title: This moment, forever
rating: PG
summary: early-morning musings...


Songfic -- This Moment, Forever -- Post Nemesis (no spoilers) --m/f (no names mentioned) -- I guess I could say they're mine...but they're not *sigh* -- reviews welcome as always --not beta-ed!!!




The stars looked more beautiful than ever, shining so brightly they enlightened the space around him well enough to see. The tall man turned slightly, just enough to be able to settle his gaze on his bed where they took in every detail of the woman laying sprawled on the midnight-blue covers. Engrossed by the sight of her, he turned enough to lean against the windows while watching her. It wouldn't be long before she'd wake up now and he would be able to trade the stars of space, for those in her eyes.


The stars are slowly fading, the night is almost gone

Wish I could keep away and stay here in your arms


His eyes were shining bright with love, affection and desire as his eyes traced her body from toe to crown, sliding up along her long, slender legs, over the soft skin of her buttocks and just to make sure she was complete, he counted the vertebrae's of her spine. The object of his attention shifted a little to her left, bringing one perfect breast into his view and sighed a sigh of content. A happy smile curled itself around her full lips as she pressed her face into her pillow, a long curl of black hair falling across her forehead. The sheer happiness and love that showed on her face, even as she slept caused his heart almost to burst with joy.


If I could turn the clock back even stop the moon

I'd steal another hour, but what good would it do?


Unintentionally his eye fell on the faint scar on her left shoulder and without mercy all her injuries of the past year flooded into his mind. The cuts, bruises and broken bones she had sustained when she'd been pushed down a cliff by a jealous admirer of an alien culture, a broken wrist and ankle given to her by a Cardessian who tried to attack her captain. When the ship had lost her Eisenberg compensators she'd fallen against the conference table and had walked around with a nasty scar across her forehead for days.


He had ached for her each time she had gotten injured, even though she sealed the pain from him well enough, he'd known it was there and that knowledge in itself had given him a good excuse to spoil her senseless, no matter how much she protested...'but', he'd always countered, 'you’d do the same to me.' And it always got him the same response; a grin lightening her eyes and filling his heart. Oh how he loved her.


I could love you till forever for another thousand lives

and still not find a way to show you everything I feel inside

It's an endless, deep devotion, with each new day I find

I could love you till forever and still run out of time


The vision on the covers wrinkled her nose and stirred, probably picking up on his darkened mood but he couldn't stop himself. The scar on her shoulder reminded him of-- he couldn't think about it. Not now, not even when it had happened a year ago. The shock on her face, closely followed by fright, humiliation and anger had haunted him for weeks. And even though she'd managed to work through it quicker than he had, there had been instances over period of months that she would remember, however briefly.


Unwilling to continue along that line of thought his eyes settled on her beautiful face again. Her pale features were framed by her soft, yet thick hair. He forced his mind on their first year anniversary, which they'd celebrated a week before, and on their wedding. She had looked so gorgeous that fateful day that he'd almost decided to forego the wedding and stay in bed instead. But he wouldn't tray the memory of the love on her face when she committed herself to him -fully and unconditionally- for anything in the universe, as cliché as that might sound.


It might just be you smiling, some little thing you do

And all at once I start to see a whole new side of you


The glow that has taken possession of her that day had made her look even softer and more unreachable than ever and the entire day he hadn't been able to wipe the huge smirk he carried around off his face. *He* was the one who was going to take her home, then and for the rest of his life. He had spend the entire day in a daze, seeing nothing but her smile and the pure love and affection in her black eyes. He had felt as if his heart would swell and burst out of his chest. And she'd know, being the empath she was, and the smile would leave her face, replaced by something he couldn't describe, but which made his knees buckle under him.


Girl, that's sure amazing that anything could be this strong

Like a river of emotion, that just goes on and on


The smile on her face resurfaced and she rolled onto his back, allowing him full view of her divine body. Oh the things he'd done to her. A sly smile crept from under his beard as he remembered one of their most intense love-making sessions, and then he wasn't even thinking about their wedding night.


I could love you till forever for another thousand lives

and still not find a way to show you everything I feel inside


The man smiled at himself and turned back to the stars when he couldn't bear looking at her any longer, but even then her eyes seemed to haunt her. He loved her so thoroughly he still couldn't believe it, nor could he at times believe she really was his wife, after all the years they had spend as just friends, marriage had become but a distant dream. A pleasant one, but distant nonetheless. And now she was here, in his bed, as his wife and he longed for nothing, but to have their love last for eternity.


It's an endless, deep devotion. With each new day I find

I could love you till forever and still run out of time


A soft sigh coming from behind him made him look back to the naked woman on the blue covered and as she slowly woke up he forgot to breath, entranced by the sight of her he forget even the stars. Until she opened her eyes and stared at him with an expression that made him see stars all around him.


"Come back to bed," she pleaded. She looked lovely, her eyes still a bit dull with sleep and her hair tousled.


"I'm not tired." Her eyes set his heart on fire as she send a ripple of lust through his mind.


~Who said I intended for you to get some sleep?~ His smile grew wider still as he crawled into bed and enveloped her in his arms, for a moment basking in the love between them.


~I do love you so, my wife~ He told her as he gently forced her to lay down again and began to worship her.


~As I do you~ she replied, along with a strong flow of desire and a loud moan.


'If this moment is forever,' he figured, 'forever isn't long enough'


It's an endless, deep devotion. With each new day I find

I could love you till forever and still run out of time