Little Drabble



You are standing before me,

More beautiful than I have ever seen you.

The light of life itself is shining in your soulful eyes,

Your hair is free of restraints and your soft dark curls dance around your delicate features.

Your hands are trembling from excitement as well as nervousness.

Through our mental link I can feel how happy you are and I can feel your love as I feel my own.

Today I will finally give you my heart and my soul. Wholly, unconditionally and forever.

Tonight I will take you home with me, my gorgeous Mrs. Deanna Riker-Troi.


In case you’re wondering about the name…I figured that if Betazed was/is a matriarchal society and Lwaxana’s really set in her ways Will might take on Deanna’s last name instead of the other way round :D.