Author: Gwen Slaughter

Disclaimer: not mine, never tried to call them that...

Authors notes: This is a real short one sort of in response to Pia's last piece but something that has been crawling around all day...

"If I wait"

If I wait another day, will it be easier

will I not miss you so,

will my heart not beat a helpless rhythm at the very thought of you

If I wait another day, could I manage just a bit more

to convince myself that I am only lonely

that it is not you that I truly miss,

convince myself that what we have is not once in a lifetime

I find myself searching for others -

yet looking behind myself all the while...

caught in a helpless waiting game -

waiting for what... I don't know

I know time is taking you from me

day by day

In time I could be only a memory

And it kills me to think that it could come to only that

I feel as though I stand on sidelines always -

smiling when you smile,

feeling stronger when you do,

yet always, always, watching waiting wondering...

If I wait another day...

Gwen Slaughter