Someone Special
by Imz

Every time he looked at her, it took his breath away. Soft, delicate ivory skin, beautiful dark eyes you could lose yourself in and her hair, soft as silk, made him want to run his fingers over it every time he held her.
And, of course, she only had eyes for him. True, there had been a time when she hadn't looked twice at him; when she had only wanted someone else, but he hadn't minded. He had waited, because he knew eventually she would turn her attentions to him.
When she finally did notice he existed, it had been one of the greatest feelings he had ever experienced; to look into those eyes...there just weren't any words to describe it. It made him want to just take her in his arms and never let her go. But he knew full well, at any moment she would be taken away from him... and he had a feeling that moment was coming sooner then he'd like.
It hadn't been like this before; before he hadn't seemed so... affectionate. He just couldn't seem to resist kissing her. And he treasured this time with her the most.
"Will," he heard from behind him, the quiet smile he had had as he thought about her turning a little sad. He heard his wife's gentle footsteps coming closer. "It's time to put her to bed."
"I know, I know," he breathed begrudgingly.
"You know, you never held the boys as much as you seem to hold her," she said as she took the sleeping infant from her father, an indulgent smile gracing her lips.
"I know, Deanna, but she's different; she's Daddy's Little Girl."