Title:' The little Things...' 
Author: IzzY
Rating: R


** ABSOLUTELY no real reason to write this one except to express some of the things I enjoy about R/T. Well, okay...maybe just Riker  *G*
Actually it was Sarajayne that gave me the inspration to write this even when I didn't wanna. Blame it on her last story. <G>  cuz it was *a little thing* in that, that started me thinkin'.

This takes place a few weeks after the end of Heir Apparent. Beverly Crusher is a passenger on board the Titan, which is enroute to rendezvous with  the Enterprise.


"Well...two months from today and it will be official," the strawberry-haired doctor said as she placed an orange fluid filled glass down on the table next to her friend.

Deanna Troi-Riker glanced up from the PADD that had captured her attention for the last few minutes and met the amused grin of her dinner partner.  Beverly's lips curled up as she watched the Betazoid's brow furrow as she tried to figure out what she was talking about.

"Okay, I give. What...will be official?" Deanna finally said.

"You and Will, will officially become an old married couple. It's your first anniversary!"

Deanna shook her head. "I'd like to think that it takes a few more years than just one, to become an old married couple!"

"Oh c'mon. The honeymoon's over!" Beverly leaned into the table and raised an inquisitive eyebrow. "Isn't it?"

Deanna eyed her curious friend cautiously. "You just want me to devulge my personal life. And I'm not going to do it!"

Beverly pretended to ignore Deanna. "I know how it was with Jack and me. By the time six months rolled around, I was ready to strangle him. All the little 'things' seemed to pop up all at once. First he refused to pick up his underwear, then I would find at least ten glasses of half-filled drinks laying around our apartment every morning!" Beverly leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms. "I'd find rolled up old socks at the foot of our bed almost every other day!"

It was Deanna's turn to lean into the table. "Yes, but I bet you would gladly accept each and every one of his little 'things' now, wouldn't you?"

Beverly raised her eyes and sighed. "You know I would."

"Well, Will certainly isn't perfect. But I have been able to overlook some his more annoying habbits. As I'm sure he overlooks mine. Besides, its those little 'things' that add to our relationship."

"How can leaving his underwear on the floor for you to pick up, add to your relationship?"

Blushing profusely, Deanna looked down at her drink and swirled it against the table. "Because it just does," embarrassed to give the real reason, she answered demurely.

"Its a sex thing, isn't it?" the doctor smiled at her friend's response, then chuckled as onyx eyes slowly rose to meet her blue one's. "Mmhmm. Definitely a sex thing."

Deanna laughed and nodded her head.

"Oh my! You guys still really are on your honeymoon!"

Deanna sobered up. "Is that such a bad thing?"

"No! Absolutely not!" Crusher once again leaned into the table, only this time she reached for the hand of her beloved friend. "Do me a favor...stay that way as long as you can?"

Deanna squeezed the hand that held hers. "We certainly will try."


It was late.
Deanna tiredly rounded the last corner before the entrance to their quarters and was stopped yet again by another crewmember wishing to gain her advice. After securing the last time slot available during her counselling time for tomorrow afternoon, Deanna gave the ensign a reassuring pat on the shoulder and watched him walk away.

That was the fourth person today who had come to her with marital problems. She shivered at the thought of what the crew will be like after they have been in deep space for twelve months! It was promising to be a very busy year, she decided.

Placing her hand on the access panel to her cabin,  a faint scent of Salifah roses began to entice her senses. As the door opened up, she spotted what her nose had already suspected. Centered in the middle of the coffee table on the far side of the room, was a vase completely full of the aromtaic flower. A single small light near the bottom of the vase illuminated the flower's iridescent pettles as well as a small portion of the surrounding area. As she walked closer, she spotted a note just under the edge of the crystalline vase.

I knew you would be late tonight so I
thought you could use a little 'pick me
Hand picked by yours truly,



Deanna held the note to her mouth and kissed it with smiling lips. All the days troubles washed immediately away with such a subtle, yet loving gesture. It was as if he knew exactly what she needed. And he probably did.
Just another benefit of being imzadi, she thought.

And now, as her senses picked up his emotions even as he slept, she knew exactly what he needed, what he desired.

Tip-toeing into the bedroom carrying a single rose she had plucked from the vase, she began to remove her uniform. And as it dropped to the floor near the bed, she spotted his underwear laying nearby, just as she had suspected they would be.
It was their sign. A signal that whomever had gone to bed first, desired to be woken up when the other arrived. His underwear...her uniform. Just a simple little 'thing'.

Light snoring echoed around the smallish room. But before she dared to lay her body next to his and guarantee an immediate stirring, she chose to stare at the parts of his body that were not covered by the silk sheet.
She began with his face; the gentle lines around his eyes that threatened to tell their age, the ever increasing amount of gray in his perfectly groomed beard, the soft lips that could melt the most frigid of women, his rosy cheeks that could pull those lips into the most infectious of smiles.

Her eyes moved down his neck, past his strong muscular shoulders to his broad chest that was covered in a dusting of fine, soft, black hair. It was here, that had seen more than its fair share of tears. The countless times he held her against him as she sobbed; over her...over him.

Kneeling down at the edge of the bed, still holding the rose, she slowly and gently began to pull the sheet downward until it rested just above his most enticing part. Thats not to say that the rest of him wasn't as alluring, but at this specific moment, she admitted, this particular area definitely captured her attention.

Holding the long stemmed rose within her delicate hand, she traced the midline of his chest and abdomen with its petals until it rested at the base of his manhood. And when it caused only a faint reaction, she did it again, and again. and again until she spotted one sparkling blue eye staring directly at her from within the darkness of the room.

A soft giggle pushed past her lips as his hand gently grabbed hers and pulled her forward. And it was at that precise moment when she decided, or rather felt, just how big...the little things can be.

                                                               THE END!   :)