What's in your heart


"Come in"

Deanna was in her office reading some material when she heard her door bell.

"Hi" She said without hesitation when she saw him.

"I think I need some counseling" Will said from the door.

"Well, there's a first time for everything"

"So, do I lay down or what?"

"Well, whatever that makes you comfortable, but this isn't one of the most common postures" She said surprised to see him on her legs.

"But it is comfortable" He said with a cheerfull smile.

"Why don't you sit up?"

Will walked trough her desk and grab her chair.

"I think I'm suffering the middle age crisis"

"I believe you" She respond with a little bit of sarcasm

"I havn't sleeping well" He said walking again to her sofa.

"Doctor Crusher has something for that" She said watching him sit down in front of her.

"What I need I can't wet from Doctor Crusher" He said looking at her and continued "Counselor do you think it's possible for two people to go back in time and fix all they have done wrong?"

"On this ship, anything is possible" Deanna answered him.

Will kissed her, and then:

"Yuk!" She said out loud


"I've never kissed you with that beard before"

"I kiss you and you say Yuk?" He was almosty in shok.

"Well, that doesn't mean that I can't get used to it" She said smiling at him and after that she reached out her hand and grab him to kiss him again.

That was it, that's all he needed. He was not sure if this was going to last foreverm but he was sure it was going to be long enough to make his dreams come true so he was not going to miss the opportunity.

He held her in his arms and moved her to her desk, she removed all the things she had on it to make some space for them, once she was all settled Will removed her clothes and she removed his, there was no time to think, there was no time for anything but themselfs.

They got it again, they were one and she remembered ho he was, Imzadi, that's him, he's all she needed and even when his beard did bother her that was not going to be a problem now.

It was the longest afternoon on her life since she was on the Enterprise, she had never been so happy and it was as if time stopped when she was with him and now that she was with him it was even more beautyful.

She didn't realize when they make her to the bed but she was there in the morning when she woke up and he was not there.

After she finished some things she went to the bridge as always and saw him, he was not his usual self, she was almost sure that she could sense some embarassment on him, but why?

"Will, how are you today?" She asked him once he was in his chair and she was on hers

"Fine, thank you"

And that was all, she knew that he didn't want to talk anymore, and she was not going to make him talk... at least not now.

Once the day was over and she had nothing else to do she went to his quarters to see what was happening.

"Come in please" He said "Wait just a second, I'll be there in a few seconds"

She knew he was in the bathroom and she was not so sure about going in there, but if he was a little bit distracted now it was better to do it in this moment, she thought.

"Sorry to interrupt William, but I need to talk to you"

"Jesus Deanna, you scared me!" He said with his towel on her hands.

"Sorry, but I need to know what is this all about, I mean, you make love to me like you have never done it before last night and now you are afraid of me, what's going on?"

"Look, Deanna, I know this is going to sound strange, but I'm sure that what we are feeling it's product of the branch and not from our heart and so I..."

"What! William T. Riker, you know I love you since the first moment, how can you said that, I mean, I think that last night was the prove that my feelings for you havn't change at all"

"But Deanna, admit it, if we have not been in this place we will still be on the same place"

"Well, maybe, but we are not in the same place now, we love each other and we're ment to be together, don't you see it?"

"I do see it, but I don't want to be with you as a product of a strange space force"

"Well, that's it then Will, we can't be together in a normal place and we can't be toghether here either so this is is, I'm tired of waiting and I'm tired that you want me all the time except when you can have me so this is it, now it's over!"

And she left, he knew she was being serious about this and he was sorry, now he was really sorry and she was gone now, forever.

He had to do something and now.

* * * *

Deanna was in her quarters crying, she was so sad that she was sure that her mother could feel her sadness in Betazed, she had no idea of what she was gouing to do, she loved him so much that it hurted and now she walked away, but not because she wanted it.

Suddenly she heard somebody outside her door, well, that was not exactly correct, she felt somebody outside her door.

"Come in"

"How did you knew I was out there?" And he remembered that she felt him everywhere he was. "That was a stupid question"

"What do you want?"

"I'm here to say I'm sorry"

"Why, you just said what was on your heart, I know you did"

"No, I didn't, i just said something stupid because I was afraid of how you make me feel, when I'm with you I just loose all control of myself"

"Is that right?"

"Yes, and if you really want to know what's in my hearte then you have to see this"

He took a little box form his pants and opened it, she saw a ring inside it and then looked at him.

"Deanna Troi, what's in my heart is just a question... would you marry me?"

"Well, this is a change, i never thought you were going to do it"

"Well, I'm a man of surprises"

"And this is product of the branch or of your heart"

"Both, you say yes"

And then she thought about it for a few minutes and then said

"Well, I think I have to thank the Son'a for thair bad attitude"

"Why is that?"

"Because we are here because of them and because of them you propose to me"


"And because of them I'm going to be the most happy woman in the planet, I do Will, I do"

And he kissed her and the rest... it's another story.

The end.