Rated: PG
Codes: C (R/T,p/c)


Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine. I just
play w/ them for fun.

"Observers of Fate"

I am a witness to a tragedy of wasted time. My best
friends, so in love and so far apart. Too afraid to
give in to what is between them. When all others
watch in awe. They have is what is only dreamed of by
others - and yet they let it flounder.

Once upon a time, I had close to that. My fate was
for it not to be but for a brief instant in time. And
then there is the one other. But that will work out
in time. Perhaps I am as bad as they. Time is
finite, for one who lives.

She so hurt by times past, she feels she would never
survive should she let herself fall. Him so focused
on ambition, he fails to see he is losing his future.

Desire so intense it is like a living thing. One
wonders how they seem to resist it, or if they even
do. I have had that body, though not the soul of the
man inside, I truly don't see how she could resist
the combination of both. But time and time again they
do. Calling it friends, never more. Amusing
themselves with outside distractions. Ignoring what
is calling them to each other.

How long can fate be ignored. How much time can be
lost. When is it too late. Tragedy of love.

the end