I Watch You

By: Gwen

codes: T(R/T implied)

disclaimer: not mine, never were, certainly will never
claim them to be...

author's notes: I know I haven't posted anything in
quite awhile but this just popped into my head this
morning, actually as a dedication for someone in my
own life but it just fit so well... :)
feedback is good for the soul

"I watch you"

I watch you
though you may not even realize
I watch the little things you do
I watch you because of who you are

I watch you as you play social
putting on a new persona for all the world
yet only I can see the strain behind the eyes
and know when you would rather just be

I watch your smiles of satisfaction,
that you imagine no one can see
I watch the sweet confusion in your eyes
when those around you make no sense
you think I don't know that I can be hard to read

I watch you as you watch me
as I enter a room, chat with those around me
and pretend that I don't notice
the focus that has been placed on me,
just as mine has been placed on you

I watch the eyes that darken with passion,
the arms that are stretched to hold me
even if it is only in memory
of something that once was, and will be once again

I watch your hands as they work
knowing what those hands can do,
and what they can elicite from those around you,
so caring in all they do,
even in such innocent touch

I watch your face as it lights up in laughter
when something silly touches you -
may it be a whispered word, a remembered thought,
or a crazy memory

I watch your eyes as they light
as you talk of your favorite subjects
enjoying it all the more
when you have a captive audience;
sometimes in me.

I watch the warmth that is projected
in all do for those for whom you truly care
and how blissfully unaware you are
of just how much of an effect you have.

You can never begin to realize
just what I see when I watch you,
and I smile my secret smile -
hoping to leave you wondering,
and watching in turn.

Gwen Slaughter