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Author's Note: My very first Star Trek piece! Takes place during the series, obviously, since the two got married in the last movie, finally. One Shot.


- Until the End of Time -

Deanna Troi stared out at the stars as the Starship Enterprise passed easily through space. She was busy thinking and dreaming. Thinking of William Riker, Captain Picard's right hand man, and the only man she had ever truly loved. His dark hair and eyes kept her captivated and as well as the slight touches here and there, touches of friendship that usually felt like lost passion to Deanna.

He had had many women since Deanna and she had had many men, but he remained forever in her heart. Will was the man in her heart. She sighed and spooned out some chocolate ice cream, letting it melt in her mouth with pleasure. She wished she could tell Will how she felt, how she still truly loved him.

He had always been there for her, even when they had been apart. He was by far the most influential person in her life. They relationship when from love, to friendship, to both, and back to apart. It was a never ending cycle.

She wondered if he still felt the same. Sometimes it did, and others it did not. She was always filled with jealousy when he was with another woman and she knew that he felt, if not jealous, at the very least concern every time she was with another man. Whenever she saw another woman with Will she felt sick to the very pit of her stomach. She teased him endlessly and was his friend but many times she just wanted to throw herself in his arms and declare that she had never gotten of him.

She would love him forever, until the end of space and time, even if he did not feel the same. Deanna knew that she would never stop hoping that he felt the same. Despite herself she still dreamed like a school girl of marrying Will, having a family, and growing old together.

"If only," she whispered.

"What was that?" Will asked as he sat down across from her.

Deanna shook her head, "Oh nothing," and spooned more ice cream from her dish.