Challenge from Imzadi List:

It's time once again to throw out a new story challenge. This one is for fun and has only a few <g> requirements to be woven within your story. They are:

1)Use the phrase, "It's larger than I thought!"
2)Ask the question, "What's that smell?"
3)Use the phrase, "Tail of a comet"
4)mention a chocolate dessert
5)the story needs to contain the word "spurs"
6)Use the phrase, "Is that Star Fleet issue..."

Play with the above and have some fun with it. The only other requirement is that you place a rating on your story (or make note of adult contents due to use of language -or -- sexual situations.. whatever---IF NEEDED). 

There is plenty of room here to do just about anything, so let your imaginations soar and your fingers type!


Title: Surprise
Author: Copper -
Disclaimer: Not mine - please don't sue.
Summary: See title.
Rating: PG?
Notes: My first Imzadi challenge.
Dedication: To Just Imagine - thank you for the


Stepping out of the lift, Will stifled a yawn and
rubbed a hand over his blue eyes.

The meetings had gone well but they'd worked through
lunch and dinner ironing out the treaty with the one
of the newest members of the federation. Now all he
wanted was to peel out of his uniform and sprawl on

The thought brought him up short as he remembered the
small bed in the quarters he'd been assigned.

A last minute addition to these negotiations,
Starfleet had decided that his background and
experience would be useful as Kalasa was very similar
to the the place he'd grown up. However, his
accomodations, while fairly comfortable, were not made
for someone of his size; a man who enjoyed being able
to spread out and relax at the end of a long hard day.

At his door Will entered the code he'd been given on a
panel and entered, stopping short almost immediately.

Sitting on the dark lounging chair, in a gold
diaphanous gown, long hair tumbling over straight
shoulders was Deanna - licking the last bit of
something... chocolate, he guessed, from a spoon.

"How did you get here?"

Dark eyes sparkled as she stood up placing the bowl on
an adjacent table.

"I hitched a ride on the tail of a comet."

With a growl, his long legs covered the distance
separating them and his mouth descended over hers, his
tongue licking the last of her dessert (chocolate
mousse his subconscious supplied) from hers, duelling,
mating... no preliminaries just overwhelming need.
Only the need for breath broke them apart and arms
wrapped around her Will buried his face in her throat
just taking in her presence, her scent.

"What's that smell?" he asked after a few moments.

"Smell?" For a moment Deanna was puzzled but then
smiled. "It's the gown. Mother found it and sent it to
me. The scent is somehow woven into the fabric and..."
Her eyes twinkled.


"It spurs the sexual drive and imagination to new
heights, or so she was told."

An appreciative grin and laugh burst forth. "It does,
does it? Well... maybe we should test it."

"Is that a Starfleet issued command, Commander Riker?"

"It is indeed, Counsellor Troi."

In response the beautiful betazoid slipped the
negligee from her body and walked over to the bed,
desire and invitation in every movement, every curve.

And as he saw her pull back the covers and lie down on
the bed he'd moaned about only minutes before, Will
hurriedly removed his already loosened uniform
muttering, "It's larger than I thought."