What really happened after the bar scene in First Contact ;-)
For Right Now

"Where am I? " Deanna Troi's hushed voice broke through the darkness around her. She realized she was being held, and by whom, and that calmed her somewhat.
"Shhh, " Will Riker's rich voice answered back in the darkness. "I found us a place to sleep; don't worry, I've got you," and he tightened his arms around her.
"What about Cochrane? " she started, her hands immediately going to her head as she tried to sit up.
"Don't worry about him. At least for right now, we're o.k. Try to get some rest; we'll have to meet up with the rest of the team soon."
He had to smile at her questioning expression. "You passed out; after a very impressive drinking session with the illustrious Mr. Cochrane, I might add."
She relaxed back into his embrace. "My head hurts."
He chuckled, "I would imagine so; you did a pretty good job keeping up with him, Deanna."
"Will, " she laid her head on his chest, "I'm sorry. I was totally unprofessional tonight." She grimaced as the events of the evening came rushing back to her.
"Hey, you found him didn't you? " he ran his hand over her hair, feeling her relax under his touch. "Actually, I'm impressed; you never struck me as the drinking type."
"I'm not, " she paused, "usually." She let her hand slide up his chest to the opening of the loose shirt he wore.
"Deanna, " his hand covered hers as she ran her fingernails through the dark hair on his chest, "Get some rest."
"I don't want to rest, " she whispered as she inched her way even closer, pressing herself against him.
"Deanna, you're not sober yet, " he felt her lips against his neck.
She giggled, "No, I'm not. But I'm sober enough to know what I want."
"Deanna, " he pulled her hand from where she still caressed his chest. "This isn't the right time, " he kissed the top of her head gently.
"It never seems to be the right time for us, Will. But for right now, this...this is the right time, " she moved her kisses from his neck to where her hand had just been.
He closed his eyes; a million reasons why he should just get up and find some other place to sleep running through his head: the mission, the Borg, Cochrane, her current state of inebriation. But the simple fact that he wanted to be with her, right then, right there in the darkness, kept pushing everything else out of his mind.
He brought his hand to her face and gently rubbed his thumb over her lips. He tilted her face up and every reason he had for not giving in vanished in the moonlight reflected in her eyes.
His mouth closed over hers.
There was a heated urgency as they pulled at each other's clothing; feeling that if they hesitated now, they both would be lost. And when their bodies came together they both knew, no matter what happened, for right now they had found each other again.