By Imz

Will Riker took one last look at the scene in front of him, before
dimming the lights. Deanna would be there soon and he wanted this evening
to be one she would remember. It had been a few months since their encounter
that night in her cabin and things had been building slowly between them
since. Tonight he wanted to give her something...something she would never
expect. The lights on the tree twinkled as he placed the small, dark box
beneath it's branches. Now there was nothing to do but wait.
Deanna made her way through the corridor, not sure what Will had
planned. He had simply requested her presence "for a very special evening."
She was almost relieved by the invitation; it somehow made what she had been
putting off telling him a little easier. At least now she was assured that
they would have the entire evening to discuss it. And she would have time
to "feel him out" before she told him.
As she walked, her thoughts went back to that evening two months ago
in her cabin. Everything had started out innocently enough, but after
their work had been finished and they were relaxing things had taken a
quite unexpectedly romantic turn. Will had been so sweet and... it had
just happened. He ended up spending the entire night with her. As she
stood in front of his door, she wondered how this night would end.
The chime startled Will. 'Damn it. Why are you so nervous?' he
thought, but a calm "Come," was all he said. Deanna looked beautiful, her
long dark curls entwined with tiny pearls and tied back loosely off her
shoulders. Her pale skin a contrast to the deep burgundy color of her
dress. God, she was intoxicating! He had told her to dress for a
"special evening", but this was more than he had hoped..or dreamt..for.
As she stepped in and the doors closed behind her, she was clearly
awed by all his work.
"Do you like it?" Will asked, taking her hand and walking her
"It's beautiful," she whispered.
"Do you know what it is?" he ventured.
"Yes," she replied breathily, "My father used to put one up when
I was a child. He said it was a Christmas tree."
"That's right and tonight...is Christmas Eve," he told her, his
arm encircling her. "Come on," he nudged her to move closer and motioned for her to
sit with him. They sat down in front of the tree. Deanna's hand brushed
against his leg as they sat and he rested his hand on top of hers.
"Deanna...I set this all up because there has been something I've
wanted to give you for a long time and this...well, this seemed like the
best time to do it." He looked down into her dark eyes and she sensed his
extreme love for her. "Will..." she began, but he lightly placed his
fingers to her lips. "Shhh..let me finish," he whispered, "Deanna, there
is a gift for you under the tree," he simply said, trying to muster as
much courage as he could. She took her eyes away from him and there, under
the tree, saw the little box.
"Why don't you open it?" he suggested and she reached over and
retrieved the box. Her hands trembled, even though she didn't know why, as she opened
it. Nestled inside was a perfect blue stone set in a platinum band. She
looked up into his eyes questioningly. He took her hands and asked, "Deanna, will you marry me?"
Her mouth opened slightly, but she couldn't speak. She had been
so preoccupied with what she had to tell him that she hadn't sensed this
coming. She was totally shocked, "III have to tell you something...before I answer you...
"Deanna, what is it," she looked so vulnerable he was starting
to worry. "Will..." she began, but the words wouldn't come. She pulled her
hands away and got up, trying to work up the courage to tell him. He got
up and followed her over to the other side of the room where she stood,
looking out the window. He placed his hands on her shoulders, "Deanna.
WHAT is the matter? This isn't exactly how I pictured all this going
tonight," he turned her towards him and cupped her face in his hands,
"Please talk to me." She looked up into his sparkling eyes, now starting
to cloud with concern and questions.
"Will, I...I'm pregnant," she said quietly.
They stood there for a moment, her dark eyes large with
anticipation, trying with all her empathic abilities to sense his reaction.
She was too scared, she couldn't read him at all. Then suddenly, she was
bombarded with all his emotions at once...shock, joy, and deep love.

The End