'Caught' ending#1

Author: IzzY
Rating: R
Paramounts owns it all


"Riker! Get your hands off me!" A firm voice echoed about the small patio area.

"I think, Counselor, you had better reassess the situation and figure out who's hands are on who?"

Deanna turned back and looked over her shoulder. The engagement ring that was given to her not less than four hours ago by Jonas Reynar, was now firmly affixed to Will's pants zipper.
She tried once again to pull free, but with every movement she made, Riker's pelvis followed. "Damn it!" she cursed.

"Wait, hold on," Riker said and looked down, moving her fingers around, attempting to see. Finally, in an exasperated motion, he let his arms fall down to his sides. "I can't see where its attached."

"Do me favor, next time I stumble...let me fall on my ass. I think it would be more dignified than this!" Deanna said without any amusement at all.

"I'll be sure to remember that." He too was becoming quite annoyed at the situation. "You know, you've beeen a real bitch to me for the last three weeks. And here I am, trying to be a nice guy by coming out here to make sure you're alright...and what do I get? Grief."

Deanna jerked her hand again sharpley and on the recoil, hit Will in the groin.

"Don't. Do that. Again." he growled through clenched teeth.

For the first time, Deanna's mouth quivered into an unwitnessed amused smile that faded quickly. "You didn't have to come after me, you know. I was perfectly fine."

"Yeah, I could see by the tears running down your cheeks, that you were perfectly fine," he said as he took one last look at their situation before giving up in defeat.

Deanna decided to ignore the fact that he witnessed her crying moments before she walked out of the banquet hall and changed the subject. "Where'd you get these pants anyway? Surely their not Starfleet issue?"
Taking a good look at his outfit for the first time, she couldn't help but notice how handsome he was. Of course he has always been handsome, but now that she saw he was wearing the Rogolian traditional style horseman's uniform to the banquet, he looked devestatingly beautiful.

White riding pants that held firm to the muscles of his legs and buttocks, a crimson red v-neck shirt tied off at the waist, and a leather belt draped across his chest, she found it difficult to tear her eyes away from him. Looking down, she even noticed the spurs attached to his tall black boots.

She moved her hand again to obtain a more comfortable position and saw him bend at the waist, as if he thought he was about to get racked again. "I'm sorry. This situation is awkward for both of us."

Sensing her uneasiness, he grabbed her free hand and walked them to the nearest bench and sat down. "Better?" he asked.

Deanna's eyes wandered down his chest to his lap where her arm and hand lay. After a moment, she spoke in a distant and soft voice, "It's larger than I thought."

Thinking she could only be talking about one thing, Will's face grew into a broad devilish grin. Deanna immediately picked up on his thoughts and glared at him. "I wasn't talking about that, Will. I was talking about the ring." This time she could not hide her amusement and she let out a subtle laugh. "I didn't think the ring would be this big."

Will frowned. "Oh," he said disappointed.

"I think its the rubies."

He looked down again as she twisted her hand around. Her movements were finally beginning to affect him and sucked in a deep breath.

"Yes. Its definietely the rubies that have caught your zipper," she concluded.

Will quickly placed a hand over hers to stop the motion. "I thought an engagement ring was supposed to be a diamond?" he said quickly, hoping she would not notice his emotions.

Sensing that he was fighting desperately to not become aroused, Deanna bit her bottom lip and stiffled the chuckle that threatened to explode out of her mouth. "It is. I mean, the main part of my ring is a diamond. The rubies are supposed to represent the tail of a comet encircling a star."

'Well, they have certainly encircled something. Do you think you can take it off?"

Deanna stood and pulled Will with her. Using her free hand, she held the ring between two fingers and tried to wiggle free.

Will took in another deep breath as he felt the zipper moving up and down with her action. "Stop!" he said sharpley and grabbed her hands. "Stop, please," he said again only this time it was softer and completely out of desperation.

Deanna felt the redness in her cheeks immediately as her hands felt something rock hard beneath his pants. "I'm sorry, Will."

He sat back down on the bench and she had no choice but to follow him. "This is so damn embarassing," he mumbled.

She sensed the disappointment in himself for allowing his body to betray him and almost wished he would act upon his feelings. Deep down, she had already acknowledged to herself that her ensuing engagement to Jonas would inevitably break off long before the wedding because of her feelings for Will. Why she had let it go this far, she had no answer. Jonas was every bit of a gentleman she had ever wished for. Only...he wasn't Will.
She could feel the anger and resentment building back up again as she realized she would never ever be allowed to love another, as much as she loved the man sitting next to her. At times, their Imzadi bond felt like a curse. No matter how many times she tried to ignore it, and move on with her life, she knew she would always come back to him. Damn you, Will.

Deanna let out an exagerated sigh and stood up, once again pulling Will with. " We have to do something. We can't exactly go back in there like-" Deanna turned her head as a delightful smell permeated past the doors to the patio. "What's that smell?"

Will pointed his nose high in the air to put distance from the lovely smell of Deanna's perfume. "Desert," he answered. "I think we were to have Tiramisu."

She closed her eyes and took in more of the heavenly aroma. "And I'm missing it all because you had to be Mr. Gallant."

Will smiled and pulled her to him so that she was flush against his front, with her hand being the only impediment between them. "We could always dance like this the rest of the evening." He placed his hands on her bare back and began to sway back and forth to the soft music that played in the background.

Completely out of instinct, she placed her head against his chest and wrapped her free hand around his waist, letting him lead. She could have lived in that moment forever, if given the chance.
His strong hands pulled her even tighter to his body and she moved her hand up to feel the muscles of his upper arm and shoulder. Gods, what she wouldn't do to be able to run her fingers through the hair on his chest that stuck out through the v-neck. A gentle sigh escaped her mouth as contentment washed over them both.

It was then that she sensed his trepidation, very distinct and very strong. Almost like he wanted desperately to ask her something but was scared to put the words to his lips. Gathering her courage, she lifted her eyes to meet his and he gave her a lop-sided grin.

"Deanna," he began, "I don't exactly know how to tell you this. And I'm fairly certain you're going to be angry with me."

Deanna pulled back enough so that he could hold both of her hands in front of him "What? You can tell me," she urged.

She watched his chest rise as he took in a big gulp of air. "I think we have a bigger problem, now."

Her eyebrows furrowed with confusion and concern as he hesitated.

He held her hands more firmly than before when he spoke next. "Dee...I've really got to use the bathroom."

"Are you serious?" Her eyes grew wide  and he could tell she was beginning to panic.

He smiled. "No. But your reaction was priceless."

"Argh...Will! That wasn't funny." She smacked his arm.  "We've got to get help."

"Help? From who? Jonas? I can tell you right now, no man is going to be playing around down th-"

"Beverly." she said as she pulled him toward the large window and peered into the banquet hall.

"Did you just say, 'Beverly'?" Now he began to panic.

He watched her for a few moments as she flailed her arm about her head trying to capture the attention of the Enterprise's doctor as she walked near the window.

"Dee." he grimmaced. The movements with her free arm began to jolt her entire body...including the hooked finger. "Deanna!"

She stopped. "What?"

"They can't see you."

"Oh...right." She took two steps and opened the door just enough to be able to stick her head back into the banquet hall. "Psssst. Beverly!"

Doctor Crusher was speaking with a Rogelian minister when she overheard an exotic voice call her name. Turning in the direction from which it came, she saw  Deanna motioning for her to come closer. Not wanting to be rude to the minister she held up a finger and nodded back to the counselor.

Satisfied that only Beverly saw her, Deanna closed the door and turned back to face Will when a sharp pain shot from her finger. "Ow-ow-ow-ow-OW! she winced and kneeled down in front of Will to see what was pinching the skin of her finger.

Will tried everything he could to think of something other than the intimate proximity of her head. And when Deanna continued to moan, albeit in pain, he found it impossible to think of anything else.

That was exactly the moment Beverly opened the door.

"Oh my," Crusher turned on her heel and began to retrace her steps back into the main room.


Beverly's hand was on the handle but hadn't yet opened it. Unwilling to turn and face her friends just yet, she spoke , "If you guys think I'm going to participate in...in a menage a toi', you're gravely mistaken!"

"Beverly!" Deanna and Will yelled simultaneously.

The doctor slowly faced them and was relieved to see that Will's pants were indeed still fastened. However, the fact that Deanna hadn't removed her hand from an awkward, yet curious, position left her speechless.

"I'm stuck!" Deanna explain and gently tugged on Will's pants.

"Oh! Thank God! I mean, I figured it was about time for you two, but there was no way I was getting involved."

Will smiled. Deanna shifted uncomfortably where she stood. "A little help please."

Beverly did not even try to hide the sinister smile that creeped across her face. "Do I want to know how this happened? Or can I use my imagination?"

"I stumbled. Will...caught me. Literally," Deanna explained.

"Mmhmm," Crusher knelt down and tried to get a better look. Putting her arm around Will's rear, she shifted his body to face the light. Raising her hand suddenly to flick a bug away, Will jumped back, moving himself out of potentially harm's way.

"Relax Commander. It was a bug. Don't worry about you're prized possesion. I promise I won't hurt it," Beverly snickered as her mind raced to find ways of verbally torturing him.

Carefully twisting Deanna's hand, Crusher was able to see clearly the area of entanglement. "Wow! These are some jewels!" she snickered. "The ring isn't half bad either, Dee!"

Will groaned. "I knew we should have found Data!"

Deanna kneeled back down beside Beverly and couldn't help but smile at the doctor's unbridled mirth. "Do you have anything to cut with?" she asked.

"Cut?" Will asked but was completely ignored.

"No. It looks like its caught by part of the metal. I don't think I could cut through that anyway without harming the ring."

Deanna shrugged and said softly. "I'm not sure it matters anyway."

Beverly knew ever since Deanna and Jonas had become engaged, they were having problems and figured it was not going to last. "Oh Dee, I'm sorry." She leaned over and and gave her friend a hug.

"Uh...ladies?" Will said impatiently. "Time for consolation later. Can we please get back to the task... at hand," amused by his choice of words, he felt an immediate  sharp jab from Beverly that he knew was not inadvertant. "Hey!"

Beverly smiled enigmaticly and went back to work. "Will, aren't you supposed to give a speech after the dinner?"

He moaned. "Damn. I nearly forgot!"  He then massaged his temples hoping the headache that was starting would disappear. "Great. How can I go up there with you attached?"

"You make it sound like I'm some sort of parasite!" This situation was wearing thin and Deanna could no longer hold back her iritation. "Look, I never asked for your help! This would never have happened had you not come out here!"

"Guys?" Beverly said calmly, trying to diffuse to ensuing argument.

"THIS. Would never have happened had you not been wearing that DAMN RING!" The words were out before he even realized what he said. Will braced for impact.

"Why you arrogant, self-centered, impetuous bastard! How dare you tell me I should not be wearing this ring? This ring," she flailed her attached hand, nearly knocking Beverly over, "tells me that Jonas loves me. And I love him!"

"That ring doesn't mean squat, and you know it!"

"Uh...guys?" Beverly, now standing about ready to walk away, tried again.

"So...so what. Now your telling me that I don't love Jonas?"

"I'm telling you that you acceptated that ring, knowing full well you'll never marry him!"

"How the hell do you know what my intentions are?!"

"Because I know you better than you know yourself. And I know, you can't marry him!"

"WHY?" Deanna screamed and felt her eyes buring with tears.

"Because you don't love him."

"YES, I DO!"

"NO, YOU DON"T! You love ME!" Will hollared back with complete confidence.

"GUYS!!" Beverly screamed, then shook her head and glared with wide eyes at WIll. She wasn't sure if her ears heard correctly. And if they did...she was waiting with great anticipation for Deanna's reaction.

Deanna trembled with anger. Anger with herself for leading Jonas on, and anger at Will for knowing this whole time. "I do not," she said softly. And if she could have turned away from him, she would have.

Will placed his hands on her shoulders, compelling her to look at him. "Yes...you do."

"Okay. Thats it for me. I'm outta here." Beverly started for the door again.

"Wait!" they yelled again in unison. "Help us, please?" Will asked.

Beverly sighed. "Only if you stop argueing?"

Will looked down to see Deanna staring at him with such a hopeful expression it sent shivers down his spine. "I promise. No more argueing." He gently squeezed her shoulders and saw a faint smile appear at the corners of her mouth.

"Good. Now come closer to the window so I can get more light."

They obeyed and stepped in front of the large area of glass. Will prayed like hell that no one would turn any lights on, on the patio as the women kneeled before him again. But then again, the reactions of his fellow crewman would be priceless and oh, the stories that would be told. On the other hand, he wasn't so sure that his captain would exactly appreciate that Beverly was involved in the rumors.

"Will, get your mind out of the gutter," Deanna rebuked but her tone held the slightest bit of amusement.

Beverly stood up and shook her head. "I can't do it."

"How long do you figure I have before my speech?" Will asked.

"Judging by the fact that they are just now serving desert...I would say about twenty minutes."

"So, tell me the truth...how awkward does this look?" Will stood almost at attention and pulled Deanna upright with him.

Beverly stepped back and laughed. "You mean, do I think anyone is going to notice that Counselor Deanna Troi looks like she's  holding Commander Riker's crotch? Naaaa...no one will suspect a thing!"

Troi and Riker both slouched in defeat.

"I have an idea," Beverly exclaimed. "Will, take your pants off!"

" I can't," he said innocently.

"Oh, don't be a baby. If you take them off, it'll be easier to get Deanna's finger free!"

"I said...I can't."

"Its not like we haven't seen you in your underwear before. Now come on... off they go." Crusher reached for the belt buckle but he backed away.

"Beverly! I can't because I'm not wearing any underwear!"

Deanna and Beverly just looked at each and started and started giggling. "May I ask why, you are not wearing any underwear?"

Will stood proud and opened his arms wide so they could get a good look at his uniform. "Rogelian horsemen...do not wear any." He said matter of factly.

Beverly buried her face in her hands, laughing. "Okay, fine. We'll move to plan B."

"What's that?"

"I tell the captain that you are ill and can not make the speech. You two beam back to the ship and indulge yourselve's in soap, oil...or whatever floats your boat." Beverly smiled.

"And Jonas?" Will asked, looking straight at Deanna.

With a twinkle in her eye and a mischievous grin growing by the second, Deanna said, "We're due for a long talk anyway." She shrugged.  "Whats one more thing to add to the discussion?"

The last thing they heard before the transporter whisked them away was Beverly's laughter.

                           THE END for those under the age. For those of age, read on........



As requested, Will and Deanna beamed directly to her quarters.

Almost afraid to ask, Will said timidly, "So, what now?"

Deanna looked about the room. "We try the oil." She dragged the commander to her bedroom and motioned for him to sit on the bed.

"The oil?" Will gulped. "If thats the same stuff you used on me on Betazed...I mean, are you sure about this?" He sounded incredibly nervous. And truthfully, he was terrified. Years ago, when they were lovers, she introduced to him an aphrodisiacal oil native to her homeworld that was used for prolonged sexual stimulation. If memory served him correctly, one particular erection lasted for hours.

"Have you any other ideas?" she asked as she leaned into her closet and searched the farthest depths for the small container. Will smiled at the fact that it appeared she had not used the substance in a very long time.

He could of answered truthfully and offered the idea that the replicator would be able to come up with another sort of lubricant, but he lied. "Uh...no."

Since her head remained in her closet when she heard him answer, she smiled and licked her lips. "Found it!"

Kneeling down between his legs, Deanna finally removed the stubborn cap and began to pour some over her finger. "I think its swollen, now."

Completely aware that she was referring to her finger, Riker couldn't let the moment pass by. "You haven't seen anything yet," he quipped.

She couldn't hide her smile and glanced up at him and chuckling. "I meant my finger."

Will laughed then felt a sudden jolt of heat in his lap as Deanna accidently spilt the remaining oil. "Oh...jeez!" The fluid was supposed to be warm to the touch when a small amount was applied. But when about two ounces gushed out of the container and soaked through his pants, it felt incredibly hot. "Ughhhh."

"Quick, into the shower!" Deanna led the way and flipped on the water just as Will hopped into the stream. "Better?" Deanna asked as she held the curtain open with her body while her arm and shoulder became soaked.

"No," he began to pull her forward into the water with him. Once she was flush against his front, he changed his answer. "Now, I'm better. But there's something just one more thing...that would make this perfect..."

Deanna looked up just in time to see his eyes smolder with passion. His crystal blue iris' were darkening by the second and unable to break free from the gaze, she watched as they remained opened the entire time he devoured her mouth with his.

Moments, minutes, hell- it could have been an hour for all she knew- passed and both were utterly soaked, but neither cared. Finally breaking for air, Deanna reached around and grabbed the bottle of shampoo and poured it directly onto her finger. A split second later, she pulled her hand, and wiggled the freed appendage in front of his face. "Free." she said, hoping he would understand the double entandre.

"Free," he understood and captured a breast with his hand causing her to whimper at his touch.

Pressing her backward into the wall, he brushed his mouth passed her swollen lips. Barely a hairs distance separated them as he spoke, "I was a fool, Deanna." He placed a thigh between her legs if only to prove to her his arousal. And when he felt her slide downward onto his strong muscled leg, pushing herself into him, grinding against him, did all coherent thought leave his brain. They'll be time for apologies later, he decided.

Somehow, someway... her dress was removed as was his entire outfit and they were now moving against each other with reckless abandon on her bed. Stopping at different points only to change positions. Hips thrusting against hips, limbs entangled, tongues vying for advantage within each other's mouths, moans of pleasure echoeing off the walls...

For the first time in years, a place in Will Riker's mind that was once devoid of any thought, any feelings, became filled. Filled with a most simplistic word...Imzadi...

I love you... he echoed back.

                                                    THE END