By: Gwen

Rated: PG
Codes: T
Set: sometime in the first few years on the Enterprise

Disclaimer: not mine, never claimed them anyway...

Author's notes: Just a quick one that started out as
something and turned into something else. Gotta love
when that happens. :) Carol's piece actually got me
Hope you enjoy and feedback please!


Tomorrow I will be over you. I will be able to look
at you and smile and not imagine myself running into
your arms. I will talk to you and not be flooded with
memories of what used to be, and hopes of what might
have been. Tomorrow it will be better. I will not
wake up with tears staining my pillow. I will not
awaken reaching for you and feeling empty when you are
not there.

Tomorrow I will no longer be in love with you. I will
not watch with you with other women and want to be in
their place, dazzled by that smile. I will not have
to take men to my bed to prove to myself, and to you,
over and over that I am over you. Tomorrow I will be
able to say that you are my friend and mean exactly
that. I won't harbor any secret wishes that you will
call my bluff, deny my claim, and tell me that you
have loved only me.

Tomorrow we will be professional. I will not try to
read beyond the surface when you look at me. I will
not try to protect only you from danger. I will not
wait hoping that someday you might read me again,
someday I might hear you again in places only you have
ever been. Tomorrow the past won't matter, we will
have left it far behind us.

Tomorrow I won't be hurt every time I see you. I
won't remember how you betrayed me, how you left me,
how you managed to break my heart. I won't be angry
because I never meant to give it to you at all. You
were never meant to capture my soul.

Tomorrow I will be over you. I will not let myself
love you.