By: Gwen

Rating: PG
Codes: T,R/T

Disclaimer: It all belongs
to Paramount and Star Trek. I am simply borrowing
for fun not profit.

Authors notes:Set at no time in particular. First person
perspective. Just a moment, no story to speak of
really. Feedback is adored and craved. :)


The night wasn't any different from any other that
month, that year,
that decade. At least on the surface. But something
WAS different.
How I knew that was almost incidental. I knew it, as
easy as breathing.
When his hand accidently brushed mine as he took the
pad from me - I
knew it. When he glanced at me w/ that wry smile and
that look in his
eyes that was sharing a secret - I knew it. I knew,
the only thing that
was a real mystery was WHAT exactly I knew.

That something made me stay later than I should have.
That something
made me share a little synthahol after the reports
were finished. That
something made me let him hold me a little tighter as
we sat there just
talking. That something made me reluctant to leave and
let me linger
just a little too long in his gaze. That something
made me turn around
as I reached the door.

I let it get too real. I knew it. I let myself feel
for the first
time in years. I knew that too. The thing that it was
though, that
which was indefinable, hit me in an instant. I simply
didn't care. No
excuses, no reasons why not. I just let us feel, I
just let go. And in
that instant I was free.

I knew it when I turned back to look at him. I knew it
when I couldn't
stop myself from hurrying back to his arms. When I
couldn't stop myself
from kissing him back.

I knew we were finally here. Past the excuses, past
the hurts, past
the whys. I knew we were home.

The end