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Musings of the Heart
(due to lack of better title)

She was exquisite, to him anyway. Her wild mane of dark tresses in
perfect contrast with her porcelain skin. Her eyes the darkest black
and oh so expressive, even more so than the standard was for

But then, nothing about her was standard and all facets of her put
together created the most wonderful woman he'd ever known. Her heart
was made of pure love, albeit scarred, deeply scarred. And her
spirit was kindred and loving to its very core, despite having had
to endure betrayal and loneliness.

He had done his best to take away her pain and nurtured her scars
with love and tenderness.
A smile spread across his face as he saw her approaching from the
distance. She was small, even by Betazoid standards. But she held a
strength within that easily made up for the lack of height and of
course, being of the Fifth House she could call upon
her 'aristocratic-self' and look even more impressive.

She could be strict, firm-handed and even appear cold, but she also
could be warm and gentle. Responsive to whatever stimuli he provided
and glowing with love and tenderness.
Yes, Deanna Troi was a woman of many qualities and facets. Not
perfect, but with flaws so adorable he wouldn't have her any other

Still, after nearly a year, she could surprise him with how badly
she needed to be loved, always looking for little gestures. A touch
on her cheek, a hand around hers or a simple embrace of love. He
could give her all that with his mind and he often did, but along
the road they traveled together he'd come to discover how much she
relished in physical touch. And he was happy to give it to her.
The simple sensation of her skin against his or her hand against his
cheek inevitably send a flow of love through him and if they let it;
a fire raging within them.

Now that he had her in his life he wondered how he'd ever lived a
day without her.

Oh, how he loved that tolerant smile on her face as she looked down
at him. Today she looked positively radiant, although a hint of
weariness hovered around her. Her dress was a clear indication she
didn't have to work today; a light purple see-through dress
shimmered on her body, hiding nothing but her most intimate places.
She had let her hair down, just the way he liked it and her eyes
were alight with love and joy.

{Come lie down for a while} She did as he asked and settled against
his chest, resting her ear over his heart. Their minds quickly
entangled with each other, gladly taking the opportunity to do so
without the thread of interference. She might be 'only' half-
Betazoid, but her powers were greater than the average Betazoid's.
Whatever she lacked in telepathy was easily made up by her strong
empathy and the telekinesis she possessed. Oh, it had only emerged
last year and she had confessed she'd suppressed it since her
adolescence in fear of becoming more of an outcast than she already
was, but he'd encouraged her to practice the gift, rather than deny

Her hand slid up to his temple, just as his slid to hers. The
contact of silken skin on his send little electrical currents
through him as they performed their ritual. With their left hand on
the other's temple they deepened the connection between them,
sharing their love, re-enforcing it, to ultimately let it resonate
between them.

They remained silent until the sun had made place for the stars,
exchanging nothing but tender kisses and caresses.

{Don't you ever miss it?} He asked, indicating at the stars with a
look. She remained silent for a while and he could almost hear the
thoughts tumbling through her mind, for some reason she didn't seem
to have thought about it before.

{I don't actually} she answered in all honesty. He knew the words
that went unsaid, the words that would've said she missed her
friends, but that was only natural. She was starting to get cold,
which was understandable since she was dressed in practically

With a gentle push he rolled her off him and stood up. She accepted
his hand and he pulled her to her feet with such force she collided
against his chest. Just as he'd calculated. With his arm securely
wrapped around her, they walked back to their cabin and once inside
she let him undress her, slowly peeling the dress off her body as
she released the fasteners of his shirt and pants. After brushing
her hair and cleaning her teeth she crawled into bed and patiently
waited for him to join her.

Still encompassed in her beautiful mind he wrapped her naked body in
a secure embrace and listened to her breathing until they fell
asleep, their spirits dancing in a world of dreams.