Title: 'Matchmaker's Fire'
Author: IzzY
Series: TNG
Part: 1/1
Rating: [NC-17]
Summary: see below
disclaimer: Paramount has given me all the authority to earn nothing from this.

My challenge was that Lwaxana gets to play match maker.

**This takes place after the episode 'Dark Page'.


"Deanna, darling...you have been staring out that window for the last ten minutes. What could be so interesting?" Lwaxana Troi gathered up her floor-length gown and walked to stand next to her daughter.
Looking out the window of the Cairn Counsilate building, the elder Troi's eyes widened with pleasure. "Oh. I see."

Deanna ignored her mother's presence and continued to watch with sincere delight at the sight in the courtyard. In the far corner stood seven young children dressed in their warmest winter clothing. Some, were building a protective wall out of the fallen snow, while the others wrapped their small mittened hands in circles, forming what looked like ice balls.
Nearer to the window where the gaping women watched, stood a man in a red uniform, bar-handedly forming his own ice balls as he hid behind a tree.

Between the man's foggy exhalations, Deanna could see the face of Will Riker beaming with enjoyment as he rushed to finish off the last of the bombs. It was difficult for her to not smile along with him. She could tell that despite the cold and the rapidly falling snow...he was truly having fun. A sort of flashback to his happier childhood days, she decided.

A few minutes later, the battle began. The barrage of snowballs volleyed back and forth until Will was out of ammunition and he was forced into a ground attack. Sneaking up as best he could to the fort's wall, he found himself buried not only in the white powder, but also a mass of children as they wrestled him to the ground.

Both Deanna and her mother laughed when Will rose from the ground looking like a deranged snowman. His hair stuck straight up in spikes and his beard was lathered with flakes. They watched as he reached behind his neck and pulled mounds of snow from inside his uniform jacket.

Lwaxana removed her gaze and focused back to her daughter. "He loves children, doesn't he?"

Deanna nodded. Still smiling, she added, "Don't ruin the moment, Mother."

"I'm not ruining anything, dear. I just happened to notice your thoughts regarding William. That's all."

"I thought you've always said that eavesdropping was impolite." Deanna turned toward her mother and frowned.

"It is." Lwaxana turned away and mumbled, "except when it's your daughter." She sat back down on the couch and watched Deanna pour herself another cup of hot chocolate.

"Is it always this chilly here?" Deanna asked referring to the Cairn homeland.

"Are you changing the subject?"

"Yes. I get tired of talking about the same subject with you. Can't we ever discuss anything else? I mean no disrespect, Mother...but my life is MINE. Let me live it the way I choose, please?" Deanna flopped into the nearest chair and placed her cup on the table. Looking up, she saw her mother open her mouth to say something but clamped it shut tight, instead.

"It was nice of Maquees to invite us here for the conference. It really is a beautiful planet." Deanna let her eyes wander back to the window, holding back her desire to look out again for fear of what else her mother might pick up on.

"Yes. You will have to thank Jean-Luc for allowing the senior officers some time off. I was glad you all decided to come." Lwaxana's face grew slightly more serious. "Did you give William my apology for the embarrassment I caused him."

"Yes. And he thought nothing of the incident. He was very happy everything turned out all right for you."

"Good. He didn't deserve that. I felt like such a fool. There must be some way to make it up to him."

"Perhaps you should tell him yourself, if you still feel that strongly about it."

Lwaxana's lips curled into a devious smile as her mind swirled with ideas. "Darling, my suite is on the other side of the building, overlooking the mountains. If you would like, why don't you go and relax there? There is an outdoor hot tub steaming with bubbles, a roaring fireplace...a dish of the finest chocolates this side of the universe sitting on the table calling your name..."

Deanna smiled back and said, "that sounds very tempting, but I thought we could spend some time together before the next Cairn meeting with the Federation."

Lwaxana stood quickly, "I just remembered I told Maquees that we would need to discuss the subject of the meeting before hand. You go run along," she ushered her daughter towards the door, "enjoy yourself. Relax...have fun. We'll get in touch later on tonight. Go...go."

Once out the door, Deanna turned around quickly to look at her mother. Not quite knowing how to read the older woman's enigmatic smile, Deanna turned cautiously back around and walked away, sensing that she truly did need the hot tub to loosen her sore muscles.

"Really, Mrs. Troi, an apology was unnecessary." Will wiped away the last bit of wetness from his face, though his uniform still remained soaked from the recent snowball fight.

"Well then, if nothing else...why don't you use my suite for the night. I won't be returning until the morning from the meetings. And it looks as if you could use the hot tub and fireplace anyway. Think of it as a gift. Please?"

Will grinned back at the woman, "Thank you. That sounds quite relaxing and I believe I'll take you up on the offer."

Lwaxana put her arm around Will's waist as they walked down the hall. "But you have to promise me one thing."

Ahh...the catch, he thought. "Yes?"

"Out of respect for the Cairn, you must follow all their customs while you reside in one of their dwellings."

"I'm afraid I'm not aware of all their customs then."

"Oh, they're quite simple, really. No clothing is allowed past the entry way and you must not exit the dwelling until sunrise...no matter what."

Will cocked his head, slightly amused at their customs.
"I have to walk around completely nude all night?"

Oh, don't worry dear...I'll knock before I come in. And besides, don't forget that I too was at Chandra's wedding. You should be proud..."

Lwaxana tightened her grip on Will and hurried him along. All the while rejoicing in herself for her little plan that would either gain herself a future son-in-law...or lose herself a daughter.

Deanna slowly bit into the hunk of Saruvian chocolate, savoring the sweet taste for as long as she possibly could. The sensual flavor sent shivers down her spine as she swirled the morsel around her mouth. She then slowly licked her perfectly rounded lips clean of any evidence before starting the process all over again.

Leaning back against into the couch, she flipped her boots off and partially unzipped her uniform jacket to just below her breasts. It always felt good to rid herself of the confining clothing, especially after being in the thing for countless hours. As she adjusted to the warmth in the room, she found herself removing the remaining uniform parts and now sat naked in front of the fireplace; chocolate in one hand, hot cocoa in the other.

"This has got...to be heaven," she mused and smiled. Her thoughts for some reason jumped to visions of Will Riker. "Well...almost," she added as she closed her eyes, remembering their last erotic night on Betazed.
Why now? Why, after all this time has she been thinking about 'him'? And for some unknown reason, she decided that she wanted nothing more than for him to be with her...right here...right now.
Deanna let out a long frustrated sigh and opened her eyes, shaking herself out of the self-induced fantasy.

After a short time of watching the flames in the fireplace dance around the imitation wooden logs, Deanna rose to her feet and walked to the glass door that led to the deck. Turning off all the interior lights, she looked outside at the falling snow and the mountains sillouetted in the background, all the while still thinking of Will. From the pictures she had seen of his home, this scenery that she was looking at had to come close to the beauty of Alaska, she thought.

As though she could feel the cold seeping through the door frame she wrapped her arms around her breasts, noticing that her nipples had become quite hard already. Spotting the hot tub in the far corner of the deck, Deanna took in a deep breath and opened the door. The blast of cold air hit her squarely in the face, causing her muscles to tense and her nipples to become harder yet.
With a yelp, she hopped onto the heated walkway and ran to the edge of the bubbling bath, jumping into the water immediately.

Wading through the waist deep water, Deanna picked a molded seat in the corner and leaned her head against the cushion. Looking up, the glass canopy that protected the water from the effects of the weather was completely steamed, preventing any view of the snow storm that still wagered on around. Spying the heated towel locker close by, Deanna sank down into the water further feeling very much at ease, letting her body succumb to the entrancing bubbles that engulfed her up to her neck.

The pulsating rhythm of the jets sent sensual ripples of desire throughout Deanna's body. She placed her hands on her legs and began to massage the sore muscles. Slowly working upward against her inner thighs, she found her fingers a mere centimeter away the one part of her body that wanted the most attention right now.
She tried to envision Will touching her, caressing her...kissing her. She even tried to picture him standing naked at the waters edge with his manhood standing erect, begging for her to ask him in.

Moving her hands from her thighs, she placed them on her breasts, pinching and squeezing them. Thinking of the way he used to suckle the tips between his lips, the way he would stroke her while nuzzling his face between her bosom...his tongue trailing down her abdomen to her...

Another frustrated groan escaped her mouth. She couldn't do this alone, she decided. She wanted him desperately now, almost to the point that she was about to ask for an immediate transport directly to his quarters.
Silently cursing him for not being more aggressive in their relationship, she let her body slip under the water just as she screamed his name out loud.

Will entered the code to Lwaxana's suite. The door opened revealing a very elaborately decorated room. But of course that didn't surprise him, she would have had it no other way.
Chuckling to himself, he removed his uniform and boots. Draping his pants and jacket over the chair near the fireplace, he walked towards the patio.
He had already planned his evening. A dip in the hot tub first followed by dinner...alone. Sure he could have asked a woman to join him, and there were undoubtedly numerous of them that would have jumped at the chance. But he didn't want just any woman, he wanted Deanna.
Seeing her in that pink skin-tight dress at the reception a few nights ago nearly sent him through the roof. He hoped she had noticed his approving stare as she walked into Ten-Forward, but she had been quickly distracted by her mother.

Will opened the door to the patio and walked out. The cold air caused breath to catch as he lowered his head from the driving snow and rushed down the walkway to the tub. The frigid temperature that didn't seem to bother him earlier, was rather painful now. But then again, he also had on a bit of protection then. Now, he was completely naked to the elements and within a split second, his body trembled with goose bumps.

Standing at the edge of the tub, he looked down and felt his jaw drop to the floor. There, in the water before him, was the naked body of Deanna Troi. If it wasn't for her flailing arms, he would have panicked. But he realized quickly that she had just submersed herself and was probably about to...

Oh God! he thought and immediately cupped his hands over his groin just as she popped up from the water.

Sitting straight up, Deanna flipped her hair back from her face, wiped the water from her eyes and blinked. Then blinked again, just in case she truly was seeing things. She closed her eyes one more time and opened them slowly.
Through her wet lashes she could still the unclothed muscular and extremely gorgeous body standing before her.

The cold breeze brought her attention back to the fact that she was only partially beneath the water, from about mid-abdomen and down. Quickly sliding back below the surface to the point where only her head remained above water, she finally spoke. "Hi."

Will's teeth chattered when he tried to smile. His hands and forearms trembled as he still covered up the portion of his body that began to wake. "I'm-so-sorry.
I thought your mother said-"


Will nodded and attempted to ignore the fact that he was literally freezing his ass off right now.

Deanna wiped a drip of water from her mouth and asked, trying to hide the gleam in her eye, "So are you going to get in...or stand there and freeze?"

Will saw no need to verbally answer. He carefully stepped into what felt like boiling water to his frozen skin, and still managed to maintain his modest covering.
The burning sensation quickly subsided and he relaxed into a seat directly opposite of Deanna.

He let out a sigh of relief and finally removed his hands from his crotch. Stretching his long legs out, they came in contact with Deanna's smooth silky skin for a brief second before he pulled them back.

Deanna laughed to herself. The ever-so-confident Will Riker was absolutely petrified. She sensed his desire almost immediately but now, he seemed as if he didn't know what to do next.
"I'm guessing my dear mother had something to do with us meeting like this."

Will grinned, thankful that his lips were thawing.
"There could be worse fates."

"Yes. I suppose," she admitted.

They shared a moment of silence as they each contemplated their next move. Deanna moved from her position and scooted across the pool to sit shoulder to shoulder next to the object of her desire. Well, as close as she could get to it for the moment, at least.

"Will, I-"


They started speaking at the same time then stopped and laughed at their predicament. Will looked up and caught Deanna's stare. The electricity that passed between them was as pure and full of raw desire as it could get.
"Deanna, I think I'm in trouble," his husky voice strained as his eyes moved down her neck to her chest.

"Me too." She boldly brought her hand out of the water and caressed his cheek.

Will placed his own hand on top of hers and pulled her closer. In one brash move, he seized her mouth completely. My God she tasted delightful, he thought.

Deanna moved inside of Will's outstretched legs as he held her tightly. She pushed back, deepening the kiss further and felt a hand on her breast. His touch was gentle, almost too gentle as she ached for his hands to roam her entire body.
His fingers moved lightly around to her back and trailed downward, finally stopping as they cupped her rear and pulled her to him. Deanna straddled his waist, never breaking away from the ethereal kiss they still shared. Feeling him against her belly caused a deep-throated moan to escape her busy mouth.
Finally, she removed her tongue from the erotic dance and arched her back, letting him use his lips in other pleasurable areas.

Will captured her breast again, this time rather savagely with his lips, making her moan once again. "Oh...Will." He was becoming more forceful...exactly what she wanted.

His large hands moved between her thighs and using his thumbs to play, he began to flick her sex. The pinching and application of pressure was driving her insane. Her desire to have him inside of her was almost more than she could bare. His fingers were never in the same place long enough to cause her to go over the edge, so she just teetered there...on the border between insanity and paradise.

Will was about to burst open in ecstasy. Every ounce of him screamed to be inside her, to feel her muscles constrict around him...to hear her call his name. Pleading, begging for more.

This moment that both had dreamed about for over seven years was finally happening. Each living in a reality where they could share in each other's fantasies. Acting them out, one by one. Taking turns in satisfying the other. They did not stop for hours on end. After their first joining in the hot tub, Will had picked Deanna up and ran with her back inside the suite.
He had barely layed her down in front of the fireplace before she beckoned to him once again. Her legs opened as an invitation, and he did not disappoint. Will held himself up with his strong arms as he entered her. Slowly, gently he thrust inside. Her moist heat surrounded him and her scent was far more than he could take. He quickened the pace as he felt her come.
"WILL!" she screamed.
Oh, how he had longed to hear her in an earth-shattering orgasm. The memories flooded over as he continued to push for his own release.
The site of her biting her bottom lip as she lay quivering under him, added to every expectation he had ever dreamed of.
His own release finally came. His thrusts slowed as he allowed himself the pleasure of the emotions to wash over.
Still shuddering, he lay on top of her, unable to remove himself just yet.

Deanna put her long nails to use, and worked intricate patterns across his broad back and down his sides.
Will relaxed into her massage and finally moved to her side. Rolling over, he placed his hands behind his head
and watched her straddle his waist.

Her hands roamed his muscular chest, teasing the hair around his nipples. "Imzadi," she said.

"Its been too long to hear you say that, my Imzadi," he returned.

They made love once again before finally falling asleep
in front of the fireplace.

And that was exactly how Lwaxana Troi discovered the reunited lovers the following morning.

Deanna removed herself from Will's embrace as she heard the door open. Quickly gathering her uniform from between the couch and chair, she tried to clothe herself, forgetting that Will still lay naked on the floor sound asleep.

"Mother!" Deanna held her uniform over her as best she could. Looking back to Will, her face turned bright red.

Lwaxana's not-too-surprised eyes moved from Deanna to the sleeping form on the floor. She smiled warmly at her daughter before turning to walk back out.

With a sigh of relief, Deanna dropped her clothes back to the floor as the door closed.

Kneeling down to Will's side, she briefly admired his handsome form as she heard her mother again. This time however, it came from within her head.

~Relaxation is quite fun...isn't it Little One?
Oh, and remind Will that he 'still' has every right to be proud~