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Author’s Note: This goes along with my “Until the End of Time” which is basically the same story, only from Deanna’s point of view. I give credit to this piece to Caz, who came up with this idea. Thanks! Truth be told it did not dawn on me and to Woemcat, the first person to review my “Until the End of Time” piece. Thanks guys!


- Forever is a Long Time -

Will watched as Deanna spooned some chocolate ice cream out of her dish. She seemed distracted and it was very odd to see Deanna, who was always attentive, being distracted. He had known her for years, and loved her even longer than that.

He had chosen his career over her love and was now paying the price for it. He had loved many women since Deanna and she many men, but despite all that he still loved her most of all. They had been friends, but always their past relationship coming back up to play a part. Never was it only friendship between the two.

He had always done his best to be there from, even when they were apart. No, that wasn’t true, he thought. He had abandoned her when his career had taken off. The guilt welled up inside of him and yet after all he had done to her she still trusted him most of all.

She had said that she had long forgiven him for leaving her behind, but he knew that deep in her heart she was still wounded. She had tried to close that wound many times but he knew that it would never truly be healed. He wondered if she grew as jealous as he, when he saw her with another man. He concealed his jealously with concern, and he was always concerned about safety, especially considering her male track record. Not that his track record with women was any better.

He watched as she continued eating her chocolate ice cream. She loved chocolate, it was her deepest addiction. He teased her about it but he loved her most of all for the little things she said and did. He knew that his heart would always belong to her completely and while he had other relationships he had never really put his heart into them.

He sighed and putting on his best poker face approached her. Wether he liked it or not he would love her forever, and forever was a long time.

"If only," Deanna whispered.

"What was that?" he asked, sitting down across from her.

Deanna shook her head, "Oh nothing," and spooned more ice cream from her dish. Will took a swig of drink and set it down. She placed her own spoon down and the two exchanged an understanding look.