The beginning of the future


It was a regular day on the Enterprise-E, actually, it was more than regular, it was completely quiet, there have not been attacks on starvassels or distress's calls, the tripulation was peaceful and that was... not good.

Or at least that's what Deanna Troi tought while she was in her quarters reading something in her palm when she heard her door bell.

"Come in" said Deanna in her usual warm accent.

"Hello Counselor, are you bussy?"

"Not at all Wes, come in. Is there anything I can do for you?"

He hesitated a moment before he talked again, he was looking nervous and she sensed some stress and worrying inside of him.

"Are you okay?" Said Deanna a little bit worried this time.

"Well... er... you'll see, I don't know, is just that I have been feeling this things since a few months ago and I thought that they were going to desappear with thime but nothing has happened and they're stronger and evry time I see her..." He stopped.

"You are in love" said Deanna with a cheerful smile and tone "Wesley Crusher, I can't believe you are so grown up. First of all, calm down, it's something completely normal and besides, you are one of the most handsmone guys on the ship, I bet she's going to say yes once you have decided to tell her" She smiled.

"But... but you don't understand, she's in love with somebody else, at least that's what I think, he hasn't done anything yet , but it doesn't matter, she loves him" Wesley sound sad and she sense that he was really in pain about this.

"Look, I'm going to give you an advice, you think she's in love, but you don't know for sure and as long as I heard a few seconds ago, the other boy hasn't done anything yet so if you really like her and you really love her, talk to her, she will understand"


"No but's Wes, not this time, just do as I said an it would be fine, now, I know that you are a little bit ashamed but you have to do it and I have to keep working so if you excuse me."

"Course, thank you counselor."

Wesley walked out of Deannas quarters and walked down the corridor. He was thinking his owns stuff when he hit William Riker, as it was obvious the one who went to the floor was not Riker.

"Sorry Wes, I didn't saw you, here, let me help you" he reached out his hand to help Wesley to stand up but he didn't expected his reaction.

"Thank you but i can do it myself! Now if you excuse me I have better things to do than to talk to a loser like you" and he left.

"What the heck is going on with this kids!"

Riker walked trough the corridor and few steps after he arrived to Deanna's quarters and he stepped in front of her door. Every time he walked in front of her room he remembered her, her voice, her skin, her smell but he never had the courage enough to go inside and tell her he still loved her and that he wanted to be with her forever, he just couldn't he just... wasn't so brave.

"Funny isn't it" he talked to himself "I have a bright career, I'm not afraid of going in away missions and I can't say to the woman that I love that I love her, what a coward"

"That's exactly what I think, gee Will, I didn't knew that after all this years I can still have the oportunity of hearing something that I haven't heard before, well, not at least from you"

"Deanna! I didn't noticed that you were out, but a few seconds ago you were in and now, and now... I have to go" and he left.

"So tipicall of you Will... so you"

Deanna walked to the bridge and talked to Captain Picard about some traditional betzadoid rituals and he sahred with her his family album, again.
Then she stepped at Ten-Forward and talked to Guinan for a long time before she sat down on a table watching the stars and was then when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Will, it took you a long time to... oh, sorry Wes, I thought it was somebody else. Sit down."

"Thank you, but you seem to be waiting somebody else so I'll be here just a couple of minutes"

Deanna could see the sadness in his face and she was a little embarassed also because she had make him feel bad in a moment when he needed her so she was naturally not going to let him go like that.

"No Wes, nobody is going to com, is just my mind playing some games, but tell me, how's it going with you and your friend?"

"Well, actually I came here because somebody told me that she was in here" He finally said after hestitating a moment.

"Really? Ho is she? I don't see nobody your age here, are you sure she's here?" Deanna said while she was searching every spot of the place with her sight.

"Oh, I'm positive, I'm in front of her" Finally Wesley said.

Deanna turned to face him slowly, really slowly, she was not prepared for something like this, she would have thought about everything but not this, well, she knew he has a crush on herm but he was definitely feeling something else than just attraction for her.

"Wesley, even when I'm really honored by your feelings for me I think that you have no idea of what you're saying" She was sure that he had no idea, he was just a boy, a nice boy, but nothing else.

"But Deanna, I really do love you, I told you before, I thought that what I feel was going to be only for a couple of months, but it has not beenn like that, it's bigger and I am sure that I love you and I'm sure you can sense that, because you can do it and because you know me since I was just a child"

"Exactly" She said with a little frustration on her voice "I know you since you were just a kid, I know you like I would know my brother, I can't think of you the way you want me to and"

She could not finish her sentence, before she knew it he was on his feet walking to the door.


"Thank you Counselor Troi, I think you have said all you have to say." And he walked through the door.

Deanna followed him and after a long time of chasing he turned around to face her.

"What do you want?! I heard you in there, you don't love me and you never will so what's the point of this talking?" He said really frustrated.

"Wes, can we go to my quarters to talk, please" She said almost pleading.

He couldn't help it but say yes, all the times he has ever seen her like that he could only think in one thing, she was the most sweet woman in the earth and she was suffering, and she was not going to suffer for him.

"Just a while, I have some things to do"

Once they were in Deannas quearters seh sat down on her sofa and wesley sat down on a chair near her.

"Look, I know this hasn't been easy for you, you think you feel something for me and I'm not saying that you don't, I'm just saying that maybe it isn't love, I'm older than you and..."

"And you're the perfect one for me, you are beautyful, smart, tender, I mean, you have all the qualyties I'm looking in a woman, I do love you".

"Thank's again Wes, but I can't love you. Look, even when I'm not your age I could gave it a try but I can't, I gave my heart a long time ago and i gave my hole heart, there is not a piece of me ho hasn't been given to a person I love and I'm sure you can understand that"

"Even when Riker doesn't love you the way you love him?" Wesley asked looking straight at her eyes, something that for a strange reaon make her feel uncomfortable.

"Wesley, I'm not going to discuss my private life with you, right now all I want you to know and all I want you to undertsand is that I can't love you the way you want me to and I never will, I'm sorry, I really am, but that's not going to hapen and that doesn't depend on Riker or enybody else but me"

Before she knew it she was on her back in the sofa with Wesley on top of her kissin her, she was really surprised and more than just surprised, she was upset. She pushed him aside but he was stronger than what she tought he was, she tried harder and everytime she tried he was stronger and his tongue was deeper in her mouth. She was moving and trying to stop him but everything was wothless untill they both heard her door bell and then he stopped.

"Counselor, are you in there?" Asked Captain Picard from outside.

Deanna sat down and started to fix up her clothes and after that she looked at Wesley (ho was doing the same) and said:

"I want you out of here and i don't ever want you near me anymore, you hear me, ever. And if you thought that because of this I was going to surrender to your charms let me tell you something, this was the first and the last time you are going to kiss me, is that clear Wesley Crusher?"

She was really mad at him and he could se that so there was no point of answering her right now with something else than just a...

"Yes Counselor, that's perfectly clear"

"Counselor Troi, are you in there?" Asked Captain Picard again now with a worried tone.

"Yes Captain, come in" She said.

"I was getting worried, I was just about asking the computer to locate you" He said really looking at her with a worried face.

"Sorry Captain, is just that I was in the middle of a session with Wes here and that's why it took me a little bit to answer you" Deanna looked at Wesley with a despitefull look that he didn't like.

"Oh, sorry to intrude then but, are you okay Wes? Don't you need to be checked by your mother or something?"

"No Captain, thank you, I just needed to talk to a friend, that's why I came here, but I'm okay. Well, i have to get going now, I have some things to do, excuse me please."

"Sure Wes, no problem, Oh and if you see your mother before I do tll her that I want to talk to her later."

"Course Captain, Counselor"

Wes smiled at Deanna and she returned a half smile just to be polite because of the Captain, he started walking and the door opened and when he was just about goin through it he turned around and said

"Oh Counselor, I almost forgot, about what you said a few minutes ago before the Captain came in here? Don't be so sure about it, I'm going to keep trying." And he left.

After a long conversation with the Captain about a convention they were going to have the next day with the Ferengi Comerce Authority and some of theire members, Deanna walked to Ten-Forward again, now this time she was just going to have a drink and clear her mind, that if Wesley Crusher didn't showed up again.

Finally she arrived and went to her favorite table, which happen to be occupied so she went to another one that was exactly in front of the wall so that it was not a good spot, but was the only one abailable and she didn't want to be on the bar because she really didn't want to talk to Guinan this time so, this table was the table.

And then, just when she was clearing her mind she felt a hand on her shoulder, again.

"I thought I told you not to come near me anymore, I thought I have been clear about that you..." and then she saw him, the love of her life, the one ho saved her from the Sindareen raiders once in Betazed and now... "Where have you been, I thought that we still have some sort of connection and that you still care about me, where the hell have you been William Riker!"

This took him by surprise, he was absolutely surprised avout this "What the heck are you talking about Deanna, course I care for you but believe me, I thught you were okay, I didn't have any idea you have been in some sort of troubles today, what happened?"

"What happened? I'm going to tell you what happened, I have an admiror, he is the son of my best friend on this ship and he is a bastard, that's what he is, a bastard, he is not at all as I thought he was, he is evil and rude and, and, and"

Then she was crying, she was crying! Somebody caused this and he was mad, really mad.

"Deanna, let's go to my quearter or your quarters or somewhere else, but a quiet place an I want you to tell me everything".

Deanna said yes, with her voice and with her head, she really needed to talk to somebody and he was the right person to do it.

They arrived to his quarters after they went to her's and she told him that she was not exactly peacefull in there so once they were in his quarters she told him everything, and once she have finished she started to cry again.

She was in front of him in his bed and he sat down next to her to calm her down.

"Why will?" she asked with a thoughtfull accent

"Well, he's just a boy and sometimes boys can't deal with their feelings and they do it the wrong way but..."

"No Will, that's not my question"

"It's not? So what are you talking about?"

"Why are we not together? We're perfect for each other, I love you, and I'm sure you love me, we both know that, we are Imzadi for each other and we are not together, why?"

"Deanna, don't ask me that, you know the answer for that question and it's not easy for me either"

"I know" And after a few moments of silence she finally said something "Do you remember the last time I cried on your lap like this?"

"Course I remember, it was at Jalaran Falls in Betazed, after I found you when they kidnapped you, I would never forget those horrible hours, never."

"Well, me either, I was so afraid and when we were together I felt so safe, I was complete and I have never been complete agian since that day"

Riker looked at her and pulled up he face to face him and the he saw her eyes and he touched her skin and then he knew that he hasn't been complete either, he knew she had had lovers and he also had some ones to, but it was not the same, those were not right for them and they were, they were Imzadi and that was not going to change.

"Will, I love you, and I allways will" She said that and those were the most sweet words he have ever heard.

But then Deanna left the bed and started to walk to the door but he was not going to let her go, not again, so he reached out her hand and she turned to face him a little bit surprised.

"What are you doing will it's almost 2300 hours and I really have to go to bed"

"And you are going to go to bed... with me" he said with a smile she recognized.

"Will, I don't think this is the time for us to..."

"Let me put this in a way I'm sure you're going to understand me... shut up and kiss me Troi"

Deanna remembered the time she said those same words to him, years ago on the Jalaran Falls, and she did so.

Soon there was nothing in the room, nothing in the ship, nothing in the universe, just them, every time she was with him, she lost everything she had, she loved him because she was ho she really was when she was with him, and she knew that was right. She felt his skin and they were one, they were ment to be together and that's the way things should be.

He loved her, he loved to feel her everywhere, he loved every single part of her body but more than just her body he loved her soul, he loved the way she could make him feel, the way she discovered all his weekneses to make him strong, that's what he loved the most and he was also sure that if there were a super nova were just about to explode the energy was not going to be comparable to the energy they were producing in this moment.

Some time after they encounter they were no words spoken untill Riker said something he fel he needed to.

"So Deanna, what's next?"


"I catch you daydreaming"

"Sorry, is just that this is so perfect but so unsafe at the same time"


"Well, you have to admit that the first time we were together it was all perfect and then, nothing, I don't want that again"

"Deanna, I know this sounds strange but I'm almost sure that that's not going to hapen this time. The first time we were just kids and we have different priorityes, now we have only one and that's to be together"

"Are we going to be together?"

"I hope so"

And they were no words again.

The next day it was all different except for the fact that Wesley had followed Deanna all over the ship, left her notes on her chair in the Bridge, in her quarters, in Ten-Forward and everywhere else he knew she was going to be.

This was making her crazy, all over the places she have been during the day there was something that Wesley left for her and she was not going to handle it anymore, she had to stop him and right now.

So she walked to his quarters and knocked the door.

"Yes?" A voice came from inside the room.

"Wesley, I need to talk to you"

"Come in Deanna, I have been waiting for you"

"Actually I want to talk to yo somewhere else, you will undesrtand that after yesterday I can't trust you and I'm not going to be alone with you" She said firmly.

And then the door opened and he was there.

"Okay, let's go somewhere else but we have to talk"

They started to walked and they both were silent but then he stopped.

"Okay, I think this is a nice place to talk, almost nobody come to this place and it's quiet, don't you think Counselor?"

"Look, you're right, the sooner the better, I'm not going to take much of your time, I'm here just to tell you that I'm not going to accept any of your gifts, presents, letter or anything from you, you understand me? I'm really mad at you and if you keep going with this I'm going to have to tell your mother or Captain Picard about this and I think that's not going to be good for you so if you don't want that then please, leave me alone"

And then again he walked close to her and he took her by her arms and started to look at her in a way that makes her feel dirty.

"Look Deanna, I don't know why you resist me, I know you like me, and even if you don't love me, I know you are not exactly a virgin or a saint, I know you have been with others so what does it matter if we make love ah? You have done it before"

"Let me go! You are hurting me and I'm not going to keep on accepting this!"

"You are not? Are you sure?"

"You heard her! Now release her and leave this place before..."

"Before what Riker? Before you try to do something to make her feel safe with you to leave her after that as allways? No, sorry, but that's not going to hapen, I'm not going to let her go and the one ho's going to leave is you"

"You want to bet on that? Well, let's see then. Deanna, leave us alone please"

"Will, I don't think that's such a great Idea and"

"Please Deanna"

And she left.

Long time after that Riker came into the Bridge and Deanna walked as fas as she could without calling the attention of everybody there.

"Will, what happened?"

"Well, let's just say that Wes is not abailable now and if you really want to find him he's going to be at sickbay with his mother"

"You hit him didn't you?"


"I knew it will happen, but what did you do that? I'm going to have problems with Beverly and I really like her, she's my frien and..."

"And she understood that what her son was doing was not right and she's not mad at you, alittle bit with me because I hit him and after that I told her but that's all"

"Are you sure?"

"Course and besides, I can't let him bother my fiancée" he said with tenderness

"What?" Deanna looked at him with a big dumb face on her.

"That is if you accept of course"

Will went down on his knee and everybody turned around to see them, Deanna blushed and she felt as if she were going to faint but she didn't.

"Deanna Troi, will you marry me?"

Deanna hesitaed a moment, actually it was more than just a moment and Will was staring to get nervous but finally she said:

"I do, course I do Imzadi!"

"Well, then I think I can come up again"

Will kissed her and everybody started to clap and yell and they were so concentrated in their own business that they didn't even noticed it.

Long after that they were in Deannas quarters and she was thinking about something and he knew it very well.


"So what?"

"Deanna, please, I know you, what are you thinking?

"Well, I was thinking that we make love last night and today you have a ring and we are engaged, there is no way you could have bought it today"

"You're right, I've got it with me since a few months ago"

"Months! And why you didn't gave it to me when you got it?"

"Well, I really don't know, but I think everything is okay now"

"Yes, but they can be even better"

"How's that?"

"Let me put this in a way I know you're going to understand"


"Shut up and kiss me Riker"