The Kiss
by Imz

As the kiss deepened, he felt her start to respond and then just as quickly start to pull away. His instincts told him to let her go; to let what had just happened fade away back to the easy friendship they had become so comfortable with. They had shared other similar kisses, kisses that could have led to so much more, but hadn't and for some unknown reason he couldn't bring himself to except that now. This time they would finish it, finish what had started so innocently, finish it because his need outweighed her desire to stop.
She started to push him away, afraid that her subtleness had been lost on him and that he had misunderstood. But he pulled her back to him, pinning her arms to his chest, making it plain that he had understood; it was she that had misread things. With more force she broke the kiss, asking him to leave, saying that things would be clearer in the morning. He heard himself telling her everything was clear enough now. He heard himself call her a tease and felt the satisfaction of the shock it evoked in her. He caught her arm as she tried to slap him, slap away the words that shouldn't have come from his mouth. His grip tightened and he felt the fear rise, a palpable entity between them. Her eyes widened as his hand slapped away her hesitation. He felt the weight of her body increase as she slipped out of consciousness and slumped to the floor and he felt the bile rise in his throat at the rush it gave him.
He tore at her clothes, pulling them roughly from her body and discarded his own. He heard her say "no" but it was noise in the background to him. He groped her, forgetting the tenderness they had once shared and concentrated on his desire; that was what this evening was about wasn't it, his desires. He entered her and winced as her nails scratched deep trails down his back. He pinned her arms over her head as her scream drowned into his chest and he whispered for her to relax, to let him have what he deserved. His sweat mingled with hers; his from pleasure, hers from pain, and exalted in his own release. She lay beneath him crying, trying to push him away still as his body enveloped her, his desire again fighting his instinct to let her go, explain this was some horrible mistake, beg her forgiveness. But this was what he wanted; he wanted her pinned underneath him, begging him, pleading with him, hurting because of him. He forced his mouth upon hers, opening it, accepting him, and then lower accepting all of him. And when he was satisfied he left her there, in her quarters, crying over what he had done.