution: Imzadi Everlasting, anyone else who
wants it, please ask first.
Synopsis: Love and candlelight.
Notes: The title, and inspiration, is from a forward I
received today and though it didn’t turn out quite as
I thought it would I still hope you enjoy. And forgive
any errors... accept them as artistic license, if you
will. ;oD
Feedback: Please? I would so appreciate it.


As the turbolift rose towards his destination, its
passenger, tired though he was, couldn't help but

It was Friday... and the faint scent of lilacs and
feminine musk lingered in the air telling him she was

Riker ran one large hand through his dark hair,
exiting the lift as the doors whisked open. Walking
the short distance to his rooms, he began to unbutton
his red jacket barely noticing as his door opened in
front of him. Stepping inside he was struck dumb.

All around the apartment was the soft glow of
candlelight and delicate rose buds of the deepest
crimson. And standing in front of him, with a chilled
glass of champagne in her right hand, was Deanna...

Deanna bare... save for heeled, black shoes with their
thin straps around her slender ankles, diamond
earrings, and the wedding rings on her left ring
finger. Her dark hair was pinned up in a mass of curls
that he couldn't wait to pull down and all he could do
was stare as the flames danced their reflections
across her every curve.

She watched as Riker's eyes darkened from sky to navy,
a shiver of desire passing through her body. Taking a
sip from the glass, Deanna walked to her lover and
lifted it to his lips. In silence they shared the
champagne, their only contact through the glass and
their eyes.

Empty, the glass was gently placed on a nearby table.

Will reached up and gently searched for the pins
holding up her hair, placing soft, wet kisses on each
bejeweled ear before the curls tumbled over her
shoulders. Keeping one hand supporting her neck, he
moved the other through the dark mahogany mass and,
keeping her now ebony gaze with his stormy blue one,
slowly lowered his lips to hers.

Once, twice, three times she felt his lips rub hers,
softer than the silk he wore against his skin, before
they deepened to little sipping kisses. She loved his
kisses, whether hard and fast or slow and oh so
tender, they conveyed love and desire and Deanna
gladly returned them measure for measure.

When she felt him catch her upper lip in his teeth and
slowly run his tongue inside, Deanna let out a breathy
moan and pressed herself further into Will's arms, her
fingers twining in the short, soft hair at his nape.

He savoured the taste of champagne and Deanna on the
tip of his tongue and lowering the hand from her hair,
he splayed it across her back as he covered her mouth
fully, delving inside to trace each crevice. At the
touch of her tongue to his own, Will let out an almost
growl and let instinct and learned knowledge take

For minutes - hours - the lovers stood in the
candlelight, making love with only their mouths and
tongues and teeth before, as one, they stopped and
just stared.

A smile, soft and loving and adding more sparkle to
her eyes, curved Deanna's reddened lips as she spun in
a leisurely circle, feeling her mate's eyes take in
every nuance of her body. She felt his appreciation,
his male satisfaction and desire, knowing he looked
and saw any flaws as marks of beauty and character
simply because they were hers.

As she faced him once again, she lifted her hands to
finish unbuttoning his shirt, just brushing her lips
against the flesh of his neck before gently pushing
the shirt to the floor. For a moment, she allowed
herself the pleasure of running her fingers and eyes
over his lightly muscled, hair-sprinkled chest and
stomach before kneeling to remove his shoes and socks.

Will just watched as she rose to undo his button and
the zipper on his black slacks, giving a quick
satisfied smile as her eyes darkened as his boxer clad
arousal came into view. Then he stepped out of the
pants at her signal.

For a moment, Deanna just sat on her heels taking in
each sinew of his now bare legs, before carefully
removing his boxers and allowing herself to place a
brief kiss on the end of his cock. Then undoing the
straps of her shoes, again she stood and this time she
pulled his face close, a whispered whim in her eyes.

Will easily lifted her in his arms and carried her to
the bedroom with its soft romance of dusky light and
satin sheets. Taking one long look at her precious
face, he lowered her and then himself to the bed's

Again their lips met and tongues caressed each other,
dueling, loving but this time their hands weren't

Large, tanned hands traced the soft curve of breast
and hip while slender fingers outlined the
well-defined muscles of a broad male back and taut
buttocks before slipping around to gently scrape nails
and raise his nipples.

Deanna's head fell back, eyes shut, against the
pillows as his lips left hers to trace her collarbone
and the slightly raised scar above it. And when those
tender, firm lips found her breasts, taking small
mouthfuls before Will finally, finally took the dark,
rose-coloured buds of her nipples into his mouth she
was helpless to prevent her tiny moans of pleasure.

At the sounds of his wife's passion, Will felt himself
pulse with desire and reached a hand down between her
spread thighs. He knew if he looked, and he did love
to look, that she'd be pink and open and so lovely but
he just ran his fingers over her nether lips, lightly
brushing her clit before delving two fingers into her

At his touch, her eyes opened and she watched,
waiting. As though sensing her gaze, Will met it with
his own and pulling one thigh around his waist,
neither conscious of its wetness, he unerringly
entered her body.


Her tight sheath gloving him, his fullness filling
her, each completed the other and Deanna and Will
savoured the feelings within.

And then they moved. He pulled out and thrust in, her
hips moving in delicious counterpoint, both
luxuriating in each movement, their hands joined by
her head and eyes locked together.

Dark eyes got darker and blue even bluer as the storm
built, but neither lost the loving need. And when they
felt their climax upon them she reached one arm up to
pull him down for a shared kiss speaking more than
words ever could.

Only when they'd come back to earth and were cuddling,
her hands making lazy patterns on his chest did they
say, 'I love you,' their first words of the evening.