By: Gwen

Rating: PG
Codes: R (R/T)

Disclaimer: I don't own them, I never did. *sigh*

Authors notes: really short; set anytime before they
are together


We are friends who are in love. Where do you draw
that line? Not lovers because we determined that
would be best. Well, it was decided and I had no
choice but to agree. Still - where's the line?

Can I hold your hand, laugh with you, cheer you when
your sad? Can I tell you secrets, think you
beautiful, call upon your strength? Can I eat with
you, dance with you, work with you? Can I hold you
all night, share tender kisses in the dark?

We do all this you see. Is the line as clear now?

What if I were to kiss you a little longer, caress you
as I held you? Tell you, you still own my heart?
Tell you I am incomplete without you?

How clear is the line? How far to go before we call
it love?