Codes: T/R
Title: A dream story.
Rated: PG
Disclaimer: They all belong to Paramount but my story of course. Feedback very appreciated.
Note: I have to thank to La oreja de Van Gogh for being such a great group and for inspire me to write this one.

Granddad, this one is for you.

Dezanna Riker was sleeping in her bed, it was a long and painful day, and she never thought she would be completely alone at 18 but now she was and only in her dreams she found consolation and peace for her pain.

When she heard from her godfather's mouth that both her parents were dead she didn't believed it and thought it was kind of a bad joke, but once she saw them, together even at the end of their lives she knew for certain this was the end of a love story, of a love that fought against everything and at the end won.

It was all so confusing, all they said to her was that they had been in an away mission while she was at the Academy and that suddenly they died, without warning and leaving all their partners on the Enterprise wishing that this would have never happened.

Beverly told her that she did everything she could to try to save Deanna but she couldn't and Will, he was dead before they could transport him to the ship.

And here she was, sleeping completely alone facing her new life, without her parents to guide her and protect her.

Hi dear, we are sorry to intrude this way, we know it's not the time and not the place, but we have to tell you that we are not bad in this place.

You are not going to remember this tomorrow and you are going to think it was only a dream and when we leave we hope that our life on the earth is in peace, we just wanted to say good bye, give you a kiss and see you once more.

Now you must rest, let your daddy cover you like when you used to be a girl, do you remember when your mum used to sing to you before you sleep?

We are aloud to come only in your dreams to see you because that sad night we didn't say goodbye before we leave.

Promise us that you would be happy, you look so beautiful when you smile and we only want to remember you that way, like when you used to be with us.

Now it's your turn to keep our journey, remember we love you and we will always be here watching over you. You always have our love and the love of our friends who will look after you.

Well, it's getting late and we have to go now, you are going to wake up any moment now.

Remember Little One, we love you forever times eternity.

Morning came fast and Dezz heard her door chime, she knew it was Beverly and immediately answered.


"Hi Dezz, how are you today, feeling better?" Beverly asked walking to her bed and sitting on the edge waited for her answer.

"Yes, much better." Dezz said sitting up looking at the sky.

"I'm glad, you want to stay here?, I can replicate something for breakfast and you wouldn't have to leave your room."

Dezanna looked at her and smiled, she knew her aunt was trying to make her feel safe and trying to prepare her to face her new life and she thought that was really kind.

"No aunt, thank you, now I know what they meant and it's true what they said to me, it's my turn to continue their journey." Dezz looked at her and smiled.

"Who said that?" Beverly asked puzzled to her god daughter.

"My parents last night."

Beverly didn't asked anything more and left Dezz to get dressed.

She did it and when she was about to leave she looked at her parents photo and smiled.

"Forever times eternity." And she left.

The end.