by FJ Verduin

She hadn't expected him to be inside when she entered her
room, and it startled her to see him. Of course she had given
him permission months before, to enter if he needed or wanted
to. He hadn't over-exercised his rights to do so ever, not in
the time they'd been together. She smiled at him. The way he
sat there on her bed looking perfectly at home, at ease ...
what would her mother think?

"There you are?" he said when he noticed her in the doorway.
"I thought you'd gone out. How did your test go?"

"I think it went very well, all things considered." she
replied. A devilish grin appeared on his face, and she
returned her most questioning look. "What are you laughing

"All things considered?" His smile got even wider. "You're
not going to tell me I kept you from your studies yesterday
... again?"

"Well," she began as she walked to him, consciously placing
one foot exactly in front of the other -like her friends told
her, it made her hips look so much better- ", ... you did
leave rather late last night."

He raised his hands and placed them under her arms.
"Actually, I think it was this morning." he said. Her left knee
rested on the mattress and slowly she began to shift her
weight, forcing him to lean backwards.

"Oh, do you now?"

"Yes. In fact I could swear you got up before I did.
Something about being late for your psych classes? You really
rushed out the room." For a second she balanced on one knee,
trusting him to hold her steady. Then she rested her other leg
beside him and lowered herself.

"Ah, yes." she said. Finally she'd gotten him to lay down
completely. She caressed his chest through the jacket, burying
her fingers deep in the fabric. "Now I remember too. So that
was *you* I woke up next to?"

The smile on her lips was getting very hard to ignore.
"You're telling me you've been seeing another guy?", he joked.
Ever so slow he moved fingers down alongside her body, hardly
even touching her clothes that curved so perfectly around the
contours of her breasts, only to rest their tips on her
behind, with his palms on her hips.

"Now, you must admit ... that job of yours is keeping you
very occupied. And it's hard for a single girl to have some
fun around here." She smiled, but the subject of his job
stirred something in him. She could see it in his eyes, and
she realized now why he had come.
Damn him.

"You've finally done it, haven't you?" she said, hoping her
voice would sound harsh enough. She wanted to make him feel as
bad as she felt right now, but it sounded more like she was
going to cry. "You've gotten yourself reassigned!"

"I ..." He tried to speak, but she silenced him.

"Please, don't lie. It will only make it worse."

"They offered me a position." His voice was unsteady. "As a
lieutenant on the Potempkin. And ... yes, I accepted."

"When?", she asked. A part of her didn't really want to

"She will be here in less than a week."

"That soon?" She looked down at him, uncertain whether she
should get off him or not. He avoided her stare, and it was
all she needed to be sure. This new position would be all he
had aspired since his graduation.

"It really doesn't leave us with much." she said.

Now he looked at her. "Do you want me to go?"

"No." She leaned over to him. "Not yet."

Her locks loosened when his hands removed the pins at the
back of her head. She shook her head gently and they fell
down, tickling his face. He snorted at them and moved his
hands back up across her back. He kissed her, soft and careful
at first, but what had started as a willing encounter soon
erupted into a full scale frenzy. She rolled away from his
body and he followed her, careful to keep some of his weight
on his arms that rested underneath her. His knee wriggled it's
way between her's, and his leg moved down until it reached the
sheets. She brought her left leg up around him, wrapped it
around his to tighten her hold. The kiss ended. He lifted his
body of her, but just a fraction.

"Are you sure you want to do this?", he asked.

"Aren't you?", she replied. When he didn't answer, she took
his head in both her hands and pulled him back down.

Feeling his fingers reach for the fastenings on her back she
pushed her shoulders back, arched her body to give him some
room to work. It was only when she realized he couldn't manage
to loosen her outfit in that position that she tried to rise.
He let go of her immediately, afraid she had somehow changed
her mind.

"Come" she said, reassuring him while she maneuvered them
back into the position they had held before. Again, with her
body sitting on him, she led his hands back to where they had
rested previously, only seconds ago. The smooth material that
clung to her body parted at her neck, and the slit quickly
followed her spine all the way down. His touch on her body felt
compelling and she took the buttons on his jacket one by one
and undid them, revealing a bare chest. 'He never was one to
wear shirts', raced through her mind when she fondled the dark
hairs around his nipples.

He at his turn was delicately tugging at the fabric that now
hung shapelessly around her body. When it had reached her
wrists she stopped her movements and kept perfectly still,
allowing him to pull the sleeves from her arms and expose her
breasts. Then she lowered her body and pressed her skin
against his.

* * *

The movements behind her woke her from her drowsiness. She
could hear him gathering his clothes, could hear him putting
them on. She noticed how her body shook slightly on the bed
when he put on his shoes, and the way it finally raised when
his weight left the mattress. She didn't hear him leave.

Her eyes were still closed. But somehow she knew he was
reaching out for her. If he touched her ...

"Don't" she told him softly. The moment seemed to last but
then, finally, she could hear his steps moving him away from
the bed. The doors opened. "Please," she said in the loudest
voice she could muster, "don't come back." And he heard it,
she could sense him more clearly then ever. The soft hiss of
the closing doors made her open her eyes.

Deanna moved upright in an instant. Her hands hesitantly
grabbed the sheets to cover her legs that she'd pulled up in
front of her. As she sat there, she could feel the tears began
to well. She shut her eyes again, reaching out for his thoughts
that became more faint with every second. She knew his passion,
his feelings for her would leave her range before he could leave
the dormitory. They always did. One of many downsides of her
mixed heritage.

The first of many droplets to come sprung from under her
eyelids and trickled down her face. She didn't feel anything,
just loneliness ... and his final thoughts of her.

"I love you too, Will."

- The end -

P.S. Those of you that hadn't figured out by line 40 or so it
was Will and Dee in their mid-twenties should be *really*