Title: Night Hunter (a drabble)

Author: Irina Tellen <stidev@gate.net>  aka Ian Tolman

Series: TNG

Codes:  R/T  Imzadi Drabble

Rating: PG

Archive: yes. All others please ask.

Aug 2000

Star Trek : The Next Generation

Night Hunter

by Irina Tellen

His fingers twitched with desire as he crept up behind her. She moved. He paused -- fearing that he would spook his prey. She didn't react -- she hadn't heard him approach.  He moved again, more cautiously, every nerve and muscle focused on her -- the air currents brought her scent which  inflamed him as he moved even closer. He watched her hands intently transcribing something into the tablet.  He was finally close enough to pounce.


"Will if you want a good-night kiss simply ask for one."


The padd clattered noisily to the floor as she turned and pounced instead.