Dark of the Night (A honeymoon story)

By: Gwen

Rating: R (to be safe)
Codes: R/T
Set: post-nemesis

Disclaimer: They are not mine, they never will be.

Author's notes: I realize this is short, but I am
doing this from work since my computer is sick ): But
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"Dark of the Night" (A honeymoon story)

They were devouring each other. The room totally dark
and not a sound heard outside of their soft moans. It
had been far too long since they had done this, Deanna
thought as she pushed Will hard to the bed. She
followed closely, seating herself astride his hips and
looking down at him with a crazy mix of love, passion,
and pure lust. She felt the same from him and it
increased her pleasure ten fold.

The wait had been too long to get to this point and
neither could wait even a second more. Opening
herself to him both body and mind, she took him inside
herself and lost herself to the passion of the moment.
His touches were white hot upon her body, his touch
in her mind almost pushing her to orgasm on its own.


Lost in the moment completly, a scream was heard in
the darkness.

"Oh God.... Tom!"

Part 2

The sound of a voice calling out in utter ecstasy was
not so surprising, considering the resort they were
in. The responding cry, however, certainly was. So
surprising in fact that Deanna quite literally fell
off of Will, off the bed and on the floor from the
shock. Will himself, having been totally in the
moment, was taken quite by surprise at Deanna's
reaction. That was until he himself heard the voice
as well.

"It's not possible is it?" Deanna murmured quietly
from her position on the floor. "I mean, I didn't
even sense..." she trailed off.

Will, having finally gained back some of his
equilibrium, looked from his wife to the wall and back
again several times. All the while he was
trying to ignore the pain in his groin from Deanna's
rather abrupt departure.

"I suppose it is," he finally answered, watching the
play of emotions in Deanna's eyes. "I mean," he said
quietly "it has been almost 15 years since we last saw

Deanna just shook her head slowly trying to clear it
and slow her breathing, all the while staring at the
wall. No more sounds could be heard from the adjacent
room, for the moment.

"Aren't you cold sitting down there?" Will finally
asked with a small grin when she hadn't said anything
more in several minutes.

Though she turned toward him, Deanna regarded Will and
the hand he offered as if she wasn't even aware that
he was there. Then seeing the slight wince he
couldn't quite hide when he switched positions, she
scrambled up.

"Oh Will - I am sooo sorry I..."

Will pulled her into his arms and put his finger to
her lips.
"It's okay - it's not that bad." he smiled, though it
was a little forced.

Leaning forward she kissed him gently, in comfort.
"I am sorry though."

Her gaze returned to the wall, wrapping Will's arms
tighter around her.

"I just can't imagine why... I mean why here, why now,
we haven't heard anything in so long and..." she
trailed off ringing her hand and shaking her head in
obvious confusion.

Will suddenly laughed, though a little ruefully.


"Well there are really only 2 reasons he could be HERE
right now."

Watching the confusion on her face grow, he smiled

"This place is only reserved for honeymooners or..."

"Or for those on anniversaries," she finished his
thought gesturing to the two of them.

Deanna suddenly sat straight up and stared at him.

"You think TOM RIKER got MARRIED?!"


part 3

She lay watching him sleep. She had been watching him
for hours,afraid in some small way that were she to
stop he would disappear.

Plus she just liked to look at him. His strong frame
and face that still appeared boyish at times despite
his age. Especially when he smiled. She followed a
path with her eyes over his face, his neck, his chest
and far lower. Slowly lifting a hand she carressed
his chest,idily playing with the hair she found there.

For her it had been love at first sight. She had been
on staff at the hospital where he had been taken after
finally being rescued from the cardassian prison.
Though she wasn't originally involved with his case,
she knew with one look that she needed to be. And not
only for her own feelings. There was just something
in his eyes that told her he needed her.

And so she had gotten herself assigned to his case as
an independent consultant, using her considerable
influence at the hospital. Being an admiral's
daughter did have some advantages. In fact, if she
had wanted to she could have put herself in charge.
Something told her, however, if she had done that she
would never win his trust. Plus she didn't want to
be in a position where conflict of interest would come
into play. Though she wasn't quite sure what she was
expecting to happen.

It had taken years to gain that trust. At first he
rejected any help in all forms. Most of this was due
to pride and the unreality of freedom after so long.
But he was also haunted by something undefinable. An
unnamed presence from his past.

There was no question of attraction though. On either
side. But though she was only 2 years younger than
he, he seemed to see her as innocent. Something about
her profession held him back as well.

So she became his friend. In time, his best friend.
She took herself off his case as soon as she gained
his trust. She knew that she needed to be able to
keep his confidences exclusively. Plus she was
falling in love.

A few years after they had met, they finally
surrendered to the attraction between them. Though,
he had told her before it ever happened that though he
cared for her a great deal, he knew that he would
never be able to love her. At least not the way she
needed or wanted him to. Despite everything, his
heart would always belong elsewhere. But she loved
him, and that was ultimalty enough.

She knew his history of course. It was impossible to
be associated with Starfleet in any capacity and not
know. She had even met his "brother" on occasion.
Though never his wife, though they shared the same
profession. She could never understand how any woman
could walk away. She knew with certainty that she
would never be able to let go.

She didn't know what she would say to Deanna
Troi-Riker should she ever meet her, but she almost
hoped she never would. Competing with a living ghost
was not an easy prospect. She would win though. No
one would hurt him again. Smiling with a possesive
look at that thought, Leita Riker curled up next to
her new husband and finally went to sleep.


part 4

Will laughed at his wife's incredulous look.

"Why is that so surprising? Besides it's not like he
could be here otherwise."

It was true. The island of Kiarnan was a private one
and the resort was reserved exclusively for married
couples. To even get in the door you had to have
proof of marriage. The proprieters of the place were
firm believers in the sanctity of it, they having been
married for almost 150 years. Nearly half the life of
a Kiaran. They had designed the resort, the only
thing on the island, with the purpose of celebrating
the institution.

Deanna shook her head. She pulled a robe from the
chair and paced around the room.

"I know, but I just can't believe that TOM would..."

"Why not - it's not impossible. I mean I finally got
married why couldn't he?" Will said with a grin.

"Yeah - but you married ME." she murmered.

Will stared at her, the grin fading quickly. Deanna's
head snapped up as she felt his abrupt change in

"Oh so that's what this is about? You can't handle it
if it is not YOU he wants anymore?"


"No, that is not what I meant Will. You know that."
she glared at him. "You know I love you, hell you can
FEEL I love you. I only meant that I wore you down."

She sighed and sat on the corner of their bed.

Will moved behind her and started kneading her
"I know. I guess Tom just brings out..."

"The possesive neadrathal?" she leaned her head back
on his shoulder to look at him.

"Something like that." he shook his head and kissed
her gently.

She smiled and then sobered leaning against him.

"I wonder how he's doing. I mean I know it's been
awhile since he was rescued..."

"You still feel guilty."

"So do you."

Will sighed. "Yeah, a little. But there was nothing
we could have done, Dea. You know that as well as I

"I know" she whispered.

"He certainly sounds happy enough though."

Will grinned at her, watching her until she had no
choice but to smile back.

"I need to talk to him."

"We both do - and we will. Tommorrow. He is right
next door you know."

He leaned back pulling her with him into bed.

She curled up against him.

"Sleep." he whispered, pulling her hair back from her

"Mmm hmmm" she murmered snuggling closer.

Will laughed softly before closing his eyes and
surrendering to sleep himself.


The next morning Will was up early. Long before
Deanna would even think of rising. He headed down to
the dining room of the resort. There were replicators
in the rooms of course, but there was no beating the
comraderie of other early rising bodies.

He headed over to get a drink.

Not quite awake he wasn't quite watching where he was
headed and ran into the woman in front of him.

"Hey - watch what you are doing!" she exclaimed.

"I'm sorry I... Leita!" He shook his head with a

She froze. If Will was here, that meant his wife was
with him. This was going to be a problem. Definatly.

"Will Riker, I should have known." she smiled, a
little nervously.


part 5

"Of course you should have. We always run into each
other when least expected." Will grinned at her.

"Oh yes," she sighed. "All those wonderful, stuffy,
starfleet 'required' social functions. It has been
quite awhile though."

"Yes it has. How is your father doing? I heard
about the attack."

"He's good, as good as can be expected. Still 'the
admiral' though they did manage to finally get him
to 'officially' retire."

Will laughed, just picturing the 80 year old admiral
demanding reports and daily updates from his bed.

"Jared Renoir is quite a man." He shook his head.

"Yes, he..." she trailed off as a dark head woman
came up behind Will. Deanna Troi, she knew without any

"Hey - morning sleepy." Will said as he kissed her
good lightly.

"If you hadn't kept me up so late..." she trailed
off as she registered they had company.

"Hello" She smiled genuinly.

"Oh Leita - do you know my wife?"

"I don't think we've ever had the pleasure." she
said with a polite smile.

Will shook his head.
"Wow, I am actually surprised by that. You are in
the same profession after all, and considering how often
we run into each other." he chuckled.

"Well I mostly deal with trauma cases so we probably
don't travel in quite the same company."

Now there was nothing particularly odd about this
statement. Or at least there shouldn't have been.
But Deanna got the definate feeling that Leita was
implying that her job was lesser by comparison. And
that was not the only thing. Deanna could feel
great anxiety coming from the woman as well as
determination and coldness. And for some reason she couldn't
fathom, it was all directed towards her.

"Well then," Will said, making a dramatic sweep with
his arm. "Leita, this is my wife, Deanna Troi-Riker." he
winked at her and she couldn't help but grin back.

"Deanna, this is my social escape buddy for the
admirals parties, Leita... You know I didn't even
think to ask. What is your last name now Leita?"

"What?" she asked, more quickly than she should

"Well, it couldn't be Renoir anymore right? Since
you are married..." he trailed off at her look.

"I do still use Renoir actually, professionally."

"I use my name like that too." Deanna put in trying
to put the other woman more at ease.

*She couldn't just be beautiful, she had to be nice
too* Leita thought bitterly. She smiled in Deanna's
general direction.

"Well don't keep us in suspense," Will was saying.
"Why don't we all get a table and you can tell us
all about your lucky guy." he started to head further
into the dining room.

"Oh, you two go ahead. I have some work I need to
catch up on..."

"On vacation!? Come on... Oh I see, you are
ditching us old fogies to spend some quality time with your
new hunk." Will laughed and put his arm around Deanna
bringing her closer.

"Something like that." Leita murmered. "It's been
really great to see you though. I am sure we will
see you around the resort."

She started heading for the door.

"Maybe we can have dinner..." Will started before
Deanna elbowed him. He looked at her in confusion.

"Maybe." Leita said, sounding not at all convinced
as she waved over her shoulder on the way out the door.

"Why did you do that?" Will asked Deanna looking
down to her.

"Somethings not right, Will." She shook her head.
"She was hiding something, I am sure of it. So
anxious and she really dislikes me though for the
life of me..."

"Dislikes you? Never happen. Maybe she was just
tired, it is likely her honeymoon after all."

Deanna shook her head, staring at the door Leita had
left through. "No. There is definatly something wrong here."


Leita leaned back against the wall and sighed. She
had made it through the first encounter with that
woman. Hopefully she had managed to appear pleasant
enough, if not she could always blame it on the

She sighed again. Then took a deep breath, pushing
herself off the wall. She was not anticipating the
upcoming conversation, but there was no option. As
much as she loved this resort... She marched
resolutly toward her room.

They had to leave. There was no other option.


part 6

He was still asleep as she entered the room. She
stopped by the bed and watched him for a moment,
brushing the hair back off his forehead with her hand
in an absent motion. Deep in thought. She hated to
ruin this perfect paradise. He looked so innocent and
trouble free in sleep, untouched by the horrors of the
day to day.

Yet one way or another it would be ruined. Better if
she did so than if he were to see 'her'. Especially
after seeing how happy they were. Disgusting really
after all that had happened to Tom because 'she' was
unwilling to help. No, much better if she were to
ruin it.

So lost in thought was she that she didn't notice
Tom's eyes open and focus on her. He watched her for
a moment then took her hand and pulled her to him,
rolling them both over so that she was pinned beneath
him in a matter of seconds.

"Morning, Beautiful," he whispered.

Leita smiled up at him but was unable to speak as he
captured her mouth in a breathtakingly sensual kiss,
effectively driving all thought from her head.


Deanna walked down the hall towards her room. For
just a moment she hesitated, then headed towards Tom's
room next door, finally determined to speak to him.
Though what she would say or could say - she had no

She stopped short in her tracks the sounds of passion
reached her ears and assaulted her senses. Shaking
her head she turned and headed back towards the main
lobby - heading for the beach.


Tom stood staring out the window to their room. He
smiled thinking of his morning wake up call. Hearing
the shower start he headed towards the bathroom to
join his wife. Just as he turned a familiar sight
caught his eye and he blinked. Moving closer to the
window he stared out at the beach. Disbelief written
over his face, his heart beating a fierce rhythm. It
couldn't be possible - after so long...

"Deanna" he breathed.


Part 7

He stood there. Stunned, totally and completly. Of
all the people he could see here he would never have
guessed... Tom shook his head. If she was here, then
obviously... Again he stopped, he did not want to
follow that train of thought. He understood why she
was with him, and they truly did deserve each other...
she most especially deserved all the happiness that
life could offer. But still.

Finally getting himself moving he headed quickly
toward the bathroom.

"Leita? Sweetheart - I'm going to run out for a little
while okay?"

Not waiting for an answer, he grabbed his shoes and
headed out the door - towards the beach.

"You don't want to join me..." Leita's voice and smile
died out as she realized he was no longer in the room.

Shrugging she headed back to the bathroom then stopped
short in her tracks as a thought struck her.

"No..." she whispered.

She ran to the window looking towards the beach, just
in time to notice her worst fear.

She was completely unable to stop her tears as she
sank to the floor.


It was a beautiful evening in paradise. Deanna was
taking her time walking down the beach enjoying the
sight of the suns setting. She sighed. It would be
such a shock when they had to go back to their
official lives.

She was still determined to talk to Tom. Though
admittedly, she thought wryly, her timing could
certainly be better. There were just so many things
that needed to be said. So much that was left undone.
So much she had to apoligize for, even if he wouldn't
let her - or Will, which she highly suspected would be
the case.

She and Will had decided that she should talk to him
first. Alone. Though Will held no ill will toward
Tom, and had felt just as helpless and guilty when he
was captured; they still tended to bring out the worst
in each other. More than likely because they saw the
worst of themselves in each other.

She had set out to speak with him, but the man was on
his honeymoon after all. So she had set out to wait,
and enjoy a lovely view while she did so. She smiled
and gazed toward the ocean.

"Still the smile that can light up the night."

Deanna stopped rather stunned. She hadn't sensed him
coming, which was surprising. Though she had blocked
what sense she had had of him so as not to be drawn
into the passion he and his wife had shared. Still

"Tom Riker. Still the flatterer I see." She turned
and appraised him as he walked to her.

He still looked good, though the trials of his life
were apparent in the lines of his face. It made him
look years older than he should. She frowned

"It's not flattery. You are as breathtaking as ever."
Tom said shaking his head.
"I can't believe this."

"How have you been Tom?" she asked. A question that
in no way did justice to how she felt. Knowing he was
here was one thing, seeing him...

"Oh not so bad you know how it is. Traveling the
galaxy and all." he said with a touch of his
trademark grin on his face. He still looked awestruck

Deanna smiled slightly but simply shook her head, very
obviously not buying it for a minute.

"You don't seem surprised to see me here. Did you
sense..." he broke off as Deanna shook her head.

"No, actually, we just so happen to be in the room
next door." she laughed at his expression.

"Yes..." he coughed uncomfortably. "Well I suppose
you would know then huh? Leita and I ..."


Now that did surprise her. She had not even
imagined... But it did explain the feelings she had
sensed from the woman... at least in part. She shook
herself, forcing her mind back to what Tom was saying.

"..my wife. Ten days ago in fact." his smile lit up

"I met her this morning actually." Deanna said.

"You did?"

"Yes. She knows Will apparently from some admiral

She noticed that Tom tensed at the mention of Will's
name, though he kept it well in check.

"Hmmm, yes, she has mentioned that she knew him. I'd
forgotten that... or decided to forget it." he
continued at Deanna's slight disbelieving look. He
had almost forgotten how well she knew him.

"God it's so good to see you Dea." he breathed.

She smiled.

"You too. We were worried about you. We wanted

"There was nothing you could have done Deanna." he cut
her off, as she expected. "I made my own choices and
have to live with consequences."

"But what they did to you..." she cut off as he came
to her and wrapped her in his arms.

There was not a thing sensual about it. It was an
apoligy, forgiveness, friendship, and a total release
of tension.

They broke apart and smiled.

"I hate to leave but..."

"Leita's probably looking for you." she smiled.

"Why don't we all have breakfast tommorrow?"

"We would love to." she said sincerely.

Tom smiled once more and turned to walk back to the
resort. Sensing Will coming up behind her, Deanna
stayed where she was and sat down in the sand to wait,
watching Tom as he walked back.

Leaning back into her husband's strong arms she
sighed. Will tightened his arms around her.

"Okay?" he whispered in her ear.

"Okay." she answered turning to capture his lips with


Walking back into the lobby, Tom Riker was met with a
very angry and hurt wife.

"I suppose you saw 'her'," there was pure venom in her

He stood and stared at her for a quiet moment.

"Yes, and why is it that my WIFE didn't bother to tell
me that she was here. That she had seen her 'this
morning'." His voice didn't raise above a soft
whisper but the anger and hurt was there just the same
as though he had screamed at her. Worse because he

She almost didn't notice however, as she continued.

"Why WOULD I tell you? It would only make things
worse for you. She's a part of the past and she needs
to stay there. Why can't you see that!" There was
almost a pleading note to her voice.

There was no response though. For a moment Tom just
stare at her increduously. Then he shook his head and
headed back out to the beach.


Part 8

She stood frozen to the spot as her husband walked out
to the beach. She finally turned when she could see
him no longer and headed back to their room. Heading
down the hall she ran directly into Deanna.

Deanna took a step back instinctively with the force
of the anger and hatred coming off the woman.

"Why can't you just leave him alone!" Leita screamed.
"We were just fine until you popped up again."

Glaring at the woman in front of her she turned on her
heel and headed back the way she had come, heading for
the beach after Tom.

"Look," Deanna called after her. "I don't even
want..." she trailed off as Leita froze and looked
back at her with pure hatred in her eyes.

"Of course you don't want him," she responded in a
surprisingly low voice. "That has been the problem
all along. You don't want him, and all he can see is
you. You - chose Will over him when you let him go.
Proving who was the 'better' brother. There was no
way he could EVER keep up w/ 'Commander Riker's'
perfect image. He was only a mistake, after all, an
imperfect copy. So of course he had no recourse but
to do the exact opposite. You know what happened
after that, don't you?"

As she was speaking they had been continuing along the
beach but suddenly she spun and turned on Deanna,
causing her to back up in retreat.

Without giving the other woman even a moment to
respond she continued. "Of course you do! He was
captured and kept by the Cardassians for 3 years!! Do
you have any idea how lucky he is that he even
survived?! Did you know that he half expected you to
rescue him? You and his almighty brother, even if he
hated him, b/c he was SURE you would convince him to.
But you didn't even care did you?!"

Her voice suddenly dropped to a whisper.

"And still all he can see is you." Her energy gone
she stopped and stared out at horizon.

Deanna had just opened her mouth to respond when they
both heard the voices further down the beach.

They ran towards them.


"Damn it, Will, what is enough for you. You have
everything, the perfect career "Captain", the perfect
life, and the only woman who EVER mattered..." Tom
trailed off slowly as he looked up to notice his wife
and Deanna standing there. The look on Leita's face
broke his heart.

"Okay," she whispered sadly, looking straight at
Deanna. "You win, I can't fight anymore."

With that she ran off down the beach before anyone
could even think to respond.

"Deanna..." Will started but immediatly stopped upon
seeing the look on his wife's face.

"Save it Will! I can't believe you two. I am no
one's property! NO!" she exclaimed as Tom started off
after Leita.
"I will go after her. You stay here and don't even
THINK of following us."

She started in the direction Leita had taken then
stopped. Turning she looked at Tom and shook her head
"You have no idea how much she loves you."

She turned and headed down the beach, leaving both
Riker's staring after her - speechless.


Part 9

"What I was going to say was -- I don't want to fight
with you."

Leita looked up to find Deanna standing at the doorway
to the beach stand she had escaped to.

"I can't fight with you, I don't know why I ever
thought I could," she whispered, staring at her feet.

She sat drawing small pictures in the sand with a

The despair in Leita's eyes and voice broke Deanna's
heart and she moved further into the room.

"Because you love him. And he loves you."

"He does!" she admonished when Leita started to
protest. She shook her head and smiled.
"He just doesn't show it very well."

"No," Leita said, looking up with tears shining in her
eyes. "You heard him, Will has the only one who
matters - and that's you."

Deanna sighed and sat down next to her.

"You don't know for sure what they were talking about,
neither of us truly does. Besides even if you're
right, he's talking about an ideal of me. A memory.
That's all that Tom has ever known of me."

Leita finally met the other woman's gaze.

"What do you mean?"


"She's wrong you know. I do know how much..."

Both Riker men stood staring in the direction Deanna
had gone. They hadn't moved since her outburst.
Tom's words shattered the eerie silence they had
fallen into.

Will turned to look at him with a raised eyebrow.

"How much what?"

Tom sighed, finally turning and sitting down in the
sand staring out at the ocean.

"How much she loves me. I know I never deserved her I
was just hoping that I wouldn't make her regret caring
about me."

"You love her?" Will asked with a small smirk.

At that Tom leapt to his feet again.

"Of course I do - what kind of question is that!?
Leita is the most caring individual I have ever known.
Did you know she stayed with me long after the so
called 'doctors' had given up hope?! Said I would
never be sane enough to get along in the world because
of the treatment I was forced to endure. But she
wouldn't give up..."

Tom started walking shaking his head, continuing in a
near whisper.

"Said I had to fight to live, because she believed in
me. I don't remember the last time someone actually
believed in me - even myself." He turned to look at
Will who was now walking beside him.

"She saved me. Right at that moment I knew I would
love her for the rest of my life."

Will raised his eyebrow at the outburst, though it had
been the intended effect. They always dealt better
when competing.

"Have you ever told her?"


"The Deanna Troi that Tom remembers is the girl he was
going to meet on Risa. So much changed in those eight
years he was trapped. I grew up, got my heart

Leita looked at her confused.

"But things had changed for him too, I mean he was
trapped all alone... lost his career..." her voice
trailed off as she thought of her Tom all alone for
those eight long years. It was a thought that kept
her up at night still, made her protective.

"Yes, and he spent those eight years dreaming of what
he had then. He lived on memories, dreams. In a
sense, his life stood still while mine, and Will's -
moved on. While Will and I grew apart and back
together. Things he could never have known or
realized." Deanna sighed.

"We never had any closure"


"Of course I have!" Tom shook his head and Will's

"Not really. Not as much as I should. I married her
and I thought..." he trailed off.

"And never let go of Deanna." Will added. He held up
his hand before Tom could argue back.

"I don't blame you, I could never let go of her
either. Only I am not married to you."

Tom was surprised by the compassion in Will's voice at
the statement. And it showed.

Will grinned.

"So chalk it up to left over guilt. I do know a few
things about having women pissed at you."

Tom looked at him for a moment then laughed.

"I'm sure you do. So, wise one, what do you suggest I
do?" he asked jokingly.

"The one thing all men know how to do. Grovel."

He smiled.

"Or you could try telling her the truth."

Tom stared at him for a moment then nodded slowly.

"Let's go find them shall we?"

They headed down the beach.


"But you saw each other on the Enterprise..." Leita
started trailing off as Deanna shook her head.

"When we found him... I don't know, I let myself get
lost in the memories too. Will and I... Well, I
wanted something that wasn't, couldn't happen then.
So when Tom started pursuing me again..."

Deanna trailed off lost in the memories for a moment.
Leita watched fasinated as a tear fall from her eye.
Maybe there was more to her than she thought.

"But," Deanna finally continued.
"That's why it couldn't ever work. We were both
reliving what was. It wasn't reality. And he was
gone so quickly before we could adjust to what was."

Leita smiled slightly. Then shook her head.

"But he's never let you go. There's no way I can
compete with that."

"You still don't see it - all I am to him is a
pleasant memory. YOU are his reality now."

"She's right you know."

Deanna and Leita looked up to see Will and Tom
standing just outside.

Tom moved inside quickly totally ignoring Deanna as he
went and pulled Leita into his arms.

Deanna got up and walked to Will.

They watched as Tom whispered something to Leita and
she nodded into his shoulder.

"That's our cue." Will whispered to Deanna. She

He took her hand and they began to walk down the

"Dinner?" Tom called out.

"I'm cooking!" Will yelled back without turning


Dark of the Night - Epilogue

They were devouring each other. The room totally dark
and not a sound heard outside of their soft moans. It
had been far too long since they had done this, Deanna
thought as she pushed Will hard to the bed. She
followed closely, seating herself astride his hips and
looking down at him with a crazy mix of love, passion,
and pure lust. She felt the same from him and it
increased her pleasure ten fold.

The wait had been too long to get to this point and
neither could wait even a second more. Opening
herself to him both body and mind, she took him inside
herself and lost herself to the passion of the moment.
His touches were white hot upon her body, his touch
in her mind almost pushing her to orgasm on its own.


Lost in the moment completly, a scream was heard in
the darkness.

"Oh God.... Tom!"

There was not a sound in the dark room. All movement
ceased. For just an instant before Will suddenly
chuckled and turned them so that Deanna was beneath

He smiled at her and leaned down to kiss her again.

"Do you remember when we were that vocal, Imzadi?" he
whispered softly in her ear.

Her breath caught on a frustrated sigh, trying to
begin their motion again; caught just a heartbeat away
from completion. He had her effectively trapped.

He was watching her with a teasing grin, forcing
himself to hold off his desire by sheer force of will.
His moment of victory didn't last however, as she
wrapped her mind around his causing a loud moan and
total loss of control - for both of them.

They lay staring at each other for a full minute,
catching their breathe and exchanging gentle caresses
and kisses.

"Oh I'd say we're still pretty vocal," she laughed.

Will shot a look at the thin wall that divided their
room from the vocal couple next door.

A sly grin grew slowly on his face. Though they were
definatly two different people now, there would be
some things that Tom and he would always have in
common. Competition was only one of them.

"Why don't we show them what we can do then? And just
why it's even better after 10 years," he whispered as
his mouth bent to capture hers once more.

And show it they did.

The End :)