Title 'To boldly go...'
Author: IzzY
Rating: who knows...
Disclaimer: Paramounts owns the names, I get the rest



"Riker to Enterprise. I have left the beautiful view from the twin mountains and am now traveling south into what appears to be flat lands."

<Proceed with caution, Number One>

"I am experiencing slight tremors below my feet as I move near a deep cavern. WOE! They're getting stronger! Shall I attempt to go in?"

<Negative. Stay on target>

"Aye sir. I can feel the air becoming more humid as I come to the edge of the forest. The tremors are getting worse!"

<Number One, are you okay?>

"Yes sir. They've stopped for the moment. This dense brush is making it very difficult to move but I can see some sort of crevice ahead. Oh God! NO! ITS SUCKING ME IN! Aaaarrggg-"


"Sir, I can't get out! Help ME-"

"Will!!  Stop that now and come up here please! You're tickling the daylights out of me."

"Yes ma'am." Will Riker looked up from between Deanna's thighs and grinned. "Do I get to go back to the mountains?"

"Yes. You may beam back to the mountains if that is your wish."

With a devilish gleam in his eyes, he stretched his long body on top of the counselor and placed his head between her breasts. "Good. You know I've always been a mountain man."

"Yes dear. I know all too well."

                                                       The End