Title: Haunted

Author: Don

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: What is that?


It had been an interesting week. The Romulan Empire had sent word to Star Fleet that they would be interested in opening trading negotiations and entering talks for the empire to become a member of the Federation. Will had been extremely skeptical, but so far talks had gone well. Will had beamed down to begin the final meeting before leaving for Earth and giving his report to the Federation Council himself.

“Praetor Memnok, I would once again like to extend my gratitude for your hospitality. I never thought the day would arrive when Star Fleet and the Romulan Empire would be allies. Will still couldn’t believe what he was saying. The negotiations had gone well. As Will and members of his away team where preparing to leave an explosion rocked the room. Debris fell all around them. Will looked up to see a beam falling. The Praetor had fallen and was directly under it. Will moved with amazing speed. He was barely able to move the Praetor before the beam collided with his head. He was knocked to the ground and pinned beneath it. Blood began to cover the floor.

Lt Fairchild looked in disbelief as he saw his captain on the ground. He immediately ran to his side. He placed his hand to his throat. There was a pulse . “Thank God he thought to himself.” He tapped his Comm. badge. “Fairchild to Titan. Medical Emergency. Emergency transport. Two to sickbay.

As they reenergized in sickbay Fairchild immediately screamed for the doctor.

“My God! The doctor exclaimed. “Nurse get over here now! What the hell happened down there? The doctor began to scan for the extent of the injuries.

As the doctor was scanning Will, Fairchild began to explain what happened.

“We are going to have to operate.” The doctor stated. “I am sorry LT., but I am going to have to ask you to leave.” Tell the commander I will have a full report in a few hours.

As Fairchild left he couldn’t believe what had happened. The only reason he had even been on the away mission is because the Commander Thomson had had to attend personal business. “What is Counselor Riker going to do?” He thought to himself. She was a good person who didn’t need this now. “God. What a crazy thing.”

As he entered the bridge Commander Thompson stood. “Report” Thompson’s voice boomed.

Fairchild slowly turned his gaze to Deanna. “Counselor,” he was stammering.

Before he could finish Deanna sensed what he was trying to say. “NO!” she screamed as she ran from the bridge. As Deanna entered the turbo lift she could barely breath. She had known something was wrong, she had sensed it. As the doors to the turbo lift slid open Deanna could barely bring herself to walk toward sick bay. The hallway seemed to sway as she walked. She held onto the wall for support. As Deanna approached the doors to sickbay it seemed as if her ears were tingling. All at once an ear piercing scream seemed to ring through out the ship. As she covered her ears as she began to fall.

The doctor had just completed the operation on Will, when he heard a thump come from outside the doors. As he peered outside the door he saw Deanna folded in two on the floor covering her ears. He bent down and shuck her shoulders. “Counselor?” he asked.

A hand had stopped the screaming. When she looked up she latched onto the doctor. “Is he ok? Is he alive? What’s wrong with him? Deanna asked in a hysterical scream. “I heard him, I heard him scream.

The doctor was struck dumbfounded. “Yes he is alive, but who did you hear scream?”

“Will.” she said She was on the verge of tears.

“That’s impossible.” the doctor stated. “Counselor, the captain is in a coma.”