Pairing; R/T
Setting; about 2,5 years after Nemesis
Rating; NC 17, and I'll give a warning if that changes :)
Genre; little angst, little romance, little humor
Disclaimer; *muahahaha* just wait until you guys see the morning
news tomorrow *locks her door and barricades it*

By:                   D. Destiny

***Doctor's Orders***

"The Doctor said more two days Captain, and then you can go. Until
that time, I don't want to hear a single objection from you." With
those words, spoken coldly, she had turned and left the room…he had
not seen her since.

For two days he had been wondering why she'd been so angry at him;
she had kept her mind shielded to him even during her sleep and the
deprivation of such a vital part of his mind hurt like hell. The
medical personal that had been attending to the wounds he'd
sustained during his last away mission had not been able to tell him
anything about why his wife was avoiding him and his First Officer
informed him that she hadn't noticed anything different about Deanna.

The Starfleet officer in him was proud that she was keeping her
personal and professional life so separated, but the part of him
that was her husband was scared out of his wits. His mind had been
running the past weeks through his head over and over again but he
couldn't come up with anything that would have upset her so much
that she would ignore him when he was lying in Sickbay after
recovering from life-threatening injuries.

The door slid open and his heart beat faster with the anticipation
of seeing his wife…but he was sourly disappointed when the ship's
medical officer walked in. "I brought you a hypo with Gialdazone to
counteract the effects of the drugs still in you system, give it
fifteen minutes and then you are free to go Captain." Gratefully
Will rolled his head to the side so that the young half Human/half
Vulcan could easily administer the medicine.

"Thank you Rulk. Have you seen Deanna?"

The man nodded solemnly, this time picking the Vulcan approach. "She
came in for her pre-natal check-up yesterday."


"Both she and the baby are fine. Stop by my office on your way out
please." And before Riker could utter another sound, the Doctor had
left the room.

* * *
"Dea? We need to talk."

"I don't feel like talking." She said coolly and returned her
attention to the PADD she'd been reading. Will took a deep breath in
a desperate attempt how to approach his three month pregnant,
hormonally imbalanced wife.

"You can't ignore me forever."

"Life would certainly be easier if I could." Troi shot back.

"Deanna, I've been sleeping on the couch for a week now, I'd like my
bed, and my wife back." He allowed all the love he felt for her to
resonate in her voice, but she only reacted by standing up and
turning away from him. He couldn't be sure about whether the pain
he'd seen flickering across her face had been real.

"Well, I happen to like the extra space."

Relief flooded through him when he heard the slight quiver in her
voice, if he said the right thing everything would be back to normal
soon. "Tell me how to make it up to you, whether it was that I did,
I love you Dea and I'll do anything to make it up to you."

At least that got her to face him again, but he wasn't so sure that
was progress. Her eyes, while filled with tears, flashed with
anger. "Tell me Will, do you hate me?"

At her question his mouth dropped open without him even noticing
it. "WHAT?! What on Earth makes you say that?!" How could she
possibly think that? And worse…be serious about it?

"Oh let's see…I figured, since my husband admitted his love for me,
married me and asked me to have his baby, he would actually care
enough to subject himself to the terrible torture of MEDICAL

He heard the words, understood them, but failed to see the meaning
behind them. He had just spent a week in Sickbay…what the hell was
she talking about? Deanna, with her empathy heightened because of
her pregnancy, picked up on his thoughts immediately. "Oh what was I
thinking!" She charged passed him and stormed into their
bedroom. "Why did I ever marry you?!" He heard her yell before the
door closed.

Riker flopped down in the couch he'd become so familiar with. How
could he reason with her when she ran out of an argument before it
even began? For that matter, how could he reason with her when her
hormones were out of control? He sighed heavily and saw no other
option but to prepare for another night on the couch.

* * *
The following morning when he woke up Deanna was just finishing her
breakfast. For as long as they had been married they had had
breakfast together, unless ship's business interfered. But not now,
not since his last Away Mission. Despite the protests of his second
in command, Will had led the Away team himself. The mission was low-
risk; they were to locate a crashed shuttle on a desolated planet.
Everything had been fine, until an Earthquake interrupted the
search. Most of the team members had been saved by beam out, but
Will and two Lieutenants from the geology department had gotten
seriously injured before they'd been beamed out.

Will had spend three days in an induced coma to allow his body to
heal and had spent the two days after that trying to overrule his
CMO so that he could leave the medical facility. Rulk, of course,
would have none of it, but Will refused to give up. He'd seen Deanna
only briefly after waking up and was desperate to go home.

After five days in Sickbay, he'd nearly managed to escape, but was
caught at the last moment. Not three minutes later Deanna had
stormed into his room and had practically *ordered* him to obey the

He had attempted no more escapes, but he hadn't seen her again
either. Now he was back home, but his wife still treated him as an
unwelcome visitor. "Good morning"

She just stared at him coldly and began to put away the empty
plates, not making a single sound. Having finished, she moved past
him, making sure their bodies didn't touch and disappeared into the
bedroom. Resigned, Will walked to the replicator and ordered his

Fifteen minutes later Troi reappeared and picked up her pips to
fasten them to her collar. Will watched her appreciatively; the
uniform she wore clung almost skin tight to her skin and showed the
slight bulge of her belly. Without really thinking about it, he
stood up and slid his arms around her waist, his hands meeting on
top of where their child was growing. "I love you."

She went rigid in his arms instantly and pulled away from
him. "Don't. Say. That!"

The venom in her voice made him take a step back. "Why not?" The
question had been uttered before he realized it and he could only
await her reaction.

"Because you don't mean it."

She was already on her way to slip passed him, but his hand shot out
and grabbed her upper arm, yanking her back to face him. "Don't you
*dare* even thinking that!" He growled. "I do love you, I will
always love you."

That finally seemed to reach her, for he saw tears springing to her
eyes. "Then WHY are you trying to KILL yourself?!"

"What?! I'm not trying to kill myself!" Where the hell did she get
that idea? He searched her face for any hint of alien influence,
anything at all. This just wasn't Deanna! Deanna knew better, Deanna
knew how much he loved her! But the face; coal-colored eyes, shining
with tears and pale skin framed by nearly black tresses of hair, was
the one he knew so well.

Then it hit him…the Away Mission, that was what she must be upset
about; her pregnancy must have intensified her reaction to his near
death. He started to explain why he'd gone on the mission and
apologized but she would have none of it.

"This is not about the stupid missions! I *know* you have to go and
*want* to go, it's in your blood! This is about you refusing medical
care! You nearly *died*! I could feel the pain, the fear, but once
you're back on board you don't seem to care about your health, you
just want to get back to the bridge so that you can beam down again
as soon as possible! Well FORGET IT!!! I refuse to worry over a
husband who doesn't care about his life! It's OVER!"

Taking advantage of his temporary shock, Deanna yanked free from his
grasp and stormed out of their quarters.



He didn't know how, but somehow he had managed to drag himself up to
the Bridge and perform his duties as if his wife hadn't just told
him she was filing for divorce. Rationally he knew that she wouldn't
go through with it, after all, they loved each other, they were
having a baby together so she really couldn't divorce him…could she?

"Commander, you have the Bridge." He nodded to his XO and left to
trace down his wife, something he probably should have done four
hours ago but at the time he'd figured it would be best to allow her
some time to calm herself.

Outside her office he quickly made sure she wasn't in the midst of a
counseling session, then punched the access panel. <Go away.>

"I don't think so Dea, we need to talk."

<You're right> Will almost smiled of relief and readied himself to
face his wife. <which position do you think will be best? Head of
the Psychiatry department or teaching at the University of Betazed.>

"WHAT?!" she couldn't be serious could she?

"Oh I'm damn serious Captain." She greeted him once the doors
opened. "But I'm surprised you're so shocked, I figured you would
like not having to worry about my mother paying visit or about me
sensing things you're trying to hide." Deanna brushed past him and
disappeared around the first corner. Riker, after a moment of
surprise followed his wife to their quarters and hurried inside
before she could lock the door.

"Are you going to tell me what's going on?"

"That's very simple." She held up a PADD. "These are the divorce
papers and these" she picked up a PADD with her other hand as
well "are several available positions."

The entire scene was surreal to Will, or actually, his entire life
since the accident was surreal. How could she –his best friend, his
*wife*— be sitting there so serenely and announce their divorce! It
had taken him nearly twenty years to admit his love and work up the
courage to commit himself fully to her, they'd been married for over
a year now and she was going to throw all that away because of one
Away Mission gone awry?

"Damn it!" Despite her blocks he could feel her anger flare in her
mind and to his utter amazement he could also sense how scared she
was. "You're not listening to what I'm saying! All I want is for you
to be as safe as possible! I *understand* the risks of being in
Starfleet, I accept them even though it scares the hell out of me to
simply face the possibility that I have to raise our child by
myself. But I can be strong; I *want* to be strong and to believe
that all of us will be fine, despite the danger."

This side of her, although he had seen it before, surprised him. It
was not like Deanna to admit that she was scared. "Dea—"

"What I can't handle anymore is you paying no attention to your
health! We live on a ship with one of the most advanced medical
facilities in the quadrant, the best doctors and nurses in Starfleet
and yet you refuse to let them treat you. They save your *life* and
you won't even allow them to finish their jobs! It's as if you just
don't care." Angrily Deanna wiped away the tears that had fallen
from her eyes; she had cried enough over him, no more!

Her words once again stunned her husband into silence. She hadn't
raised her voice above speaking level and yet to him it felt as if
she'd been screaming in his ears. She was leaving him because he
tried to get out of Sickbay as quickly as he could? She had to know
that he tried that because he didn't like not being in control, she
had to know he disliked Sickbay simply because it reminded him of
his own mortality. "Well then get over it!" she reacted again to his
thoughts. "You're *Human* Will, you're not supposed to be immortal,
FACE it!"

Rather than let her anger feed his own, he took a deep breath to
stay calm. "I had no idea you felt that way." He took a step towards
her and dared to take another when she didn't move. "Why didn't you
tell me this before?"

"Because I hoped you'd grow up and face your humanity, because we're
married now and are having a baby together. Because you *promised*
to stay with me, no matter what." Finally she stopped fighting her
tears and allowed the salty drops to fall from her eyes. "Because I
thought you had everything to live for." Sadly she shook her head
once, then squeezed her eyes tightly shut to fight back her tears
and then she walked passed him and out of their quarters; leaving
him once again behind.

He knew better than to run blindly after her. If there was anything
he'd learned about fighting with Deanna Troi was that she wouldn't
listen to an apology unless you'd actually thought about it and
meant it. Something she could easily discern because of her empathy.
And so he remained behind to mull over her accusations.

* * *
"Computer, run program Troi Alpha and engage personal lock." The
black/yellow grid of the Holodeck was replaced by the familiar
living room of her home on Betazed. She breathed in deeply a couple
of times, taking in the scent of the room. Taking a comfortable spot
on one of the large sofa's she ran a quick meditation exercise to
counter the anger and fear running through her mind.

Once she had relaxed a little she got up from the couch and
sauntered through the room into the garden. Now that her mind was a
little clearer she felt a little guilt over reacting the way she
had. She could never divorce him over his refusal of medical
treatment, especially not now that she was pregnant with their first
child. But at the same time it was something that had been bothering
her for years and now that she had admitted that to him, she would
not apologize and forget about it.

The first drops of a Betazed summer rain caught her just when she'd
reached her mother's rose-garden. Deanna sat down against a large
tree standing majestically in the middle and watched as the lewd
rain saturated her surroundings while slowly rubbing her slightly
bulging stomach and quietly singing an ancient Betazoid lullaby.

Even though she knew she was on a holodeck half a dozen light-years
away from her home planet, the rain still had the same calming
effect as if had during her youth. She could sit here for hours and
let the smell and the sounds of the rain carry her away on a flow of
thoughts. She didn't have to think about her husband's aversion to
medicine or the way he enjoyed the risks of Away Missions, she could
focus on the quiet evenings they spend together and the passionate
encounters they often shared, but most of all she could dream about
their future.

* * *
He had given her an hour and a half and used that time to work on
his `I'm sorry speech'. The tricky part was to convince her
emotionally. Due to the ethics Deanna had forced upon herself she
would react to words first where humanoids were concern, using her
senses more or less as a back up system. But when she was with close
friends she would allow her empathy dictate her reactions, which
meant that if she sensed he was holding something back or wasn't
completely genuine she would act upon that knowledge.

Now he stood outside the holodeck collecting the courage to step
inside. He reached out with his mind to find out if her mood at
improved, but he found her in an almost trance-like state, revealing
nothing about her actual feelings.

Captain Riker took a deep breath and gave the computer the password
it demanded. The doors slid open to reveal the large garden behind
the Troi-Mansion and the humidity that attacked him felt oddly
familiar. It took him a few seconds to even notice the raindrops
that fell down on him, but once he did he was mildly annoyed. Since
his childhood he had always enjoyed being outside and had spent the
better part of his spare time strutting through the woods around
Valdez, but one thing he'd never grown to like; rain. He hated the
way it made his clothes stick to his skin and that he had to blink
constantly to keep his vision from blurring.

Deanna on the other hand absolutely loved rain and thus he was now
making his way to the large garden through pouring rain, hoping that
tonight the two of them would be sharing the same bed again tonight.


Following the feel of her mind, Will walked through the garden until
he'd reached the section with roses. There he found Deanna sitting
underneath a huge Terran Willow tree; her dark hair plastered
against her face and her clothes against her skin. She looked as
soaked as he felt.

He sat down a few meters across from her and chose to wait for her
to break her trance, rather than interrupt her. He would sit there
for as long as needed, but she decided to go easy on him and opened
her eyes only a scarce few minutes after he'd joined her. "Will."

"Vashintï Troi" he greeted her in as a husband was to address his
wife in the ancient tradition of the Houses. A tradition long
broken, but up kept in a few rare rituals. Surprise flickered across
Deanna's face and a small smile fought for release. She contained it
however and fixed him with an ice cold, black stare. "Deanna, what
can I do? I can promise never to go against Doctor's orders again,
to limit the number of Away Missions I lead, but I don't know how to
make up to you."

Her gaze remained unchanged and unnerved Riker. Seeing Deanna so
unemotional remained a scary sight, no matter how often he saw her
like that. Nervously he began to play with his hands. "It's not
about making promises." She told him eventually, her voice still
quiet and subdued. "Or about making it up to me. I want you to
*understand* because as long as you don't, nothing I say or do will
have any real impact."

Her voice, the way she held her head and the soft tears in her eyes
finally told him what he'd so desperately been looking for; she
wasn't angry anymore. Or at least not as angry as an hour ago.
Pleased with the progress he reached for her hands and held them
tightly in his larger ones. "I do understand, honestly. I just
needed a little push to see it from someone else's point of view.
I'm sorry I never thought about it before, but it just seemed so

Deanna started to speak, but he silenced her quickly by placing a
single finger against her lips. "I know, I really do and I'll do
whatever it takes to keep the promises I made to you."

"Will, it's—"

"No! It's not okay Dea, I should have thought about how you would
feel and now that I realize that mistake, I won't make it again.
We're in this together Imzadi; you, me and our Little One."

She tried to read him but found that her response to his heartfelt
promise clouded her senses and she found herself caught in a vortex
of insecurity. Did he understand? Did he *really* understand or was
he just trying to appease her? His words, his voice, they sounded so
honest, so…naked and she wanted to believe them, more than anything.
Yet the insecurity remained and with it now came fear.

How would this change them? Him specifically. Would he feel forced
to give up going on the Away Mission? Would he resent her for tying
him down, however minimal and logical?

The warm contact of his hand against her cheek halted her thoughts
and she couldn't help but lean into the contact. Despite the front
she'd put on, she had missed her husband terribly and was yearning
for his touch more than ever before.

Riker dared to smile when his wife slightly rubbed her jaw against
his palm, pleased that she had missed his touch as well as he had
missed hers. When he tried to look into her eyes however, he saw
that she was still upset. Slowly he moved his hand from her jaw to
her chin and gently tilted her head upwards and waited until she
looked at him. "I love you, I always will. You know that right?"

Captured by his intense gaze Deanna was unable to respond. "Are we
all right?" This time she managed a miniscule nod and was rewarded
with a strong flow of love, relief and happiness. "Thank God." He
murmured and quickly pulled her against his chest into a tight
embrace; one hand resting on her belly and the other buried in her

She on her turn had wrapped her hands around his upper body, holding
on for dear life. "I missed you."

"No divorce then?"

She blushed furiously and was grateful that he couldn't see it. "Not
for now" she joked, simultaneously allowing the barriers around her
mind to drop. {I could never part from you ever again}

Will's heart throbbed with excitement in his chest when their minds
intertwined yet again and he held on to the sweet sound of her voice
in his mind for as long as he could, feeling truly mended again for
the first time since the away mission.

They just held onto each for several long minutes; ignoring the
electric currents running between them. Deanna then turned and
reached up to capture his lips with hers, hungrily exploring their
familiar feel and taste. When her tongue had finished the
exploration of the soft skin her teeth gently caught Will's lower
lips and pulled on it, drawing a groan from deep within him. It had
been too long.

She released him and firmly forced him to open his mouth by
wriggling her tongue between his lips, and when he cooperated beyond
his teeth. She closed her eyes to experience the kiss as fully as
she possibly could and found her hunger only increasing when he
offered what she so desperately wanted. The rubbing of his beard
along her sensitized skin was driving her nearly insane.

Will had a hard time to allow the slow and passionate attack to run
his course; his hands clenching and unclenching to keep them from
pushing his wife on her back and ravish her fast and furious. He
deepened the kiss, pressed harder into her and brought his hands up
to her head to hold her close to him. {Imzadi} He would do anything
she asked…anything at all at this moment when he was consumed by a
need, a hunger, so strong he thought he would burst.

{Take me home Imzadi} Deanna told him, deciding with what little
rationale she had left that continuing in their quarters would be
safer where interruptions and uninvited guests were concerned. The
passion that was burning in her husband's mind was hard to resist
and felt so addicting that she wasn't sure she could wait long
enough to reach their home.

Will Riker quickly scrambled to his feet, never letting go of his
wife and lifted her securely in his arms. He ran out of the holodeck
as if the devil was on his tail, drawing amused glances from the
crew that saw him.

Mr. and Mrs. Troi-Riker had a long night of making up ahead.



Once in their quarters Will crossed to the bedroom and quickly laid
Deanna down. His heart was beating like crazy from both the running
through the corridors and the passion and excitement running through
him. Seeing Deanna pouting her lips and batting her eyelashes at him
really didn't help much. She turned onto her side, the new position
emphasizing her waist and hip, then turned so that her legs fell
over the edge of the bed. Making sure to bend forward before
standing up, so that she allowed Riker a generous view of her
breasts she stood up..

Will swallowed hard as she stalked him in a frustratingly slow pace,
swinging her hips in a manner impossible to resist. Deanna drew her
hands up along her sides, into the still damp mass of her hair, then
down to her neck where she reached for the clasps that held her
dress together. Will swallowed again as the material slid down her
body. {Do you like what you see Imzadi?}

He could only nod, his eyes hungrily devouring her body, clad only
in small black panties. Her breasts seemed fuller than he remembered
and he reached out to touch them, but Troi stepped back and made
herself comfortable on the bed she'd left earlier. {What are you
waiting for Imzadi?}

An invisible tongue licking at the base of his skull caused him to
jump into action; quickly shredding every last bit of his clothes.
Before joining his wife on their bed he stood still for a few
agonizing long seconds as she admired his body from afar. Their
kiss, her little striptease and the desire burning in her coal black
eyes had his cock at nearly full erection, but as he approached her
he decided to go slow on her, determined to bring her to a mindless

Deanna sensed his decision and shivered with anticipation, reclining
further onto the covers by way of invitation. She ran her tongue
across her lips and wriggled slightly, knowing that her husband's
control would break.

Will Riker nearly leaped onto his bed, unaware of how the rippling
of his muscles aroused his wife even further and situated himself on
top of her; his body just out of her reach. {Imzadi} The quivering
of her mental voice and the desire laced through it was all he
needed. {Patience Love, patience} He moved off her and lay on his
side, his hand resting on the slight bulge of her stomach. "You're
so beautiful."

"Remember that in six months" she joked in a sultry voice and pushed
up against his touch.

"You'll always be beautiful Imzadi. Now, be still and enjoy." His
mouth moved to cut off her reply as he kissed her deeply and
tenderly; not yet surrendering to the passion that flared between
them. His hand moved from her stomach up between her breasts, onto
her neck to mold itself against the side of her face, guiding her
movements again him.

Deanna shuddered with barely controlled need as his touch drew
trails of fire over her skin and she clenched her muscles to keep
herself from reaction. {Will}

"Shhh" he murmured when he moved away, placing a single finger
against her lips. Keeping her eyes trained on his, Deanna drew his
finger into her mouth and began greedily sucking on it. "Hmmm very
nice." Reluctant he drew his finger away from her and trailed it
downwards, making sure it didn't loose contact with her for a single
second. He pulled it away slightly, just to see her reaction and
smiled when she arched her body to reclaim the feather light
touch. "So responsive."

"Damn you Riker" she hissed; hating the way his voice fueled her
desire, the way his love chased away her every rational and yet at
the same time loving just that. A low moan escaped against her will
as that single finger traced the sensitive undercurve of her breast
and began to tease her sensitive flesh, always making sure not to
touch the areola.

With one hand propped up under his head Will had a perfect few of
her flushed face and body and to excite her even more he began to
blow streaks of cool air across her features, trying hard not to pay
attention to his own need.

Meanwhile his finger had traveled from one breast to the other, now
drawing intricate pattern on the other one; hardening her nipples
without touching them. Deanna's breathing had become ragged and
labored; amazing both herself and him by how quickly he'd got her so
fully aroused. Riker moved down, cupping one full breast with his
hand and blew another breath over the tip, eliciting a harsh gasp
from his wife, which in turn made him smile brightly.

Her hands reached for him, but he trapped her easily by the wrists
and forced her to stretch her arms above her. "Patience Love,
patience." He released her hands and brought the hand back to her
torso. Allowing it to hover just above her chest for several long
seconds before bringing an end to the anticipation by flicking his
thumb across a painfully erect nipple.

"Will!" Her squeal of surprise and pleasure widened his grin and
coaxed him to shift position so that he could bring his other hand
into the play as well. All ten of his fingers now toyed with her
swollen breasts and he couldn't help but imagine how she would look
when feeding their child. The thought drove him to increase his
teasing and in turn increased her sounds of pleasure in volume and
frequency and shudders of need to travel up and down her spine.

After a few more minutes and making sure that she was as aroused as
she could get by his stimulations he returned to his former
position, scooting a little downwards so that he was breathing
against her chest.

With two fingers he zigzagged over her flat stomach and downwards,
taking pleasure in how her body shivered and writhed underneath his
touch, arching when his digits reached her mound.

The gentleness of his languid touches was driving the pregnant
Betazoid quickly to blissful insanity. Her pregnancy had already
heightened the sensitivity of her body and that combined with the
love and desire she felt from both within and without herself as
well as the two week separation had carried her anticipation to a
near intolerable level. Her stomach was quivering like crazy
underneath his fingers and she bit her lip in effort to keep her
arms from reaching out to her husband.

She would do anything to feel him—"Oh!" Her legs parted
automatically when she felt his fingers slip into the most intimate
part of her body and a violent shudder rolled through every nerve of
her body, not yet bringing on that desired peak but dropping her off
on the very edge.

"So wet" He lifted his head to look into her eyes and slowly trailed
his tongue along his lips, knowing exactly what the image did to
her. Deliberately he had muted the strong empathic bond between them
to prevent her passion from consuming his control. Two of fingers
slid deep inside her, stilling her body for a brief second before
she pushed wildly against him in an attempt to draw him deeper.
Taking immense pleasure in teasing her he took his fingers away and
brought them to her mouth.

Seeing her lick off her own wetness of his fingers was so erotic
that it made him painfully aware of his own throbbing need and he
had to fight harder than ever not to abandon his plan and ravish his
gorgeous, sensual wife right at that moment. He managed to keep
control though, by quickly sliding his fingers down and inside her
body again, bringing her back until she was teetering on the edge.

"Please" she didn't dare to speak above a shaky whisper, fearing
that if she would the magic of the moment would shatter. Her entire
body was tense with indescribable need and coherent thoughts had
long since left her mind. In response to her plea she felt his
fingers moving deeper and faster and just when the explosion was
about to burst free Will's mouth latched itself around an iron-hard
nipple and bit down gently enough not to cause real pain.

Deanna didn't even realize she was screaming, all her attention
focused on that wonderful feeling that rolled through her body like
a rollercoaster; turning her insides to liquid fire.

Will watched in wonder as Deanna's body jerked and arched with the
force of her orgasm, drawing him even further inside. Her black eyes
first shut tightly, then opened and stared at the ceiling. He
watched as her mouth opened to release another scream and lunged to
press his lips onto hers, almost as if trying to suck the climax out
of her.

When they had to break a part for air, Riker decided to speed up his
plan a little before his own arousal would spin completely out of
control. He swooped down in one sleek move and latched his mouth
hungrily onto her sweet-smelling sex while holding her in place by
wrapping his hands around her waist. Having completely surrendered
herself to the passion raging through her Deanna could do no more
than shriek at the new sensation. His skilled tongue explored every
fold of her flesh with such patience that she was soon screaming for
more, her muscles tensing each time his tongue flicked across her

Within minutes another orgasm rolled through her, this one even
stronger than the first and causing her to grind her sex against
Will's mouth in a mindless try to increase the feelings raging
through her.

Hearing her screams of passions and tasting her sweetness flowing
into his mouth Will Riker was no longer able to hold back. He pushed
himself up to all fours and loomed over the beauty now screaming in
her native language. He lowered his face to hers and brushed his
lips against hers for several times while waiting for her to calm
down a little. He finally allowed himself to become completely aware
of her passion through their bond and immediately felt her saturated
spirit wrap around his.


The endearment broke the final threads of coherent thought and after
a quick couple of rubs against her wet sex to lubricate his aching
erection and then pushed inside her with one singly thrust. With her
body hypersensitive due to her previous to orgasms Deanna arched her
back sharply at the penetration and nearly lifted herself to a
sitting position before flopping back against the pillows; her hands
immediately reached down to wrap around Will's ass.

It took only a dozen of deep strokes for both of them to reach that
special place in which only the two of the existed. Love and passion
flowed freely from one mind to another, intensifying every sensation
in two fold. Will's entire body was locked in place as he exploded
inside her. Deanna screamed one last time, the combination of their
emotions and the incredible sensations of three orgasms still
possessing her body, was too much for her to bear and she slipped
into blessed unconsciousness; her body still shuddering in the

Now that his muscles relaxed Will found the energy to tenderly kiss
his wife's forehead and wrapping her sweaty and still slightly
shivering body into a loving embrace, one of his hands resting on
her abdomen. {Sleep well Love} He send to her while pulling the
covers up over their exhausted bodies, then added with a gently
smirk on his face {consider it Doctor's orders} and drifted of to
sleep within minutes.