Codes: R (r/t)

Disclaimer: don't belong to me - never did. *pout*

Author's notes: this um, this isn't happy. Sort of a
'what if' for "Insurrection". Hope you like anyways

"Could have been"

I woke up this morning with this incredible feeling.
Maybe it was the influence of the planet but I don't
think so. Maybe I did finally come out of hiding.
Whatever it was I was dying to tell you.

I had to tell you. I had to know. You are the only
one I have ever trusted completly - my best friend, my
life, my inspiration. Do you know how often I wake up
thinking about you? Dreamed of touching you, having
you here beside me? You couldn't know - not really.
I have managed to hide even from myself.

I woke up with this incredible feeling - I am in love.
I am in love with my best friend. I think I never
stopped loving you, it just took awhile for me to
realize it though. I thought that I could move on. I
thought I could get you out of my head. I couldn't
and I realize that I never want to.

So I had to tell you. You had to know. I had this
feeling and there wasn't a moment to lose.

I didn't waste a moment before I was at your door.
You met me with that heartstopping smile of yours and
I almost lost what I was going to say. I was so lost
in you. Could you know, could you feel the same.

I never had the chance to tell you though - you were
in my arms in a moment.

I was going to ask you if you still thought of us. I
was going to ask if we could go back. If you knew how
wonderful it could be again. I was going to say so
many things. But you spoke before I ever could
formulate a thought.

"Isn't it wonderful, Will, I am getting married!"

I hugged you back and couldn't speak.

I guess I woke up too late.

the end Riker's POV


Codes: T (r/t)
Rated G

Disclaimer: they don't belong to me - never will

Author's note: at Pia's request (so blame her if you
don't like); this is not so much of a continuation as
the same situation from the other side. enjoy.

"Could have been" 2

I used to think I would wait for you forever. Once
the time was right for us again we would just fall
together again. I loved you that much. I believed in
you that much. Even though you broke my heart. I
never thought that we would lose that power that was
between us.

I had flings of course. We both did. Meaningless
affairs that meant nothing in the end b/c there was
always each other. Sometimes things meant a little
more but even those could never measure up to what we
had. That's what we did I think - measure. And
nothing ever compared - couldn't b/c we were looking
for the all consuming passion of our youth.

But what we never ever did was fall in love.

The effects of the Briar Patch made us feel youthful.
Free. Uninhibited by what had guarded us against our

I had been seeing David for awhile. Off and on. I
had never saw it leading anywhere, b/c none of them
ever did. It was always you. Until it wasn't.

The effects of the patch made him feel serious. He
asked me to marry him, and I realized with sudden
clarity that I really wanted to. I wanted him. I was
in love and hadn't even been aware.

You - are my best friend, my confidant, the only
person I will ever trust completly, and I will always
love you. But I am not in love with you anymore. I
am no longer waiting.

Isn't it wonderful - I am getting married.

the end Troi's POV