Rated: PG
Codes: R (R/T)


Disclaimer: not mine, never were, never will be

Author's notes: Inspired by a single word. Hope you
enjoy. :)

a confession from Will to Deanna


Running is something I do well. I started early when
I left my father and what should have been home
behind. I never looked back. I always felt my
destiny... well if one were to call it that since it
was never something I believed in. I always felt it
was "out there" somewhere. Starfleet therefore seemed
the perfect fit. Even if it was a link in a small way
to my father. I had my goal.

I was going to break Kirk's record. I could
practically see myself doing it. I had talent, I had
ambition, and nothing was going to stop me. I was
still running but I was running towards something
instead of away for the first time. That was my

There were women of course. But I didn't need love,
it would only break my focus. To get what I felt I
needed out of life, I couldn't have that. Love,
emotion of any kind, was too unclear. So much like
fate or destiny - magical stuff that had left my life
when my mother did so long ago. And then I met you.

Derailed from my career for an instant for a planetary
assignment I neither wanted nor expected; I saw you.
And there was magic. Of a kind I had never dreamed.
But you ran from me, you made me chase. I had been
chasing my dream for so long it seemed only natural
for me.

Only I was not prepared for the instant you let me
catch you. I only let myself have the magic for that
moment. Then I let reasoning and an overprotective
parent make it easy for me to let it go. I ran.

I knew the instant I broke your heart. But I couldn't
turn around. Back was uncertainty and fear, forward
was a clear objective. I took the only option I felt
I had.

You followed but it wasn't the same. Your belief in
fate and destiny and magic had been tarnished as well
now. Because of me. And so we were friends. After a
time we were comfortable.

I still had my dreams, my ambition, my hope. I was on
the Flagship and the next step could only be my own
command. I was still driven and there were still
women. Reputation and ambition are a powerful pull.

Then I got what I always dreamed. Though it came from
a voice from the past. And you told me - 'until next

Twice and again this was offered till a brat of an
upstart asked why I was still here? She asked because
she wanted my job, because she was what I had ceased
to be. Filled with a single focus, a dream, an
ambition. At least that self same one. And I began
to question.

Then I was face to face to the me I once was, and the
you who was smitten. And I realized.

But it is only now I can tell you. Only now that it
is right. I have been running all my life - but I
have been running to you.

the end