TITLE: “Pillow Talk”
AUTHOR: Deb Gramlich
PAIRING: Paris/Torres
DISCLAIMER: All characters and situations below are credited to Paramount/Viacom. No infringement is intended.
SUMMARY: Some late night musings set after the episode of “Lineage”. This is based loosely on the widely circulated script, and may not be entirely accurate with what we see on the actual episode. This story may also contain SPOILERS, so be forewarned.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: I want to thank a certain phone-buddy for getting on me to give Voyager another try. I’ve been disenchanted with the show for so long, but am finding myself drawn back into it with her help. And for that, I’m forever grateful. Also, this is the first “Voyager” fic I’ve written since before “Blood Fever” aired for the first time. So please be gentle in criticism.


Exiting the bathroom, Tom looked around his empty quarters.

‘No, not my quarters. =Our= quarters.’ He reminded himself, smiling.

The idea was certainly hard to get used to. Although he and B’Elanna had been married for a couple of months, he didn’t think he would ever get used to it.

It was such a wonderful feeling. The moment he slipped the ring on her finger, one fact became instinctively clear; this was something he was destined to do his entire life.

There was no feeling in the galaxy like waking up in the morning with your wife curled at your side. The feel of her heart pressed against his bare flesh sent erotic shivers through him, even now.

Something even more amazing was happening now; she was carrying his child. In the midst of one of their most erotic, passionate moments, they had created a miracle.

And although they’d talked about having children, they were almost positively going to need medical help. With B’Elanna’s half Klingon heritage, the chances of them conceiving naturally were slim to none.

However, together they had beaten the odds. They’re beautiful little daughter was growing inside B’Elanna, and Tom was the happiest man in the Delta Quadrant.

Tying his robe tighter around his waist, Tom settled on the bed to wait for B’Elanna to return. She had gone to see the Doctor. After all that had happened in the last couple of days, she felt the need to apologize to him personally.

Plus, Tom and B’Elanna had decided to ask the Doctor to be the baby’s godfather. B’Elanna had always felt a certain kinship with the EMH. And after working side by side with the Doctor for the last couple of years, Tom had come to think of the hologram as more than a computer program. He had become a good friend to both of them.

Tom was sure the Doctor would consider the invitation a huge honor. Although having a hologram as a godfather may be a little odd, he was glad that their daughter’s life would ‘less than normal’.

Tom knew that their marriage was less than normal. A former convict who had been cashiered out of a promising Starfleet career and a former Maquis soldier who quit Starfleet before being kicked out. ‘If only my Dad could see us now.’ Tom mused.

He and B’Elanna had met once years ago when he had first joined Chakotay’s cell of the Maquis. He’d even saved her life once on a planet deep in the Badlands. Despite Chakotay’s animosity towards him when they’d first arrived on Voyager, Tom had hoped he and B’Elanna could at least be friends.

Much to his chagrin, B’Elanna once again erected a wall around herself. After a while, they’d become friends, spending a lot of time together with Harry.

Over the course of time, Tom found his feelings for B’Elanna starting to change from friendship to attraction. Finally mustering up enough nerve, he tried asking her out to dinner, just the two of them. But, she’d turned him down flat. So, he backed off, even though his attraction still lingered.

But, she had noticed. In the midst of her pon farr induced ravings, she’d thrown the fact in his face. Even though that situation had been embarrassing for both of them, it had at least opened a small window of communication.

That small window was all they needed. They began spending more and more time together… alone. Finally, the wall around her emotions dropped and she admitted that she was in love with him.

Tom remembered the joyous elation that swept through him after hearing her confession, despite the dire situation they were in.

Although their time together was sometimes rocky… okay, a lot of times rocky… they were generally very happy.

Marriage was something he’d wanted for the longest time. But, he never had the courage to ask her. Finally, in the middle of a race with B’Elanna feeling slighted and vulnerable, he’d popped the big question.

Now, just a few weeks after one of the happiest days of his life, they together experienced another joyous event.

Tom forced himself out of his musings to glance at the clock. ‘What is taking her so long?’ He wondered.

As if on cue, the doors to their quarters slid open and she entered. Peeking in the bedroom, she noticed Tom already in bed.

“Waiting for me?” She asked.

“My entire life.” He replied softly, causing her brow to furrow.

Walking into the room, she sat next to him on the bed. Placing her hand on her neck, she moved her head back and forth as if to stretch her muscles.

He sat up and began rubbing her shoulder. “Tired?” He asked.

She smiled. “I’ve been nothing but for the last few days.”

Tom returned the smile. “We might as well stockpile sleep now. Once she gets here, we won’t be getting much.”

B’Elanna turned and looked deep into his eyes, as if trying to read his thoughts. After a few moments, she whispered to him; “I’m so sorry.”

Taking her by the shoulders, Tom turned her completely around to face him. “There’s no need to apologize. I told you in sickbay, I’d be here for you and our daughter no matter what. The same goes for all our other sons and daughters we may have along the way.”

B’Elanna opened her mouth as if to interrupt but Tom stopped her. “No, let me finish.”

She snapped her mouth closed but dropped her gaze downward, unable to meet his eyes. Using his finger, he lifted her chin back up until he could look directly into her eyes.

“And although I don’t agree with what you wanted… tried to do. I understand, really I do.” He finished.

“I just wanted to spare her some of the hell I went through. I still do.” She replied.

Tom smiled slightly. “That just goes to show what a wonderful mother you’re going to be. I just wish-“

B’Elanna felt her heart sink, but she had to know. “You wish what?”

“I wish you had told me all this a long time ago. I’ve loved you for so long, I hate to see you suffer.”

“I push people away, I always have. My mother, the few friends I’ve ever had, you. I always tried to pretend that my Father’s leaving didn’t bother me, but it always did. Maybe more than I know.”

Tom pulled her into his embrace and held her tight. “I told you in sickbay. And I’ll tell you everyday of our lives if need be. I’ll never leave you or our baby. I’m not like John Torres, nor do I ever want to be.”

B’Elanna pulled away from him a bit and gestured toward the viewport. “There’s no place for you to go.” She said lightly, causing Tom to smile.

B’Elanna stood and turned to Tom. “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

She grabbed something our of her dresser drawer and moved into the bathroom. When she came out a few minutes later, Tom’s eyebrows raised.

She was wearing a very short, see-through negligee… and nothing else. B’Elanna caught his expression and put her hands on her hips. “This isn’t the surprise Tom.” She scolded jokingly.

Tom laughed. “That little outfit may be the reason we’re in this situation to start with.”

Smiling, she crawled up the bed and laid next to him. Taking his hand in one of hers, she used her other to raise the bottom of the negligee up under her breasts. She placed his hand on her belly and stayed very still.

She felt the fluttering begin again and looked at Tom. Judging by the expression on his face, he’d felt it too.

“Was that-“ He asked amazed.

B’Elanna smiled, tears springing to her eyes. “That’s her. That’s our daughter.”

Tom bent his head down and kissed her belly gently. “I love you little one.” He whispered.

Looking up at B’Elanna, he told her; “And I love you so much.”

Raising her head, she brought her lips to Tom’s. Deep inside, she wondered what she’d ever done to deserve to be cherished like this.

The End