Title: Points of view.
Rated: Pg.
Disclaimer: I know you own them! You want me to kill myself?

Author: Faith

She'll be here any minute now. I know, it's not that this is the first time she's here since we work together here but it still makes me nervous.

In fact is as if this were the first time because every time she comes here I hope she says she wants to be with me forever but as always I think I will keep on waiting.

She already knows I love her and that I would do everything for her, I have done everything to please her on this holodeck from a fun fair from the 20th century to a romantic dinner complete with candles.

But then again we are still on the same place. We know we love eachother but we just don't do anything about that.

Perhaps I shouldn't blame her, after all is my fault that she just doesn't trust me that much, I was not the one left on Risa so I see her point. I do not know why I'm still on this place, I know I love her, she's the only woman in my life that matters and the first one I loved, love and always will love. I hope this night would change everything.

Here she is, as punctual as always and I'm here walking to the door. Oh my God, I'm so scared. I have to tell her.

I have never thought how stupid I can get but I can be really, really stupid when it comes to him. I still remember the first time he asked me to go to the holodeck, I enjoyed the evening until I returned to my quarters only to found out all the clothes on my bed that I just dropped there while I decide what to wear.

And tonight was the same as that night and as the other nights that I have to see him in fact. But today… I don't know it's different, just different.

Perhaps I should tell him that I want to be with him forever, that I love him and that I want him right now… then again it might not be the best thing to do, we are friends… best friends and I like it that way, I think.

They are heavy, my feet are heavy, each step heavier as I come closer to his door.

Here I am, calling at his door and yes, it is difficult. I have to tell him.

I know there is something going on between them, the whole ship knows it even when I doubt sometimes they do.

I haven't met them since they were kids but they are all I have, my crew, my friends, my family and if you ask me I'm getting a little tired of this game looking at them at Ten-Forward smiling or perhaps going out of holodeck or just looking at each other at duty hours.
Well, I knew they were going to meet each other today, they didn't told me anything about it but I can tell by the look in their eyes and a Captain knows what a Captain knows, I hope they can make it right this time for God's sake, I want grandchildren.