The Secret

By Deb Gramlich

Rated NC-17


Captain Kathryn Janeway looked around the room at the setting of Sandgrine's Bar.

It has been a while since she and Chakotay had shared dinner here, and the nostalgic feeling of the holodeck program was present around the room.

Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres sat across from one another in a table across the room. They spoke softly to one another, smiling and laughing together.

Harry Kim and Neelix stood at the pool table, arguing over placement of a ball. The Doc sat at the bar, amusedly watching everyone.

Sitting at the table, he can't help but wonder if this is it.

For months they'd gotten closer, but never really crossed the unspoken barrier they had set before each other.

And now, gazing into her luminescent eyes, he wasn't sure if the barrier was crumbling.

He doesn't want to push, doesn't want her hostility to rear it's head again... but he does want to share himself with her... to experience the feeling of her sharing herself with him.

Should he tell her... take the risk of having her erect that invisible wall again? But what if she surprised him, what if she accepts him fully for who he is, the man she'd gotten to known so well in the last few months.

Walking to her quarters shoulder to shoulder, conversation is free and easy.

This is safe ground, where everyone can see them and hear what they share with one another.

Everything they could possibly share has been done so already, except each other... the final act of sharing that would join their souls forever until the end of time, no matter what path life chooses to lead them down.

The door.. her door... the final passageway. This is where the choice needs to be made.. to step across the threshold would mean things will be different from this point on. The slight kisses goodnight they'd shared before would take a life of their own.

Across the threshold may change their lives for the worse. What if he couldn't handle the side of her she hides? What if he really isn't man enough for her? What if she can't control herself and scares him away? What would the crew think of it?

From him to her, the goodnight is exchanged. He bends to seal their night with a peck on the lips.

It's quick and uninviting.

He turns to move away, but is stopped by her. She pulls his face to hers and kisses him again, more vehemently, the passion practically melting the bulkhead.

Holding his hand, she keys the door to her quarters open. Gently pulling him along they enter the darkened room.

Turning to look at one another, they know this is it. The decision must be made here and now... one slight hesitation and it will all be over. Miss the moment and there is no going back.

The passionate longing which has built itself upon their souls takes over the moment. He takes her into his arms again, gently exploring her mouth with his own.

Her tongue begins a duel with his..... to the winner goes the spoils. He pulls her even closer and can feel the heat of her body against his.

Two sets of soft curves and hardened muscles which fit in synch with each other. Hands explore these synchronous places, each set looking to find the secret.

Her secret is quickly exposed by a gasp as his hands explore her lower spine.

Her hands gently massage his growing erection, moving in time with his throbbing heartbeat.

His hands lift her shirt, allowing it to slowly fall from her arms to the floor. His shirt soon joins hers, and the exploration begins again.

Sliding his hands under her bra, he feels her hardened nibbles against his fingertips. Impulse takes over and the white lace quickly meets her shirt on the floor.

Suckling one nipple and massaging the other, she crushes herself to him. Her hands move down and undo his pants, quickly pushing them to the floor.

His head comes up to look at her. Their lips swollen from each others kisses, half nude basked only in the soft glow from the stars streaking by the windows of her cabin, he kicks his pants off his feet and moves her towards the bed.

She leans to him again as his hands slide her pants from her waist. Seconds tick by and his fingertips play with the lace lining the top of her panties.

Unsure, his eyes rejoin hers, searching for the final approval.

She takes his hand, placing it over her left breast. Not letting go, she moves it over her heart, beating heavily through the naked skin.

Don't stop, don't push away her heart tells him. His hands push her panties down as his mouth joins hers again.

Stepping out of them, she positions herself and lays back on the bed.

Removing his boxers, he leans over her, only to be grabbed and forced down.

Their hands explore and caress some more, determined to make this first union last as long as possible.

Her mouth finds his nipples, suckling them hard, nipping and finally biting them with a ferociousness that sets him on fire even more.

His erection screams for attention as she moves on top of him. She seats herself on his thighs, leaning down and running her tongue over his shaft, grazing her teeth along. He moans, his hips wiggling with the building orgasm spreading over him.

The juice that is him trickles into her mouth, she licks him one more time and moves herself up. His eyes clenched shut, his body begins to quake and she pushes herself down, pushing his manhood into herself.

His release is almost immediate. He raises up and wraps his arms around her shoulders pulling her down with him.

Still joined, he rolls them over, staring into her eyes. The dark chocolate mystery meets to sparkling blue abyss. Catching his breath he moves within her.

Feeling her muscles tighten and clench, his rhythms quickens. Her legs wrap around his waist, pushing him in deeper. Her teeth sink into his shoulder, heightening the pleasure they share even more.

She cries out, flooding the bed beneath them with herself. He quickly joins her, collapsing in exhaustion onto her chest.

Moments pass, time ticks by. Rolling onto his back, he pulls her with him.

Still laying on top of him, she slips into quiet slumber.

Morning will come soon, and a new day will be upon them. The uniforms will be put back on, the part of them that represents the officers that they are will be put back into place.

Time ticks on, the senior staff meeting is called to order. Captain Kathryn Janeway turns the table over to Commander Chakotay, their eyes sharing a secret only they know.

His report is brief and precise, allowing Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres to offer her report. Before she moves to stand and begin her report, she feels Tom's hand brush her knee. She quickly flips a look to him, a smile hidden behind her eyes.

The secret lives in them together. It's theirs to keep and theirs to share.

The End