Story: Back to Betazed
Author: Faith
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Summary: A trip to betazed brings memories of an endless love.
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This place is just beautiful, I have never seen a place like this before. Sure my dad allways told me about it, but you can never be sure of something untill you see it yourself.

I can't believe I'm in the place where my grandparents meet for the first time. I can say that it was obvious, they were perfect for each other and this place was the complement to make their relationship as perfect as they were.

I remember the time my grandmother told me about them, I just sit there for hours listening, I think I have never been so much interested in something as much as Iwas in their story. I was just four years old and I remembered it as if it was yesterday I heard it.

"Grandma, how did you meet my grandpa?" I asked her curious as a four year old can be.

"Well Elizabeth, that's a long story, but I think is time for you to know it. Why don't you ask your parents if you can spend the night here and we can have all afternoon to talk about what you want." My Grandma said smiling at me.

"Sure, wait, I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere." And I ran out of the living room to find my parents.

Thay let me stay at her place, they didn't hesitated a moment about it. My father was so proud about their parents, he allways wanted me to follow my grandma's steps. I never knew why untill that day.

"Daddy said I can stay here!" I said to my grandmother ho was reading a book.

"Ok Liz, then we have to get started." She said leaving her book on the tea table and taking me in front of a glass cabinet that was in the rest room. It was full of photographs I have seen before, but untill that they they ment something.

"See this woman here?" She asked me holding my hand and poiting with the other one to a picture.

"Yes." Was all I said.

"Do you know ho she is?" She looked at me lovingly.

"She's my great-grandmother, Lwaxana." I answered looking at her.

"That's right, she was my mother, we lived in a planet called"

"Betazed!" I interrumpted her.

"That's right." She said smiling and then continued. "After my dad and my sister died, my mother and I lived there alone wtih Mr. Homn, ho helped us in everything we wanted him to. I wrew up ther and studied as hard as I could to be the best one, I didn't have all the habilities my friends did, beacuse I was half Betazed and half Human so I tried to make the best in everything untill one day my friend Chandra got married."

"Ho's Chandra Grandma?" I asked her looking at the pictures.

"This one, she's one of my best friends." She pointed at her picture. "Sje got married and I was her maid of honor, and at her wedding I met your grandfather. At first I thought he was a rude man because he only looked at my body and that was the first reason he wanted me for."

"And then what happened?" I just didn't want her to stop.

"Well, He found out my name at the party and I found out his. After a few days he went to the university to look for me and he introduced himself. I have to admit I was rude with him at the time, but I just didn't want to be hurted or to leave everything I was for a man I didn't trust at the moment. But after several days I founf out that he was a kind person and that he had qualyties that I admire. Then one day I was kidnapped by the *********** and he rescued me in the Jalaran Jungle. When we were returning to Betazed I told him that I loved him and we... "

"You what!" I was anxious to hear the rest of it.

"Well, we become really close friends." Now I understand what theat 'close friends' ment, she continued, "and that's when we found out that we we're Imzadi."

"That is so romantic!" I said.

My grandmother allways told me that I was really mature when I was a kid, I just remember that she laughed a lot after I said that and then we change the subject for a while.

"Well Lizzie, it's time for you to eat something or your parents are never going to let you stay here anymore." She said holding my hand.

"But I don't want to eat grandma, I want to hear the rest of the story." I said removing my hand from hers and placing it in my hip.

"You don't want to eat anything?" She said placin her hand on her hip just as I did.

"No." I said firmly.

"Okay, then wait here while I go eat some cookies with hot chocolate." She said walking to the quitchen.

"Hot chocolate?" I asked.

All she did was taking out her hand and I hold it. I love chocolate, in every presentation, I'm just like her in that way.

After we ate we walked again into the rest room and now I sat down on a sofa and she did the same in a love seat in front of me.

"Where were we?" She asked only to check if I was paying atention a few minutes ago.

"You said that you found out that my grandad and you were Imzadi."

"That's right Little One; we returned to Betazed and I asked him to go dinner at my place next day. He said he will, and he did. But my mother knew by now what happened on the jungle and she was really mad at us. When she arrived home she opened the door and blocked his way. She told him that he was not what I needed and that I will loose everything if I followed him. I was behind her listening and he saw me. He asked me to tell her that she was wrong, but I was not brave enough and I told him that she was right and then he left."

"But grandma, that was not true, he was a good person." I said really sad.

"I knew it, but I was afraid to say it to my mother, she allways told me what I should or shouldn't do and I was used to it. But latter I had a huge fight with her, I told her that I loved him and that I was going to follow him wherever he went and I left my home. I went to see him but when I found him he was with another person and my feelings were hurted so I just left."

"And then?"

"He left my world a few days after that and I saw him for the last time at the museum. We meet each other again some years after, aboard the Enterprise, where we both served and after a long, long really long time we got married and your father was born, then your aunt Kestra and your aunt Naila."

"And then I was born." I said smiling and standing up.

"That's correct Little One."

"Do you miss my grandad?" I asked seriously.

"I certainly do, but everytime I look at Richard and his sisters I see something of him in them and when I see your blue eyes or your cousin Andrew's hair I can swear I see him." She said smiling lovingly at me.

"Really?" I asked.

"Really, and that's when I remember that all the years of uncertainty we lived not knowing if we really were going to end up together gave you to me." She kissed my forehead.
She left our lifes two months ago leaving us a little bit sad but with so many memories. I'm never going to forget her or what she taugh me, I'm never going to miss her face because I just ahev to look in the mirror to see it, I'm certainly going to miss our chocolate afternoons and all the things we talked about. But she's in my heart and she's going to be here forever.

I barely knew my grandad, but I know he was a good man, he deserved her and I know that they're together now... forever.

I haven't found love yet, but I know I will. I remember my grandmother's last words to me...

"Believe, Imzadi is something real and I wish you to find it as I did."

And I know I will.

The End.