Sequel to 'Previously'

Author: D. Destiny

Rating: I cannot believe I actually wrote this! And for the record, I *wrote* it, I did not *read* it. *Whispers* NC-17 *whispers*. I think...it might fall under R

Setting: Pre-Briar Patch

Author's Note: Do read 'Previously' first...and Gloria; no more whining! ;)

Dedicated to: Gloria and Carol; I guess pushing does help at times ;)

Now do we get the next scene...when they wake up??? *G* - Carol.


When Will Riker awoke that faithful morning he found himself in a spoon-position with the gorgeous Betazoid Ship's Counselor who had been dominating his dreams for the past month. Thinking this was yet another dream Will held his breath hoping wholeheartedly that he'd never have to wake up.

He drew a deep breath, certain that the dark-haired beauty would disappear as he did so. To his elation she didn't and when he closed is eyes tightly and opened them seconds later she was still there.

Still not convinced he wasn't dreaming Will tempted fate by leaning over his companion and softly kissing her cheek. Deanna stirred and pressed herself closer against him, but didn't wake.

When he realized he wasn't dreaming and that it really was Deanna Troi, his Imzadi lying in his arms his first thought was to jump out the bed. Fortunately his body did not agree and instead he found himself slipping one arm over Troi's perfect body.

With his hand resting on her flat belly and his chin on the top of her tousled hair he quietly listened to her slow but strong heartbeat, savoring every second.

After several *long* moments he decided to get up and prepare some breakfast. Gently he pulled away from her, careful not to wake her. He restrained himself from turning around and looking down at Deanna, knowing full well that if he did so he'd never get out her bedroom.

While preparing breakfast his thoughts drifted back to the night before. He was still concerned, but quite sure that she'd had a good night's rest and hoped she'd feel better when she woke up.

Getting a little hot by the tropical temperature in her quarters and the extra heat of his cooking Will took off his shirt. Whistling quietly he prepared baked eggs for himself and toast with Betazoid Yihay-salad for Deanna.

When he checked to see if Deanna was awake, he found her still fast asleep so Riker decided to eat his eggs before they got cold and put hers into the food container to save it for later.

Done with his breakfast he returned to the bedroom. Awed by the sleeping beauty at the bed he could do nothing but stare.

Deanna had turned on her back; her head was turned to one side, silk dark curls fanned out behind her, one hand resting on her stomach, the other on her pillow above her head. The slight smile on her lips took some of Riker's concern away and to him she had never been more beautiful than she was at that particular moment.

His eyes trailed down the slender column of her neck, her collarbones and eventually came to rest where the beginning of her cleavage was visible. 'What I wouldn't give to be with her again' he mused.

Riker sat down on a chair across Troi's bed and stayed there for nearly an hour, his mind remembering the past, cherishing the present and imagining the future. No longer was his career more important than his feelings for Deanna and no longer did he question those feelings...but what about Deanna's?

Did she still *love* him like she once had? Did she want to be with him? And if yes, how and when? Dozens of questions, uncertainties and 'what if's' spun around in Will's head. Suddenly, totally out of the blue his love for her boiled up and threatened to explode, in an insane moment he felt like screaming 'I love you!' on the top of his lungs.

His breath caught when the Betazoid on the bed stirred slightly and ensconced herself into the sheets but then she once again settled into a motionless slumber.

Will was more than grateful that he could watch her for a while longer. To him there wasn't a better way to spend his remaining ten off-duty hours. 'Except maybe for one' he though to himself smugly.

His mind drifted back to the faithful night in the Jalara jungle. The incredible joining of their bodies, minds and souls was one he could still remember in every detail. He wondered if her reactions to his teasing would still be the same. How much would her body and experience have changed since they parted? If only he could find out.

With his thoughts becoming more and more erotic Will didn't realize that Deanna was picking them up unconsciously. Her mind was totally attuned with his, certainly at such close proximity.

In her dream she found herself inches away from two -very- blue and desire laden eyes. Seconds later the eyes came closer and closer as a shiver of anticipation ran along her spine. Out of nowhere soft lips gently brushed against her, exploring and seizing her reaction.

On a sigh she parted her lips, inviting the man across her to continue. When their tongues collided together a jolt of energy rushed through her body. Before she could do as llittle as blink her eyes he laid her on the soft grass and roamed his hands over body, his mouth devouring hers with a powerful need.

Deanna slid her hands under his shirt and scratched her nails through the soft hair on his chest. No words were spoken when he pulled her clothes away and studied her naked body in awe.

In turn she ripped her shirt of his chest and flipped him onto his back. Straddling his waist she bent down and teased his lips with her tongue before trailing a path down to his broad chest. Having reached her goal she teased his nipple with her teeth, tongue and lips. She heard Riker's quiet sounds of encouragement and slid further down his muscular body. It wasn't long before his hips bucked off the ground and his hands grasped silk locks of curls to guide her movements.

From his position across the bed Riker became aware of the movements of the sleeping empath. Her breathing had quickened and soft sighs and gasps left her throat from time to time. The sheets had slid down her body several inches from the slight writhing movements Troi was making.

If it wasn't for the utter look of content and peace on her face Will might have woken her up thinking she was having a nightmare. Instead he remained watching her his curiosity about what she was dreaming written all over his face.

Deanna Troi was lying on her back once again. Never in her life had she felt such passion or desire. Yet Riker refused to give her what she desired most at that moment and continued his ministrations, teasing and pleasuring her sensitive body to no end. With her hands tangled in his hair she pulled his face to hers, reclaiming his mouth with such energy and need that she couldn't tell where one kiss ended and the next began.

Feeling his firm need pressing again her belly Deanna began rocking her hips with tiny movements. She felt his smile against her lips as he moved one of his hands down her body until it reached the intimate junction between her legs. Her cry of passion he devoured with another kiss.

By now Riker had realized that Deanna's dream was rather erotic and although he told himself to stand up and walk away he kept staring at her in fascination, wondering if he was with her in her dream. Hoping with every fiber of his being it was him who caused her these sensations--even if it was only in a dream. His rationale kept warning him of possible outcomes, urging him to flee before it was too late. But he had already fallen under the spell of the sleeping beauty on the bed.

Certain she would explode if they didn't join soon Deanna wrapped her legs around Riker's waist, begging for her release.

~Imzadi please!~ She sensed his grin rather than saw It for she could no longer stand the passion in his sapphire blue eyes and therefore had closed her own. A harsh gasp slipped from her throat as he thrusted inside her.

Together they moved on an ancient, sacred rhythm. There bodies joined as one.

With a final thrust Will shook not only her body, but her soul as well.

Deanna shot upright in bed. Startling Will to the point he jumped out his chair and leaped towards her.

"Deanna, what's wrong?!" Heavily panting she dumbly stared at him, totally at loss as to why he was with her. She couldn't hide her embarrassment about having such an erotic dream *about* him right in front of his nose and felt her cheeks becoming a bright shade of red.

For a second Riker considered telling her she shouldn't be ashamed but he immediately thought the better of it and instead tenderly kissed her forehead and pushed back.

"Shh...Go back to sleep Dea; it'll be a long day and you need all the rest you can get." Her protest died in her throat as she felt just how tired she still was. She managed a small 'thank you' before she felt her eyelids close again. Her last conscious thought was how could she get any rest when having dreams like that.

Will smiled as he saw how quickly she had drifted back a sleep and softly kissed her before tearing his eyes away and leaving her bedroom.


When Deanna awoke some six hours later she found a padd on the pillow next to her. Still a bit drowsy from the sleep she picked it up and read the message.

'Dear Deanna,

I had to take care of a couple of things before we enter the Briar Patch so I won't be there when you wake up. There's some toast with Yihay-salad in the Food container.

Your Bridge duty starts at 1800 and the Capt wants you to download every relevant Starfleet file about the Briar Patch before 2300; we're expected to enter the Patch then.

I'll see you on the Bridge.


Troi couldn't help but smile at his thoughtfulness and happily humming she crawled out her bed and started to prepare herself for duty. The chrono told her she was due for Bridge duty in one hour and forty-five min.

Less than two hours before she'd see Will again...'and who knows what'll happen then'.

The End...

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