To Remember

By: Gwen

Rating: PG
Codes: R/T

Disclaimer: It all belongs
to Paramount and Star Trek. I am simply borrowing
for fun not profit.

Author's notes:
Follows 'Menage a Troi'; though I played w/ the
timeline a bit to make it fit. I think it still
works though.
Hope you enjoy. As always feedback is adored and
eagerly awaited.

"To Remember"

Deanna Troi leaned back against the bulkhead as the
doors to the transporter room door closed and

It had been a harrowing few days. But her mother
was now safely home, the Ferengi were gone... Overall,
everything was as it should be. Even Wesley
Crusher, though missing the Academy for the time being, had
found his place. She smiled, thinking of how
thrilled both Wesley and his mother were with his new

Only one thing was missing before all would be right
with her world.


"She almost wouldn't let me walk her to the
transporter room. She insisted on being escorted
there by her 'savior'," Deanna said, rolling her

"That's Lwaxana, true to form, " Will laughed,
joining her on the couch.

Suddenly Deanna grew pensive and she shivered. She
smiled a small smile and glanced around.

"Dinner smells good," she stated, still not looking
at him.

Will looked at her questionedly at the non sequiter,
noticing her sudden unease.

"Dea?" he asked quietly, placing his hand lightly on
her shoulder.

"Hmmm?" When she looked back at him her eyes were

He looked at her searchingly, and she could feel his
concern radiating off him in waves.

"You okay?"

She smiled back, a little too brightly.

He looked at her for a moment more then headed to
the table, squeezing her shoulder as he stood up.

"Okay," he said quietly.

He turned to the table arranging their dinner.
"Wesley really saved the day, didn't he?" he asked
her without turning.

Deanna sighed quietly in relief glad he wasn't
pushing her to talk about it yet. Pure Will Riker trying to
ease the tension.

She smiled.

"Yes, I saw Beverly earlier. She is so thrilled for
him. She really wasn't looking forward to having
him leave, despite being happy for him. So this way
they both get what they want. Sort of."

He turned and grinned at her.

"Even if Wes isn't thrilled to still be under his
mother's watchful eye. Though, according to Geordi,
he wasn't acting all that eager to be leaving
either." Will said.

"I suppose that's natural, after all this is 'home'
to him..." she trailed off in thought.

"Will?" Deanna asked quietly.

He turned to her and was startled to realize that
she had moved to just behind him. Though they were a
hair breath apart now he didn't move. Neither did she.


He gazed at her, taking in her expression. She
looked tired. It had been a long day two days for her.
Deanna had spent the last day catching up with her
mother, supposedly to keep her out of trouble, but
he knew she was mainly keeping a watchful eye. Making
sure she was truly okay after what Damon Tog had
done to her. And despite all her eccentricity Will knew
Lwaxana was grateful for the hovering. Now though,
he wondered if someone should have been hovering over
Deanna as well.

"I never did thank you for all you did to save us."
Deanna said at a near whisper.

"I didn't do anything really, you were the one

She stopped him with a finger against his lips.

"No, you saved us, if nothing else by keeping me
sane." she said with a small smile that faded

Will captured her hand before she could remove it,
and lightly kissed her fingers one by one.

"You're welcome," he whispered.

Deanna suddenly realized that he hadn't let go of
her hand. And that she was trembling.

"Before - all this craziness started... what...?"
she paused, suddenly unsure of how to finish her train
of thought.

Will squeezed her hand comfortingly, lacing their
fingers together.


"What were we doing exactly, I mean before my mother
interrupted us..." she trailed off.

"Oh, I don't know," he said slowly. He brushed a
strand of hair back from her face with his other
hand and held it there a moment, moving his thumb slowly
along her jaw line. Deanna was finding it hard to
breathe. For an instant she was sure that he was
about to kiss her, and that she was going to let

"Just remembering, I suppose," he continued.
"Right?" he asked her when she didn't respond after a moment.

Though the look in his eyes, and probably hers,
disputed that statement she chose not to argue the
point. He was right after all, they had decided.
Still sometimes she wished...

Taking a quick breath she smiled. "Right"

Will smiled and pulled her into his embrace. She
went willingly wrapping her arms tight around him.

"I am so glad you're okay," he whispered into her

She sighed and hugged him tighter for a moment
before letting go.

He let her go and stepped back giving her a quick

"So, how about that dinner? Back on duty tomorrow
you know, Counselor."

She grinned back before groaning playfully.

"Oh, How could I forget, Commander?"

Later that night when Deanna returned to her
quarters she noticed a small handwritten note stuck by her
computer terminal. There was only one person who it
could be from.

She picked it up slowly. Her eyes filled with tears
as she read.

"I do remember. I will always remember, Imzadi.
Muk Tok live for hundreds of years. As it lives on,
so will we."

Deanna clutched it to her heart and smiled a
tremulous smile. "Yes, Imzadi," she whispered "We will."

The end