Nothing is mine, save for the thoughts. Permission has been giving
for this POV so no one's gonna sue me :p

Rating: G.


There is a human saying; 'the difference between men and boys is the
prize and size of their toys' and as I look at the bunch of men
around me, sitting and standing on the bridge of the 'starship
Enterprise NCC-1701-E' I can't help but realize how true that
statement is.

Take the charming bald man in the middle, so-called king of a ship
and as such he radiates his affection for this piece of technology
brightly. Amazing really, how attached each of them have become to
the familiar sight of this bridge. I have to admit it's tougher to
say goodbye to this vision than I ever could predict.

And the boys are pouting, which is amusing me to no end. All of them
look like petulant little boys who know their favorite toy will be
taken away from them within minutes. An accurate observation, an
android would have told me.

I heard them talking earlier, almost begging the officials for a
souvenir, something to remember this fase of our lives by. Not that
they would ever admit freely how attached they'd become to
this 'ship', certainly not to me. Neither will I admit that I
already have a certain amount of souvenirs accumulated over the

A familiar redhead tugs at my sleeve, an equally mischievous smile
in her eyes as around her lips. "Is it me or are they pouting?" She
whispers while throwing pointed looks at the men around us.

"They're pouting already" I reply, just loud enough for everyone to
hear. Chuckles from the crew intermix with the scolding and denying
cries of our five male friends. "They are indeed" my companion

"Got a souvenir yet?"

"Just some pips, I figured I might as well promote myself to
admiral." We're back to whispering again, not wanting to interrupt
the sulking of our friends. "What about you?"

I think about that for a while, I do have souvenirs of course, but I
sure as hell am not going to tell her. "I'm still trying to get my
hands on that pink robe from 'hubbie' over there." His head turns
towards us at the mentioning of him, his blue eyes shine clearly
through the blackness of my own and it's obvious he's not sure he
even wants to know what we're discussion.

"The rumor has it His Majesty has the robe." I follow my friend's
example by lifting my legs and resting my feet onto the console in
front of me. Which of course draws me a disapproving look from the
man sitting in the Captain's Chair.

"Doesn't surprise me one bit. Although I would've thought he'd go
for royal blue." We giggle at our own jokes, receiving another salvo
of scolding. Oh, they're definitely pouting.

Truth to be told, it is quite difficult to believe our fifteen-year
mission together has come to an end. Unless of course officials
decide to put us back together again. I will miss my friends dearly
and as much as I hate to admit it, I will miss these familiar
surroundings as well. There's no use in shedding tears again though
and I think I can live with it. "Let's go, they're going to tear her
apart in two hours. I want to be positively drunk by then."

Now that would be a sight to behold; a redhead with a bad temper
being drunk! But anything's better than sitting here sulking for two
more hours I recon. "Sure, let's leave the boys to say goodbye to
their toys." Waving at them doesn't draw even the slightest
reaction; they're just staring at the big hole in front of
them. "Fine, fine. Stay pouting. We'll see you at the premiere!"

"They're pouting, aren't they?" She asks one last time, not
expecting a vocal confirmation, so I simply nod. "So, your place or

"Let's ditch these wigs and we'll see." The journey might be over;
but the friendship most definitely isn't. "When you guys have grown
up, you're welcome to join us!" I call back over my shoulder before
someone closes the door behind us.