Deanna Troi was awakened by a slight shuffling noise. "Lights," she whispered. As her eyes adjusted to the new conditions she made her way towards the noise. She sensed nothing from the next room, so she was shocked to see an older man dressed in red robes placing beautifully wrapped packages on the table near the replicator. "Who are you?!" she demanded "Computer, security to...."

"They can't hear you, you know." he said, cutting her off. With a flash of light, the old man transformed into Q.

"Q," she said exasperated. "What do you want now? Did you make a wrong turn, Captain Picard's quarters aren't even on this deck," she said with a little edge to her voice.

"Tut-tut, dear Councilor, that REALLY doesn't become you at all. I made this trip especially for you," he said feigning insult. He went on , noticing the cut of her nightgown for the first time, "Nice." he said, disappearing and re-appearing directly behind her and fingering the material. "From Worf or Riker...or someone else perhaps?" he whispered in her ear.

"Q, what DO you want?!" she said with growing agitation.

"Well, Deanna, you see that's really why I'm here," he said walking across to the table and pretending to examine one of the small packages he had just left there. "Do you know anything about ancient Earth traditions? In particular, one of Dutch origin concerning the festivities centered around Christmas?" He went on without giving her a chance to respond, "I happen to have come across the most delicious custom these dear people had. It involves the giving of presents at this time of the Earth year," he said smiling and offering the small box up to her for inspection.

She took it cautiously, "That still doesn't answer what this has to do with me."

"Well, part of this particular tradition involves a man named Sinterklaas and the night before his birthday he brings gifts to all the children. Part of the deal was that if he decided the child had been naughty that year he could take them back to his castle and give them a good spanking for all the wrongs they had done that year."

In a flash of light she found herself in the bedroom of what she guessed was an old Earth castle. Deanna's eyes widened, "Q, you don't intend......."

"Dear Deanna, you've been a VERY naughty girl this year. First this absurd thing with Worf, and then going back and forth between him and our simple-minded first officer, why, no wonder he can't think straight with you flaunting yourself all over the place, " he said absentmindedly as he inspected the softness of the mattress on the canopy bed. "I think this is JUST what you need."

In another flash, Deanna found herself bent over the edge of the large bed; her stomach pressed against the mattress and her bare knees on a small cushioned step-stool to put her at just the right angle for Q's punishment. "What do you think your doing, " she screamed "You can't do this to me!"

"Can't I?" he said "You know traditionally a wooden rod would be used to...well, exact the punishment, but that's really not my thing. I prefer leather...and maybe a little skin-on-skin later if I still don't think you've learned your lesson," he grinned, smacking her bottom to emphasize his point. "But first, your not exactly dressed for the occasion, are you?" He snapped his fingers and stood back to appreciate his work. Deanna was now dressed in a black corseted bustier with thigh-high black stockings, three-inch high heeled shoes and nothing else; her bare bottom a stark contrast to the black satin of the bustier. "That's better."

"And now, let's get started shall we?" he said, holding a riding crop up for her inspection. She wanted to scream at the very thought of what was about to happen, but the first crack of the riding crop against her bare skin made her suck her breath in.

"That's for Worf," he said in a sing-song fashion, another swing already in motion. "And that's for Riker." A third stroke connected with her backside, "And that's just because I think you need it." he said smiling. It had all started so suddenly that she hadn't yet had time to catch her breath.

"Q, stop this right now. Put me back on the Enterprise,." she said her voice cracking on the word "Enterprise". Very seldom had Deanna Troi been in such an unwanted situation as she found herself now. She received nothing but smirking silence from Q and another lash from the riding crop. She bit down as yet another hit connected. Tears welled in the corners of her eyes, threatening to spill and she dug her nails into the blankets of the bed preparing for another lash.

Q, for his part, was greatly enjoying himself. "Now, now...if you didn't want to pay the price you should have been a better girl this year," he said; another lash and then three more in quick succession. "But, I think you've had enough of that."

He inspected his work: angry red whelps criss-crossed Deanna's bottom. Suddenly she was bent over his lap as he sat on the edge of the bed. Deanna sniffled, but said nothing as Q gently ran his hand over her sore backside and held her firmly against his lap with the other hand. CRACK The sound of Q's palm across her already tender skin jolted Deanna from her silence. Screaming, she struggled, trying to free herself from Q's grasp. "'re staying right here," Q said, a gleam in his eye as he smacked her again. He began rhythmically slapping her behind.

She was crying, her sobs coming in earnest now. His tempo increased and a bead of sweat trickled down his face. He hadn't expected to enjoy this so much and was close to doing something he had rarely ever really done: lose control. With one last resounding slap he stopped. Deanna lay crying on his lap; Q's breath coming in ragged gasps. He pulled her up into his his arms, her cringing at his touch, and held her head to his chest.

"Thank you," he breathed into her damp hair, so softly she wasn't sure she had heard it, before he sent her back to her own bed on the Enterprise.