Title: Interruptions
Author: IzzY
Rating: NC-17
Paramount owns it all


**Set shortly after Insurrection,

Will Riker removed his uniform and snuggled up to the warm body already asleep in his bed. Gently draping an arm across her waist, he pulled her closer and pressed his nose to her hair.
Mmmm. Gardenias again, he thought.

Feeling her turn within his arms, he studied the soft lines of her neck and the sensual dip between both breasts. But feeling the need to see more, he quietly pulled the sheet down over the perfectly rounded mounds of flesh and traced a line with his finger tip from her jaw, down the center of her chest to her flattened stomach, arousing her to a state of lucidity.

"Did you manage to save the universe again?" she moaned playfully.

"The ever-heroic Will Riker...did indeed save the universe...again. And you got to sleep through the whole thing!" He joked as he began to plant soft kisses across her neck, gradually trailing them downward.

"But its no fun when I have to sleep alone." She spit out just before a ripple of laughter rolled from her mouth. The stubble from his once-again growing beard rubbed against her stomach, igniting one of many ticklish spots.

"Five nights in a row is five too many. I couldn't wait to get back and wake you up like this." He glanced up at her and he let his head rest against her belly, giving her a chance to see the fire that burned within his deep blue eyes.

It had been nearly a month since the Enterprise had left the Briar Patch and up until five days ago. Will and Deanna had been inseparable. Attempting to make up for lost time, they took advantage of every oppurtunity to reaffirm their feelings for each other. Whether it was in a turbolift, or in Ten Forward, they let no chance slip by without holding hands or a quick kiss...sometimes more.

But over the last week, the ship began to feel the effects the Patch and Will was needed everywhere all the time. Sleep came whenever or wherever he could get it; two days ago, Beverly found him sleeping on a biobed after helping repair an oxygen conduit.

Frustration was building, not only from the lack of sleep but also from the abrupt end to his sex life. Having the luxury of sex at least once every day was too good to be true, he thought. Now, it seemed as if he only saw Deanna in passing or while she was on duty.

What started out as temporary adjustments by the ship and crew now teetered on excessiveness. It seemed as if he was being called to fix even the most insignificant instrument fluctuation. This last call tonight, the night supervisor apologized for mistakingly calling him instead of Geordi. And after a small reprimand, he stayed and solved the malfunction, again.


Deanna cupped one hand around Will's cheek while the other tousled his hair. Softly pulling him to her, she motioned for him to lay on his belly. Straddling his lower back, she began to massage his shoulders and upper arms. Marveling at their still large size, she found herself wanting desperately for him to roll over so she could run her hands in the hair of his chest. Gradually working  down his spine, her hands came to rest almost directly under herself before she quickly drug her nails up his rib cage and back down. This ministration caused him to squirm from under her and turn so that she was now resting on another object of her desire.

Feeling its stiffness, she continued to tease by moving slowly across it in circular patterns. Will's face reddened with passion and she could no longer resist.
Bending down to allow easier access, she felt his hands on her hips just before he thrust himself deep inside of her.

Counter-moving against him, she matched his fervor and passion with each stroke. Surges of excitement coiled through their bodies and Deanna couldn't help but scream. "Yes! Yes!"

<Worf to Commander Riker>

"No! Please God NO!"

<Commander Riker please respond!>

"Oh, Will...don't stop!"

<Commander! Your presence is needed immediately on the bridge. This is an emergency!>

"Oh god no."

Deanna flopped to Will's side after feeling him wilt within. She watched as he rubbed his hands over his face in an attempt to conceal his anger and frustration. An amused giggle escaped before she quickly slapped a cupped hand across her mouth when she watched him wrestle the sheet from his legs. He tripped and stumbled, falling face first to the floor.  "DAMN IT!"

Deanna leaned her head over the edge of the bed, "You know he's doing this on purpose, don't you?"

"I had an inkling." Will said trying to gain some sense of self-esteem back as he triumphantly kicked the sheet away. For fear of disobeying a direct order, he chose to not look at Deanna and hurried to put his uniform back on. She watched him walk out before she began laughing again. Only this time, it was because she realized that in his haste to dress, he forgot to put underwear on. Oh, it was going to be yet another long night for the Commander, she decided.

Riker tried to compose himself as best he could before exiting the turbolift onto the bridge. If Worf was behind this latest interruption, Riker had no intention of giving the Klingon the satisfaction of seeing his frustration.
"Worf, what was the emergency?" He asked.
"The head of stellar cartography asked to not be disturbed tonight."

"I had to contact someone about the anomaly we discovered concerning the the Gellen Nebula. We are due to arrive there in six days and I felt someone had to know."

"So you contacted me?"

"Yes. You are on call tonight, are you not?"

"Mr. Worf," he began as he ran a hand through his jumbled hair, "I realize you have been away for awhile but...let me remind you...I am on call for emergencies, not for insignificant details that could wait for the proper management to take care of...in the morning."

"I apologize sir."

Riker headed toward the lift, "You may contact Lt. Unos in the morning regarding this...anomaly."

"Aye sir." Worf said trying to hide his smug smile from the commander as the doors to the lift closed.

Standing in the lift, Will attempted to readjust 'himself' when he realized that there was nothing there to hold his readjustment to. Turning a few shades of red, he hoped he would not pass anyone in the corridors. These new uniforms seemed to be just as form fitting as the old ones, which ment that certain things could easily be seen if they were not properly confined. "Great," he muttered.
The door opened and he headed to his quarters. No sooner did his eyes adjust to the darkness of his bedroom, when his communicator beeped.

<Engineering to Commander Riker> It was Geordi's voice this time.

"Riker here." He stammered, waking Deanna up again.

<We are having a problem keeping the warp field. We keep having to shut it down every five minutes>

"I'm on my way. Riker out." Will placed a hand to his forehead, holding his temples. "I have the biggest damn headache." He felt Deanna's arms move around his waist.

"This will end soon, Imzadi." she purred, leaning her head into his chest.

"If I live that long." He picked her chin up and kissed her on the tip of her nose. "Maybe you should have slept in your room tonight, it would have been more peaceful." He started walking to the door.

"Never. Besides I would never have gotton to see you like that." She said pointing to his crotch.

"Oops. Thanks for reminding me," he said, catching the pair of briefs she threw at him.

Will sat straight up jerking himself out of another restless sleep. Looking around, he found that he had fallen asleep inside Geordi's small office.
"Computer, Time?"

<It is 1030 and 44 seconds.>

"Shit." Deciding that he was already two and a half hours late for his bridge duty, he saw no reason to run now.
"Good morning Commander. I had strict orders not to wake you so don't bother to get up. Sleep well?" Geordi asked.

Rubbing the back of his neck, "At this point, I think that was the best six hours of sleep I've had in along time. Do I need to report to the bridge?"

"No. Captain Picard wanted you to go to sick bay for a check-up first. Check back in with him after that."

Will straightened his long legs and stretched, feeling better and better each second. "Can I ask you something?" he continued without an answer, "has Worf ever said anything to you about Deanna and I?"

"No, why?"

"Just curious is all. Thanks Geordi for the medicinal use of your chair, I appreciate it," he said leaving the office.

Deanna sensed Will's approach long before her door alarm to her office sounded. She sent to him an erotic image of her; she was laying nude across her office couch, eating an ice cream cone. Licking it slowly and passionately, first rounding the top of the scoop, then moving the tip of her tongue down the length of the cone, savoring each creamy drop that slid down to her hand.
Within seconds, she was giggling to sound of her alarm. "Come." She tried to sound very seductive.

Breathing heavy as he entered the room, he stopped dead in his tracts, noticing her sitting fully clothed behind her desk. "Thats not fair," he said shaking his index finger at her.

"What in the heavens might you be talking about Commander?" she said now trying to sound demure. "Perhaps you need to lie down a bit. I sense you are terribly exhausted." She got up and lead him to the couch, pushing him down by the shoulders. "Maybe even a little...frustrated."

"MmmHmmm. So far so good on your diagnosis, Counselor. What do you think I am feeling now?" He pulled her head to him, kissing her ravenously.

"I would guess Commander, that you are now feeling a bit aroused."

"Thats to say the least." He pulled her completely down on top of him, moving his legs apart so that she could lie between.

Deanna felt that Will was wanting a quick fix this time. She sat up and unzipped her uniform jacket, and pulled it down her shoulders when the inevitable happened.

<Worf to Riker>

Deanna watched his face turn from a state of euphoria, to one of hatred and anger. Watching every muscle in his body tighten, she decided it was best she got up before being accidently kicked into the next room.

"What is it Mr. Worf?" he sounded through gritted teeth.

<The captain was wondering if you were done in sick bay yet?>

"No I am not. Tell him I will see him shortly. Riker OUT."

Deanna slipped back behind her desk as she watched Riker, with his head hanging low, leave her office to head to sick bay.

"Well Commander, do you want the good news or the bad news first?" Beverly asked as she put the tricorder down.

"Humor me." Riker grunted.

Beverly folded her arms across her chest as an impish smile formed from her lips. "The bad news is, you are showing signs of extreme exhaustion, moderate dehydration and a bad case of..." She had to turn away before she burst out laughing.

"What?" Riker sounded alarmed.

She looked at him now, her blue eyes twinkling with amusement. Patting his knee, "Let's just call it...a lack of satisfaction...so to speak." She said covering her mouth with her hand, trying to stop the giggle.

Riker let out a not-so-amused grumble before he jumped off the bed. "Now I know the tricorder didn't tell you that. Either you know something or Deanna tells you a lot more than what I think." He gently backed her up against the next bed. "Out with it, Beverly."

Feeling the bed against her rear, Beverly put her hands up in defense, "Deanna has told me, in strict confidence, of course..." she paused.

"Of course." He feigned a smile, shaking his head rapidly, coaxing her to continue.

She flipped a strand of hair out of her eyes, "About what has happened the last week. You know, all the the bad timing stuff." Will backed away, giving her room to relax. "Will, she is just as, well almost, as frustrated as you are. She told me friend to friend. Sorry if that upsets you."

He blew air through his gritted teeth. "So whats the good news."

"The good news is that I am having our dear Counselor do a follow up report before I send you back to work. I think you mental stability is..." she started laughing again, "greatly hampering your ability to perform."

He opened his mouth to argue the fact that his ability to perform was not the issue, but he let it pass.

"Crusher to Troi."

<Go ahead Beverly>

"I'm finished with my patient, my I send him to see you now?"

<Sure. Tell him I'll be waiting>

Riker entered Deanna's office, and much to her dismay, sat down harshly in the chair that seemed to be the greatest distance from her.
Shocked by his action, she started to ask why when he held up a hand in her direction, indicating that he wanted her to sit tight. She slumped back in her chair as she watched him lift a leg and place it on his other knee and begin to strum his fingers against his raised calf.

"What are we doing?" she whispered.


"I see." She said looking a bit confused. "Waiting for what?" continuing to whisper.

He squinted his eyes in her direction, "For our next interruption."

She now spoke in her normal tone, "Do you really think that someone is keeping track of our location?"

"Yes." he spoke abruptly, the strumming of his fingers increasing in speed.
Deanna got up and began to walk toward Will when he held up his hand again.

Annoyed, she cocked her head to the side and placed her hands on her hips.

"Sorry Deanna, but I can not let myself begin anything that I know we can not finish. I'm about ready to go out of my mind just looking at you."

Feeling as if he meant that as a compliment, she relaxed slightly and sat back down.

<Worf to Commander Riker>

"AHA!" Will jumped to his feet looking like he just spotted an trespasser. He tapped his badge and brought forth his most jubilate, triumphant, delightful (and fake) voice he could muster. "Good to hear from you Worf! What could I graciously do for you?"

Will grinned at the sound of the Klingon clearing his throat<I just wanted you to know that I spoke to Lt. Unos earlier about the anomaly>

He continued in his bogous voice "Good for you Mr. Worf! I am so happy that you took care of that for me. Hey, Deanna and I were just about to have lunch. What do you say about joining us in her office?"

<Perhaps another time Comman- >

"Nonesense Worf. We will expect you in say, five minutes?" His fake grin quickly transformed into a scowl. "And thats an order. Riker out."

Will opened his arms and raised them into the air signifying he had guessed right.

"If you don't mind Will, I would like to take care of this? If he is feeling like a sore loser, then you being here will only make the situation more tense. I'll call you if I need to, okay?"

Will studied her face for a moment, deciding if she was correct in her assessment of Worf. He concluded that he probably would gloat or say something that would infuriate the Klingon, so he agreed to leave.

Deanna waited a few more minutes before Worf walked through the door. She watched his sheepish face peek around her office, presumably looking for the first officer.
"Will decided it was best to leave," she began. "I felt it was best as well." She contemplated the best way to handle this but what came out of her mouth surprised even her. "What the hell are you doing Worf?"

"I...I don't know what you are talking about."

"The hell you don't!" She leaned over her desk, letting her arms support her body. "Our relationship ended years ago, why are you doing this now?" She spoke more gently, "This just isn't you Worf."

"All the problems that Commander Riker has been called away to has been documented by other-"

"I'm not talking about the gliches that the ship is going through Worf. I am talking about you calling him away, at the most inopportune times. Its as if you have been tracking him...us... for the last week. Waiting for us to be together before you find some idiotic reason to call on him. WHY?"

Worf looked down at his feet, very unKlingon-like. "After I saw you again at the reception, I couldn't get you out of my mind." he looked up and stared into her onyx eyes. "The Ba'Ku planet had effects on me too Deanna. Only I guess I didn't have a chance to get to you first." He looked back to his feet, "I couldn't bare the thought of you with anyone else." He shrugged his shoulders, "jealousy can be a warriors undoing."
"Worf," she held his hand, "You knew that Will and I were destined to get back together, which is why we stopped seeing each other. I am sorry if I ever hurt you."

Worf straightened up and fixed his slash, trying to regain his pride, "I too am sorry Counselor." His eyes showed his sincerity. "I will apologize to the Commander as well. Thank you Deanna."
Leaning back into her chair, she watched him leave before exhaling a big sigh of relief.

Deanna met Will as he waited for the turbolift. Will told her that Worf had apologized for making him 'insane' the past week and that he then congratulated him for earning the best woman on the Enterprise.

"He really said that?"

"Yep." The doors to the lift opened and he waited for Deanna to enter before following. "Deck ten."

Will moved around a science officer and slid to the back of the lift to stand next to Deanna. He felt her slide her hand into his, making him want to skip lunch all together and get right to the dessert.

Deanna once again began to tease Will with erotic thoughts, knowing that he could do nothing with the ensign standing nearby. She watched as his face turned bright red, and formed the biggest smile as he glanced down at her.
The lift came to a stop at deck seven letting the Ensign out. Deanna slouched against the wall of the lift, knowing that there was to be retaliation for her earlier mental intrusion.
The lift started back up again with Will looming over the meek looking woman. Her eyes slowly raised to meet his, offering a coy smile before the lights flickered and complete darkness overtook the halted lift.
A few seconds later, the emergency lights sparked on. "Riker to engineering. Geordi, Deanna and I are stuck in lift twelve. What happened?"

<Sorry Commander but it looks like we fried the relay cicuits. Its going to be a while before we can get you out of there>

Will peered at his companion, lustful thoughts running rampant through both minds. "Take your
time Geordi".

Will wasn't sure if it was himself or Deanna who silently begged:
Take your time, please dear God, take your time.