Author: Gwen Slaughter
Rating: PG
Codes: P/T

Disclaimer: Tom, B'Elanna and all of Voyager belong
to Paramount and Star Trek. I am simply borrowing
them for fun not profit.

Authors notes:
I was in a mopey mood today - maybe it was the rain
(and the cold - what happened to 80 degrees ): ) but I
digress. This is what came to mind. It is largely
dialogue based, which as Elizabeth can attest to is
not something I usually enjoy but... Hope you enjoy.


He heard her call out to him just before she closed
the door. She walked to the window and watched as he
pulled away before turning to gather her bags with a


She turned to him as he called her name. She looked
tired; it had been a long night filling out final
paperwork. Today was an end and a beginning.

"You don't say it to me anymore," Tom said quietly.
"That's a sign isn't it?"

B'Elanna sighed and turned back to her bags.
"Maybe we've just grown past it."

"But," and there he stopped.

"I need to leave Tom," she stated emphatically,
without looking back at him.

"Seriously B'Elanna, have things changed so much? I
heard you - you said it to him just a moment ago."

"Things are different, I just..." she stopped for a
moment gathering her thoughts.

"It hasn't been true for a long time. I mean Miral is
grown and married herself, Harry is moving on in
life... I guess I just feel there's no point to it all
anymore. It's time to move on," she said quietly.

"Tom I really need to leave - we have to get the
paperwork filed and then..."

"Are we really so old?" Tom cut in.

B'Elanna finally turned to look at him unable to hide
her smirk in the face of her husband's pouty voice.
It was times like these when she forgot their 70 +

"I am not old," she stated emphatically.
"You on the other hand..." she trailed off with a grin
as she appraised him from top to bottom.

He glared at her for a moment then laughed.

"If you can say it to our son, you can say it to
me..." he cajoled her.

She sighed as he came up behind her and kissed down
her neck.

"I really need to leave," she protested weakly.
"I have to drop off Harry's paperwork before my class.
It wouldn't be good to not have our son fully
enrolled at the Academy considering we BOTH teach
there..." she trailed off with a moan.

"Just say it once please," he breathed in her ear.

She pulled away and turned to face him.

"Alright," she sighed.

"Helmboy. Now can we go?"

He grinned and kissed her quickly on the mouth.

"Absolutely," he said and grabbed the bags.

"Though you are certainly no longer a boy," she said
under her breath.

He turned and glared -
"I heard that."

She just grinned and walked out the door.

The End

More notes: I was in a mopey mood so I wrote myself a
smile - hope I gave you one too. :)