The Dance of Imzadi

Author: D. Destiny

I thought I might give the latest challenge a go. The quote to use
was "A woman laughing is a woman conquered".

The story's little under 2000 words long and is entirely told from
Will's pov though not in I-form. There's no plot; it's entirely
inspired by the dance Will and Deanna have been dancing for so long.
Set not long after Insurrection, and rated *surprise* R/NC-17 (still
not quite sure where the line lays but I think it's leaning more
towards R) Usual disclaimers apply. Hope you enjoy :)

--The Dance of Imzadi--

For the millionth time William Riker glanced around the reception
area of the palace, searching for the familiar head full of dark
curls. They'd been arguing a lot about how to deal with their
resurfaced feelings now that they were well out off the Briar Patch;
he had been taken aback by her uncertainty and it hurt that she
still didn't completely trust him with her heart while his confident
attitude had angered her.

He'd dared her to come to the party tonight and dance with him and
had then left without awaiting her answer and right now he was so
nervous he was sure she could feel it on the ship. Would she show
up, or would she stick to her word?

But just then the doors opened to reveal Her, dressed…well, dressed
to kill. She slightly turned her head to greet two people who
addressed her, but kept walking towards him; the slit in her skirt
revealing a large part of her right leg. The black fabric set off
perfectly against her smooth, white skin.

Standing but a few feet away from him he was tempted to pull her
into his arms, but as he recalled her words earlier he decided
otherwise. He appraised her appearance, from her free mass of hair,
to the solid diamond raindrop dangling from a black satin band
around her neck to the glimpse of cleavage the dress revealed, to
the sparkling, delicate silver chain around a slim ankle above high-
heeled shoes.

A knowing smile curled around her full, soft lips as his feelings
became clear to her, replaced by confusion as he slowly circled
her. "Just making sure you didn't bring a phaser." He explained when
he was facing her again. The smile that broke across her face and
the short laugh that escaped her please him immensely as he recalled
the Captain's words.

He took her hand in his and pulled her to him. Caught in the moment
Deanna danced a quick pirouette, sending the skirt of her dress
swirling around her legs. When they reached the dance-floor Will
caught her in his arms, holding her close and breathing in her scent
until she moved away.

Fire showed in her black eyes as they found his, but not the fire of
fury he'd seen all day; the fire of passion had taken its place. As
if prearranged the music changed and Deanna took a small step
towards her. He recognized her stance and the flickering of the
fire, she was going to dance and everyone was going to know it.

Three quick steps brought her flush against him and his arms shot
out to touch her; one at the small of her back, the other against
the junction between her shoulder and neck and as she began to move,
he moved without thinking. Not knowing, but *knowing* how to follow
her lead.

The first set of swirls were quick and furious, her upper body
leaning against this as his foot stood between hers and his body
twisted to pull her around him; it felt like flying. She pressed
herself even closer when a quick combination of steps brought them
to the other side of the floor, not paying attention to the other
couples around them. He dipped her, his eyes on her face, and
brought her back up. She was almost too close for comfort but all
and every thought dissipated as her lips found his in a furious

Just as soon the contact was broken and she spun away from him. She
danced with the same passion as before, only this time her steps and
swirls where quicker, angrier; her hair flapping around her face as
a lethal weapon, her shoes making contact with the floor almost as
if trying to split it in parts. He followed her with a set of steps
he wasn't even aware he knew, aching to have her back in his arms
and trying to coax her to take his hand.

She refused, moving further away, but as the fury drained from her
body she slowly brought herself closer; slowing her pace as he
slowed his. Tentatively she took his hand but didn't step into his
arms. Slowly now they danced at an arm's length apart, catching
their breaths and getting used to these new dynamics for the dance.

Bit by bit, step by step, she moved closer, until after what felt
like decades she was back in his arms. His hands took a gentle hold
of her waist and hers slid around his neck, keeping him locked to
her. But just as he settled into the slowness and intimacy of this
new position she changed it yet again.

Dancing faster again her hips began to teasingly gyrate against his,
pushing him to dance faster and faster without loosing the intimate
contact. He didn't know what possessed him but what he felt was
incredible and he swirled and twisted faster still, pulling her
against him and then pushing her into a pirouette, yanking her back
to him once she'd completed the move.

Passion blazed in her eyes; the fire leaping out and licking his
face telling him that his eyes were on fire too. Her leg came up
around his waist, crushing him to her for a brief second before
moving away, leaving him aching for her touch.

He went after her, hardly aware that he was still dancing to the
beat of the resonating music and flaring passion. But Deanna was
quick and darted away, teasing him with her eyes and body, always
moving quicker and allowing only the lightest of touches. She danced
a circle around him, her hands beckoning him to follow her, to try
and catch her.

Every time he missed her, her laughter rang through his head,
inciting him, encouraging him until he thought his head and body
would burst with the passion flying inside of him. In a desperate
attempt he lunged at her and managed to grab hold of her upper arm.
She squealed when he yanked her backwards until she collided with
his chest and the fire in her eyes almost exploded when one of his
hands pushed itself through her mass of curls to the back of her
head to crush her lips against him.

Her hands grabbed his arms as he assaulted her mouth, invading her
with his demanding tongue, wanting more and more of her. The dance
of their lives had brought them to this moment when nothing mattered
but their love, their passion for each other. She kissed him back,
deepening and quickening the kiss until it was as furiously
passionate as their dance.

With a last rational thought Deanna hit the commbadge hidden under
her dress, setting a transporter program in motion and within
seconds a beam took hold of them and carried them back to the
Enterprise without breaking the contact of lips.

As soon as they materialized all inhibitions where released and
within seconds Riker's shirt sailed to the floor. Agile hands raking
across the revealed skin gently tugging the hair they found and
rubbing across his chest.

Continuing his assault on Deanna's mouth he tore a soft moan from
deep within her as his hands searched and found the catch of her
dress. Releasing the clip the dress fell apart and dropped into a
heap around her, leaving her completely naked.

He caught her hands in his, just as they'd succeeded in loosening
and pushing down his trousers. Taking a step back he could barely
stop touching her long enough to look at her. He met her eyes and

What lay inside those eyes took his breath away, it was almost too
much. He could see the fear, the passion, the anger and love. It was
like a perfect collision of present, future and past, telling him
everything he needed to know before taking the next step.

Coming to the same conclusion Deanna, without taking her eyes off
his, grabbed his hand and lay it on her breast, her eyes darkening
at the touch. He could feel the rapid rise and fall of her chest,
marvelling in the passion she radiated. As she pushed against his
hand his perfect world shattered into a storm of passion. He scooped
Deanna's smaller form up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom.

Putting her down on the bed he crawled on top of her, holding
himself up on all fours as Deanna wriggled underneath him, first to
get his boxers off and then to make herself comfortable. As gasp
escaped him as she gently stroked his length but he returned the
favour by taking the tip of a breast in his mouth, teasing the
sensitive nipple until she was writhing underneath him.

Her hands clawed at his hair, getting him to stop the erotic torture
and instead look at her. ~I love you Imzadi~ All of her previous
uncertainty had disappeared from her voices and eyes and he knew,
just like she did, that they'd finally put the past behind them.

~I love you too~ He assured her before trapping her in a soul-
shattering kiss. The little noises of pleasure coming from her
throat spurred him on, guiding one of his hands down her flat
stomach to between her legs, finding her wet and just as ready as
himself. She pushed up against him, her eyes begging him; she didn't
want to wait any longer than he did.

As he positioned himself he felt himself trembling with lust.
Although he wanted very much to tease her and slowly bring her to
climax he realized that this was a promise that he would have many
more opportunities to do just that. Giving in to her spiritual and
physical pull he slowly pushed inside of her, watching as her eyes
fixed on his face and her mouth opened as a soundless gasp escaped

He enjoyed watching her at these moments, as she gave herself
completely to him and marvelled at the feeling she gave him both
mentally and physically and today these feelings seemed more intense
than ever.

Quickly his thrusting picked up speed, spiralling the complete
joining of bodies, minds and souls higher and higher, driving faster
and harder inside of her until she arched up against him, attacking
his mouth like he was attacking her body. She began to tremble
underneath him, filling his mind with sensations that quickly
brought him to the edge and as he felt her tighten around him he
thrust deeply inside her one last time bringing them to the finale
of their dance; climaxing as Deanna threw her head back and screamed
her pleasure into the room experiencing her orgasm in tandem with

Will kept watching Deanna's face as she came down from her high, her
lips quivering erotically as she released a series of tremulous
breaths, slowly relaxing her tensed muscles as he rolled onto his
side and gently stroked her sensitive skin. Finally she opened her
eyes and turned to look at him. "I see the Captain was right." Will
said softly, drawing up the sheets as goose bumps broke out across
her chest.

"How so?"

"He said `A woman laughing is a woman conquered'. And I obviously
conquered you."

Snuggling against him Deanna unsuccessfully attempted to hide a
giggle. ~Only because I let you Imzadi~

"Ahuh, that's what they all say."

"Very well, here's another one. A man laughing at his woman is a man
sleeping on the couch. Now shut up, cuddle and sleep."

Grinning Riker wrapped an arm around her waist and pressed against
her back. "Point taken ma'am." She murmured an almost inaudible
affirmative, but was already quickly loosing ground against the army
of sleep like she always did after their love-making. And as he
joined her in the land of dreams, he realized that his dream had
just become reality.